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North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon January 25th 2011

Our RV park was in Marathon which was in the central keys. It was very busy as it is a passport america campground which meant instead of $70 a night it was $35 a night. It was also the least accepting of poor casper who was looked down on by multitudes of campers with their pedigreed toy dogs....only two campers deigned to allow their dogs to play with him and on top of that we were spoken to the very first night about his barking....which fortunately he didn't continue on the following days as I got the feeling that they would have had no problem kicking us out and it would have been difficult to find another campground at short notice. The view was beautiful however the waves were a little rough for the porta bote ... read more
Jolly Roger Campground 2
Jolly Roger Campground 3
Jolly Roger Campground 4

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon January 25th 2011

Well, I’m back. Have you missed me? My brother, Herb, picked me up on the 14th and took me to our mother’s house in Miami Springs for a visit. I spent a week with her and we had a good time playing Scrabble, Yahtzee, and SkipBo. Herb gave me his old bicycle and helped me fix up Dad’s old bike to bring back to Boot Key. It sure is easier going to the grocery and other places on a bicycle. Long walks are not my cup of tea, but it’s been many years since I rode a bike. They say you never forget how, and that’s true, but that doesn’t mean I’m not a bit shaky riding. But, I’m getting better and it feels pretty good. I bought a backpack to carry things and that seems ... read more
Birthday wishes

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon January 11th 2011

Okay, no more crapper stories, except to say that we had ours tested, our first pooper pump out and everything pumped out just fine. Sunday afternoon Kerry participated in a marina softball game. They play on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Sunday afternoons. It was mostly old timers and they all seemed to have a blast. Kerry managed to not hurt himself and now both he and Sara have the softball bug. They played again this morning and both Sara and Kerry had a big time. They are both a little stiff and sore this evening, but nothing major. Sara was the only female out there, though not the first. They have a rule that ladies can’t be thrown out at first, but after Sara played a while, they wanted to change that rule. She said ... read more
Pump Out Boat
Another Boot Key Sunset
Kerry at the plate

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon January 8th 2011

A short tutorial on marine toilet systems is in order. Marine toilet systems usually consist of a toilet (really?) a holding tank (for you know what) and the necessary plumbing to join them all together. Usually you have extra holes in your hull for water intake (for flushing and purging,) and holes in your deck for venting and pumping out.) Marine toilet systems are also notorious for getting plugged up and are extremely unpleasant to unplug. They are quite expensive to have installed. Having said all this, you can imagine our dismay when the city marina told us we had to have a permanently installed toilet and a Type II MSD (holding tank) within a week of our arrival or we’d have to leave. We’ve had a portapot as long as we’ve had the boat and ... read more
Thru Hull
Our shiney new toilet

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon January 5th 2011

Yesterday we were up early heading over to Marathon Boatyard to have the boat hauled out and some leaks repaired. Our appointment was for 9, but we got there around 8:30. The guy who runs the big lift didn’t get there until closer to 10. So we waited. Okay, no big deal. Once “Off Our Rocker” was in the sling and clear of the water, they moved her onto big blocks of wood and metals supports so they could get to work. The sea strainer was mounted through a piece of marine plywood that had degraded to a sponge-like consistency. They mounted a new strainer with a fiberglass mount and replaced a sticking seacock. Then they discovered the cutlass bearing had slid out so they repaired that. Where the exhaust exits through the transom had become ... read more
Bay side
Look, Ma, no hands
Off Our Rocker

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon January 3rd 2011

On Saturday morning we kissed the family goodbye and watched them drive north. It was a wonderful few days and we were sad to see them go. We filled our water tanks and waited for the tide to come in. We managed the tricky shallow channel back to the main channel without incident and headed for the Atlantic Ocean. We bounced and rocked for about a mile before turning around and heading back in. Three to five foot beam seas are just not our cup of tea. Once back in the channel, we looked for a possible anchorage, but since it was a dredged channel, there was none. We ended up at Key Colony Beach Marina, where we tied up next to the restaurant down a ways from the fuel dock. It was a beautiful place ... read more
Fighting Pelicans
Boot Key
Bird Boat

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon December 31st 2010

We’ve had 3 wonderful days and 4 special nights with our family all together in Marathon, Florida. We’ve laughed and hugged enough to catch up for the past 2 months, with maybe a little extra to hold us for a while. The grandchildren have been a joy, even when they got loud and rowdy, which wasn’t too often (except for Timmy, he’s a noisy fellow.) We’ve had wonderful meals. Crystal made Manhattan Clam Chowder the first night and Michael made cheddar garlic biscuits. We had pizza (Kerry’s favorite) the second night. Last night David made a shrimp boil, with 5 pounds of shrimp, corn on the cob, onions, potatoes and broccoli all boiled together, and Michael grilled mahi-mahi outside with lime juice and lemon pepper. Tonight we had stone crab claws, which were most excellent. Michael ... read more
kitchen help
Ethan and Daniel
Grandma and Jenna

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon April 1st 2010

Getting ready to move. Hopefully tomorrow or Sat morning. Winds may be a litle too hard for tomorrow, 15 to 25 out of the east. That will mean rough seas and an unprotected anchorage. May need to go inside like I did when iIcame down and go through Biscayne Bay again. I really do not want to run my prop that much because I found out that my cutlass bearing is a little loose. I hope it makes it back to Va. I renewed my unlimited tow with tow US yesterday so all I have to do is give them a call. I have spent about five hours under the boat over the last few days. What a little aquarium that was. I think there were things on the bottom of my dinghy that they have ... read more
Sunset in Boot Key Harbor
Another sunset in Boot Key Harbor

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon March 25th 2010

Breakfast at a comfortable diner where the kitsch sports bunny ears to signal the upcoming Easter holiday and photos of old movie stars troop around the room. We’re on foot for the rest of the day. The houses vary between cute beach-types to run-down, weathered messes, palm trees, my beloved bougainvillea (the darling of any tropical locale), roosters crowing everywhere. Turns out roosters and chickens were used as pest control in the early previous century and now they’re considered cultural artifacts and allowed to roam unmolested. After a photo op at the Southernmost Point (of the US), we cut over to Ernest Hemingway’s House and join in on a guided tour. This is a house where one can’t help but imagine ladies in 1930’s organdy and straw sun-hats swishing lemonade on the verandas while men wear ... read more
Hemingway House
Fort Zachary Taylor

North America » United States » Florida » Keys » Marathon March 24th 2010

March 21 Day 14 Marathon We are still tied up to the City Marina and it’s time to get the laundry done. Since no one has volunteered to do it for us we went to work and had clean cloths by noon. While doing our laundry we met more people from Wisconsin. Pat Duffy is from Portage and Steve Krug is from north of Eau Claire. They are on a catamaran and do some chartering. We then loaded up some ice in the ice box, pumped out the holding tank and headed out. We made a short trip to the West end of the anchorage and dropped the hook. It was then nap time. Cooked salmon on the grill for dinner. March 22 Day 15 Marathon to Bahia Honda to Marathon 20 miles traveled The ... read more
Birthday Boy
Seven Mile Bridge

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