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North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City August 14th 2012

Oh what a day! We started out early by heading into a town called Picher, Oklahoma. This is town that the kids have wanted to visit once they saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel about it. Here is the wiki informatio on it: "Formerly a major national center of lead and zinc mining at the heart of the Tri-State Mining District, over a century of unrestricted subsurface excavation dangerously undermined most of Picher's town buildings and left giant piles of toxic metal-contaminated mine tailings (known as chat) heaped throughout th... read more
Picher, OK
Dalton Gang Robbery
Dalton Gang Robbery

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City April 24th 2012

4/24/2012 - Before starting out today, we had breakfast of bacon, sausage, eggs, and biscuits. Biscuits cooked by Jack in the Taylor's oven and the rest cooked by me - - Shelby T. Visited Boot Hill today. Boot Hill got it's name from the fact that those buried in Boot Hill were unknown in the area, broke, of a reputation such that the townspeople would not bury them in the church cemetery. They were typically wrapped in a blanket fully dressed, even with their "boots" on and buried. Hince the name "Boot Hill". The museum was interesting. Later rode out to a viewpoint of the Santa Fe Trail. Not a lot to see here except the historical markers. Had jalapeno burgers on the grill for supper - - yummmmmmmmy!!! Watched the results of Dancing With The ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City April 23rd 2012

4/23/2012 - Left the motorhome around 11am headed to St Jacobs Well. This is a natural well out in the rolling hills of Kansas which has never been known to dry up and also no one knows how deep it is. It is known to have been visited by peoples of this area and those traveling through for hundreds of years. The water is a clear brown color. The imagination can run wild while standing by the well. While in this area of the Big Basin Reserve, we did some riding looking for the bison. One road was washed out at a draw, so Aleta says I went back to my teen years - - - she covered her eyes and I made a new road up out of the draw. Once safely on top, Jack ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City April 22nd 2012

4/22/2012 - Left Goldfield RV Park at Colorado Springs, CO headed to Gunsmoke RV Park in Dodge City, KS. Around 12:30pm we stopped on the east side of Las Animas, CO for a picnic at a rest area. Got into Dodge City around 4:30pm. Later went to Montana Mike's for supper. Day of travel today.... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City October 28th 2011

Tell people here that you are going to take a run through Texas and they tend to smile a little, nod, mention San Antonio, and perhaps Austin, but, other than that, well ... I didn't believe them. After all, discerning people on both sides of our family have lived in Texas. New Mexico gets slightly better reviews but then you mention Kansas and your credibility as a discerning traveller is shot. The trouble is that Texas is the second largest state in the USA and there really is a lot to it so we decided that it deserved a bit of a look. I will explain about Kansas a little later. There isn't a lot of interest between Louisiana and San Antonio, except the 4th largest city in the US. We had seen a little of ... read more
Big star
Cadillac Ranch
Town square Santa Fe

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City August 11th 2010

We've had a couple of days with spotty internet connections and a lot of traveling since leaving Kansas City, Missouri on Tuesday, including driving almost entirely across the great state of Kansas on our way to our first truly Western stop in weeks - Colorado. Kansas was very flat (no duh!) with wide open stretches of highway in between small, small towns. Jim had perfectly planned out this leg of the trip, taking into consideration the fact that there is very little out there on the open road. In fact, the state of Kansas capitalizes on this with a strange toll system - you take a ticket as the start of the highway and then have to pay a sliding scale toll when you exit. The longer you are on the highway, the higher your toll. ... read more
Eisenhower Presidential Library
Eisenhower Presidential Library
Eisenhower Presidential Library

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City May 26th 2009

NOTES FROM THE ROAD: KELLEY AND DAVE’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE 2009 WEEK ONE: SARASOTA , FL TO PASADENA , MD We’re on the road again! We left sunny Sarasota on Tuesday, May 26 heading for Maryland and a Family Gathering with 23,100 miles on our car (last year we left with about 1,000 miles on our then new car and came back with 10,000 miles on the odometer!) Rain is typical in May and June and especially so this year. Our two-day drive was no exception for after we hit Georgia the rain came alternately in buckets and drizzle which lasted almost through the weekend including a side trip in the pouring rain to Annapolis . Family: In Pasadena , MD we were proud to have attended Megan’s 8th grade graduation on Thursday where she received a ... read more
Kentuck Knob
Old Courthouse in St Louis
Interior Dome in the Old Courthouse on Dredd Scott Road

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City January 28th 2009

I get maybe two hours sleep on the train shifting positions every five minutes. As we pull in to Dodge City station we get chatting with a woman who is also alighting. She seems concerned when we tell her no one is meeting us and offers us a lift with her husband in there massive truck. It is a good job we met here as the station is deserted and it was a long way out to the other side of town and the Thunderbird Motel where we had reservations. We were greeted by a tired and bedraggled Thai woman in a grubby, blue, paint stained hoody. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and asked if we wanted to go straight to bed and check in later. This sounded like a good option. The motel ... read more

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City July 15th 2008

It was so good to see some messages from all of you!!! We had a change in plans since leaving Branson, MO. Chris had an epiphany on Sunday morning (so he says:) and mentioned that he thought that the Kansas City Royals were playing a home game that day...hmmm. I think that he might be going through some baseball/sports withdrawal while being on this trip. Sports radio doesn't seem to cut it. I checked on-line and sure enough the Royals were playing the Mariners at Kaufmann Field at 1:10. PERFECT!! We undid the RV and hit the road. We made it for 1pm and even had a nice man not take advantage of us by giving us a coupon that saved us $40.00. I guess our good karma has returned. We bought fantastic seats behind the ... read more
Are they Royals fans?
Teachers Rule!!

North America » United States » Kansas » Dodge City June 13th 2007

Well, one night and the better part of the next day later, we finally rolled from the train station in Newton, KS. Since we were leaving around 5:00 we knew we’d be traveling in the dark for much of the 14 hour ride, so when it started to storm nearly immediately after we boarded we knew there was only one thing to do - get a drink. We stowed our stuff, and made our way back to the lounge and viewing car. Even though we were going through South-Central Kansas the views were, at times, interesting. We saw a few small towns resulting in a lengthy lament of the decline of small-town America - literarture and John Mellencamp came up - we saw some rolling prairie lands, and at one point I saw a cattle processing ... read more

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