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August 27th 2014
Published: August 28th 2014
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Helli's fears that we would spend another full day of riding through flat farmland came true today. So with that in mind I offered to write the blog so that I could share what I was going through my mind today as we rode with very few distractions. When I informed Helli what I intended to wite tonight, she insisted that I enter a disclaimer that she had no input with todays blog. So here is my disclaimer....At no time were any animals harmed or put in danger when writing this artile.

First lets get the boring stuff out of the way. We rode just under 500 k's today due west. Over the last 24 hours the national weather service has been issueing strong thunderstorm and flash flood warning for Kansas. So for today our plan was to get up early and only travel until just around noon so we could get off the roads before the predicted weather hit. That only left us with a few options and Dodge City was the one that was most comfortable with our time restraints. On our way here we did get a little rain and a whole lot of wind. The roads were flat, straight and fast with very little traffic. Point the bike and go.

We had no time to check out Dodge City on the internet and because of that we had no expectations. This is where I ran into trouble. Six hours on the bike is a lot of time to think about where we were going. So the first thing I thought about was the name of the town. Where did it come from. I had vision of 100's of mini vans parked all over town. Maybe a large arena hosting a Dodge ball tournament. I started singing to myself "who let the Dodge out" Then of course you have to ask yourself about the L.A. Dodgers, before they were the Brooklyn Dodgers they had to be from here first. Yes that would make them the Dodge Dodgers. They were probably coached by Roger Dodger! They must have had a hell of a farm team. Do you see why Helli wanted nothing to do with this. Continueing to let my mind wander,could there be coffee shops filled with long haired hippees from the sixties? Damn draft Dodgers. After I finished
Winfield, Kansas Coffee ShopWinfield, Kansas Coffee ShopWinfield, Kansas Coffee Shop

Where you can buy anything you see in this and all their assorted rooms! Winfield a very quaint cute town
trying figure out Dodge then came Kansas. When you think about Kansas you have to think about Dorothy and the Wiz. The wind was blowing hard enough that it was easy to make the connection. I started looking for scarecrows and tinmen maybe even a little puppy flying by or at least a little of that yellow brick road, but there was none of any of that. I actually started to doubt the story to be true...........still we are not going anywhere near "Witch ata"

When we arrived the weather was holding off so we walked a mile or so into town to check out what was here. NOTHING ! The town is dead. Four main blocks of downtown contained more shops that were closed than open. Most of the rest were thrift shops and antiques. There is an exhibit of boot hill and an old west town. It was also empty. The restraunts consisted of 14 fast food outlets along the main road passing through town. So after checking the with the hotel desk clerk we were directed to casino 3 miles out of the city for the "best" restaurant in town. So I can see where the saying comes from.....Time to get out of Dodge. Where did I park that Caravan?

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Dodge City, KansasDodge City, Kansas
Dodge City, Kansas

Recreated township
Dodge City, KansasDodge City, Kansas
Dodge City, Kansas

The only original western days edifice left standing

28th August 2014
Dodge City, Kansas

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