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North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon April 9th 2018

Hello to all my travel-following friends. Sorry for the lengthy delay of posting. The last posting indicated we were staging for the Bahamas. Unfortunately, the weather did not seem like it was conducive for us to head there. The forecast indicated there were more northerly fronts coming down and we did not want to be hopping around trying to find a safe anchorage. We continued to stay in Key Largo and move around there until the weather settled a little more. Once that happened, we headed south (then west into the Keys), which is where we have decided to stay for a little while. Life has been good and relaxing. We are getting more and more comfortable aboard the boat. Sailing is a bit different on this boat because she travels much faster and sails much ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon December 16th 2016

After a week in one place, we are finally on the move again. It has been a busy week! One may think cruising around is easy, breezy (ok, it is breezy some days!), there is actually a lot of work to continually be done. Especially if you try to keep things well maintained to avoid bigger problems later. I thought we might have become lazy bums after a year, but this week has kept us hopping…well, ok, no hopping, but lots of walking, swimming, diving and scrubbing! Arriving in Marathon in the middle of the Florida Keys last Thursday, we did indulge in a couple lazy days. Other than a short visit to Sombrero beach one morning for a swim, we hung out on the boat until Saturday, by which time I was going a little ... read more
Sombrero Beach
Roosters roaming free
Burdines in Marathon

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon June 20th 2015

H9HBonjour à tous Il y a 11 mois j'étais au bout de la route (goudronnée) à Fairbanks Alaska. Aujourd'hui je suis à Key West Floride, également au bout de la route, aux deux points les plus diamétralement opposés, des USA, par la route. A vol d'oiseau 6500 km. par la route, 8200 km. Ce matin bonne nouvelle, je peux conserver la chambre, j'étais sur liste d'attente, et la réceptionniste m'applique le prix de la semaine. Ce qui fait comme prévu, je peux aller à Key West et revenir, tranquille sans me prendre la tête, à chercher un hôtel dans l'après midi. Key West est à seulement 80 km de Marathon, mais il faut prévoir, 1h½ à 2h de route selon le trafic. Je ne mettrais qu'une heure et ¼, on est samedi et en partant peu ... read more
c'est aussi ca les Keys
sympa !
Esrnest Hemingway Housse

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon June 19th 2015

Bonjour à tous. Hier je vous parlais de ma soirée de la veille, et de la classe des gens que j' avais vu. Hier au soir je me suis aventuré un peu plus loin, dans "Art Déco", et là je n'ai pas vu tout à fait la même chose. Sur Océan Drive, il y a toujours le défilé des voitures, peu ordinaires, mais sur les trottoirs, pas vraiment la même clientèle. En Québécois je dirais "pas de classe". Je me suis refait un resto italien, en terrasse, et je n'ai vu passé que du mauvais goût. Plus c'est trash plus ca doit plaire. Principalement les filles. Plus elles sont grosses et laides, plus en mettent. Des tatouages partout, des sous-tifs qui débordent de tout ce qu'ils peuvent, des shorts pires que moulants. En un mot que ... read more
un pont entre les îles
cela aussi j'aime bien
là c'est les palmiers que j'aime

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon February 15th 2015

Capt. Steve got us back to Stock Island Marina right on time at 3:00PM and we made the one hour trip to Hawks Cay. Jan and I stayed here for ten days a couple winters ago and really enjoyed it. It's on its own little key called Duck Key. Also friends of mine from my golf course, Old Oak, Angelo and Kelly were married here last year and everyone who attended loved it. We were booked into the Sunset Villas area of the resort. It was a two story condo with LARGE bedrooms or maybe they just seemed that big after 4 nights on the boat. Our back porch had a very nice view and we brought our drinks out there to watch the sunset. After the sun set, we all felt too tired to venture ... read more
First Sunset at Hawks Cay
First Sunset at Hawks Cay
At The Pool

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon February 25th 2014

... to Marathon Key, we shopped at Ernest Hemingway's boat fishing shop, we had lunch at the Island Fish Company, then went looking for a better houseboat for next year. First picture was taken while we walked to breakfast in our "resort"... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon March 4th 2013

Monday, 4 March, 2013 Have you noticed I seem to run out of things to write as we near the end of a trip? This has been a fairly quiet week. We had softball on Tuesday and Thursday as usual. I took a few pictures at the games, which wouldn’t interest most of you. We did some laundry, some grocery shopping, the normal day to day activities. I rode my bicycle a little around the campground. The weather turned cooler over this past weekend, with some rain showers mixed in. By Sunday morning it was cool and quite windy with morning showers. Whether or not the softball game on Sunday afternoon would be played as scheduled was in question. Once we reached the park, however, all doubts were gone. We were early, but already a dozen ... read more
Full moon
Pumpkin moon
Full moon

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon February 24th 2013

Sunday, 24 February, 2013 Monday we went down to Big Pine Key where we did laundry and bought groceries. We saw one of the little Key deer crossing the highway. Tuesday was a drizzly kind of day. We managed to get a softball game completed with only a few sprinkles early on. We had more rain in the afternoon, but not gully washers. Kerry went to Big Pine Key for pizza for supper and called me on his way back to tell me there was a rainbow over the ocean. I grabbed my bike and camera and rode to the beach on the Atlantic Ocean side to take pictures. The rainbow made a complete arc from the ocean over the island to the Florida Bay. It seemed brighter on the bay side, so I rode over ... read more
Rainbow over the Atlantic
Rain coming
Goodbye Bahia Honda

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon January 30th 2012

Friday was another lazy Keys day. We slept late then dawdled over breakfast before going to the old railroad bridge at Bahia Honda. The water was beautiful and from the bridge you could see most of the island and parts of the Seven Mile Bridge in the distance. We went down to Loggerhead beach, where the water was calmer than the last few days, but the sea grass was 2’ deep on the beach, making it a bit ugly. We went to the snack bar and cooled off with popsicles before driving down to Sandspur Beach at the northern end of Bahia Honda Key. It, too, was covered in sea grass, but the breeze was nice coming off the water. We sat in the shade of a picnic pavilion and enjoyed the fresh air, the gorgeous ... read more
Bahia Honda Key
7 Mile Bridge in the distance
Footpath to the bridge

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon January 23rd 2012

We drove down the Keys on Saturday morning, arriving at Curry Hammock State Park north of Marathon around lunch time. The weather is glorious, sunny and warm, with a nice breeze. We set up our camper and walked down to the beach. The tide was out and the water looked beautiful. We sat in the shade and enjoyed our view of the Atlantic Ocean. Our friends, Laurie and John, from Washington state, who we met on the Tennessee River several years ago, were in town and came by the campground to visit. We sat at the beach and enjoyed some cool and tasty beverages before heading to Keys Fisheries for supper. Good food there and good company, too, as we caught up on each others' lives. After eating, we went to Boot Key Harbor to show ... read more
Portuguese Man-O-War
Kite Surfer

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