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North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon March 23rd 2010

I wake to a sun-filled space. Which surprises me since my mind hadn't let me rest much of the night. I thought I'd be up all too early. But the sun is shining through our porthole, warming our night-chilled bodies, and I do a cramped quick-change into my linen pants and tank-top and I’m on deck. The crew awakens slowly, still recovering from sea-sickness, red-eye flight, worry at the anchor coming unanchored. Eventually the fact that the sun has appeared after the previous clouded day and that we’re on a boat (with our flippy-floppies!) gets us moving enough to blow up the grey dinghy we dragged with us all the way from California (so we didn’t have to pay a renter’s fee since life-boats are mandatory) and gear up to head to Indian Key. Indian Key ... read more
Roads and yucca
Hermit crabs
Which way is the boat?

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon March 19th 2010

Getting ready to move hopefully April 3rd. I finally got everything put back together on the boat. The last bolts came in yesterday for my drivesaver and I put it together last night and took it out for a spin today. Still not perfect but I'm going with it. There are ratttles that were not there before I wrapped the crab pot line around the shaft. After asking a few people in the know, I think it will make it back to Virginia and them I can haul it and do what ever needs to be done. I started cleaning the bottom off also. There must be a foot of crud under there. I took the dinghy and and scaped as much of the sides as I could reach. Next I'll put on the mask and ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon March 6th 2010

6th March Crew join Harbinger Great news, Jeremy and Carla have joined the good ship Harbinger. Jeremy is from NZ and his girl friend Carla is from Brazil. They are a great couple with lots of sailing experience and this will make the trip that much more enjoyable. Therefore plans are afoot to depart Marathon at the earliest opportunity, and that might be tomorrow or early next week. Having said that it all depends on the whimes of the weather. We are not the only ones waiting for a window of opportunity, there are dozens of boats her in Boot Key Harbour waiting for a window. As i write this snug in my bed the wind is once again howling outside. It seems that there is little respite from the frontal systems coming through. This coupled ... read more
local sea dog
Storm iminent
Sunset over Boot Key Harbour

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon March 3rd 2010

Still in Marathon - but trying to get out! We've been here much longer than intended - six weeks tomorrow and the barnacles are getting bigger on the hull - we scraped them off the dinghy last week. "Worst winter in 40 years" the regulars are saying as one cold front follows another then another. We need 2 good days to get back up the west coast - it was possible last weekend but we couldn't miss the gold medal hockey game! Fortunately it proved to be worth staying for. At last count there were 39 boats anchored nearby waiting for a mooring ball - they send scouts in dinghies looking for vacated moorings - but no one is budging until the weather improves. We have included photos from 2 memorable events that happened elsewhere since ... read more
operating room
recovery room

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon February 24th 2010

Still in Marathon. Haven't written much because nothing new happening. The weather has not been the best all winter but it is still better than what I see up north. I am beginning to get bored sitting here on the mooring ball and I think I have done everything there is to do around the keys that I can afford. A few people have come down over the last few months and it was great seeing them. The only thing is I spend more money when people are around. Everyone always has a good time in Key West and ther is great seafood everywhere in the Keys especially fresh fish which is brought in everyday. I have also not had a boat the whole time I have been here. After I fixed the heat exchanger I ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon February 23rd 2010

Hi Well I've had a great week of sailing and now I'm back in Marathon's Boot Key Harbour. During the last week I have had a several great days out sailing. Last Monday Mike and Bruce joined me aboard Harbinger and we went out about 8 miles to the edge of the reef. It was a gentle sail with sunshine, dolphins and sea turtles for company. Later on I went to the mast head of Wanderlust, Mike and Bruce's Endeavour 40, to refit their wind instruments and aerials. On Wednesday I decided it was time to try out my reefing lines and the small jib and so I went out again, but this time I was alone. I sailed out under main alone and Harbinger is a very easy and predictable boat to sail with good ... read more
Boot Key Harbour
Boot Key Harbour

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon February 12th 2010

It was a real treat to see a mother and her calf at close quarters in Boot Key Harbour yesterday. This was my first encounter and what a treat, she was beautiful. I apolagise for the poor quality of the pictures since they were taken on my phone. The sailing has taken a back seat for most of us holed up in Boot Key Harbour while we wait for the weather to settle/improve. This afternoon and tonight we have forecast of 22 to 25 knot wind, gusting to 40 knots, with thunder storms. Everyone says that this is unusual and we are all waiting for it to settle down before we venture out into the gulf stream.... read more
mother and calf

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon January 27th 2010

After two weeks of miserable cold weather we are finally back in shorts and t- shirts as things return to normal. The cold water (it went from 72f down to 49f) killed hundreds of thousands of fish - even as far south as here in the Keys. We had an uneventful run down the west coast to Marathon and have settled on a mooring for a month. From here we can take side trips to a few nice anchorages and also spend a couple of nights in Key West (all we can afford - where it is difficult to find any accommodation under $200 a night.) Also have reconnected with some other cruising friends met last year - Jim & Christine of 'Baroness' and have made new friends as well. Yesterday we had an impromptu Australia ... read more
dead calm

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon January 21st 2010

Desiree, Susie and I took Jessi back to the airport in Ft Lauderdale yesterday and then went to Miami. Fed the parking meter and wnet to the beach. Fed the parking meter and had a little dinner bside the beach. Drove about 10 blocks parked, fed the meter and went to have a drink at a street cafe on Lincoln Street--- except I was drinked out so I got a capachino and a a desert. I'm getting to old to keep up. I really like Miami. Stayed in Islamorada last night. Just got abck to the marina and trying to charge up all the dead batteries. Cannot believe another month has almost gone by. Loaded the boat for the first sail since oct but when I put it in gear the shaft seemed like it was ... read more

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon January 17th 2010

Warm weather is back. No more long johns. It was the longest cold spell on record. Everything was off. Iguannas were getting so cold for so long that they were falling out of trees. they just lay there until it warms up and they start moving again. A lot of fish died and washed up on shore. They rescued 100's of turtles at eh turtle hospital. They just started releasing them yesterday. My daughter Jessi came down last Wed. We picked her up at the Fort Lauderdale airport. Just intime for the warm weather. Jessi, Desiree, Desiree's friend Susie and I went to Key West yesterday. Went to a seafood festival. Conk fritters and a fish plate. Then had some keylime pie. Saw a street performer at Mallory Square then ahd a few drinks on Duvall ... read more
Jessi in the dinghy
Jessi and Susie in the butterfly museum

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