Debbie Braden Autery


Debbie Braden Autery

We got a 9:00 am start to our day on Friday. We were headed to Prince Edward Island for the weekend. After a 5-hour drive, we arrived at our accommodations. Our plans for the evening were to head in for a bite and then onto the Confederation Centre of the Arts to see a production of Jesus Christ Super Star. This was the first time I had seen a theater production and Gene’s 2nd of this particular one (first one 43 years ago). ? We had appetizers and beer at the Hopyard. Nice apps & beer, but the music was a little loud. I guess I’m officially getting older. After dinner we were headed to the performance. It was really amazing. The singers/actors were excellent. We had really nice seats that were quite comfortable. After the ... read more
Confederation Bridge
Charlottetown street
NS-PEI car ferry

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Lunenburg August 23rd 2018

Today our plan was to check out the brews at Saltbox Brewery in Mahone Bay and then see the Bluenose II. We found out that the Bluenose was scheduled to be at the dock by 3:30 and we could board her by 4:00. We took the scenic route into Lunenberg and were not disappointed. The route followed along the harbor into the southern end of the city. As we came around one of the bends, we saw the Bluenose with a sail up headed into the harbor. By the time I found a place to stop and take a picture, they had dropped the sail. ? Since it was obvious we were not going to see her at the dock at 3:30, as it was already 3:30 and she was still 15-20 minutes out, we decided ... read more
Lunenberg Harbor
Lunenberg Harbor
Bluenose II

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia August 20th 2018

We took a drive to Scots Bay today with friends. Our plan was to walk the tidal flats in search of clams and cook them, hot dogs and marshmallows on the beach. The tide was still on its way out when we arrived. We drove around the area, stopping by Blomidan Provincial Park and snapped a few photos. Then we headed off to Scots Bay. There was a hand-written sign indicating that you should park back beyond a dead tree at the beginning of the roadway. The guy who actually put the sign there was at the beach and he told Gene that a few people had camped overnight down the beach and came back to have their car filled with nearly 3 feet of saltwater. Gene and Peter walked out to investigate the clam situation ... read more
02_scots bay
03_scots bay

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia August 13th 2018

We headed out about 7:20 am headed toward Brier Island. We were on a mission to see whales. We were NOT disappointed. The trip would require a total of 7 hours (260 miles) of driving, a couple ferry rides over the water that circulated around/through the Bay of Fundy and a boat ride out into the Bay. When we arrived at the first ferry, the tide was rushing quite a bit. As you can see in the video, the ferry had to steer quite a course in order to counteract the current and make it to the dock. He made it, by the way, like a pro! We got to the island early in order to see the area. The day was said to be overcast, but calm. When we arrived, there were some clouds in ... read more
04a_Brier Island
Brier Island patio
Brier Island

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Lunenburg August 12th 2018

It was a perfect day for a walk. We headed toward Bridgewater to a small area called Dayspring. There is a nice park with walking trails. We walked about 2 miles through the woods. Saw some amazing scenery, as we always do whenever we're out here. Also saw a small deer leap away as we startled it in the trees. Wasn't able to catch a photo of that or the squirrels who were upset we were walking past their trees. Wonderful afternoon!... read more
02_A walk through Peace Park
03_A walk through Peace Park
04_A walk through Peace Park

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax August 5th 2018

It started as a rainy day, but the radar indicated the weather would clear by the afternoon. We had about an hour and a half drive so we decided to head out to Halifax and walk around the waterfront in hopes the weather would be cleared by the time we got there. Our first encounter was a couple of statues at the boardwalk entrance. We continued our walk down the boardwalk and through the colorful shops. Nothing had opened yet as it was early. The boardwalk was preparing for Natal Day (“birthday” of the Nova Scotia province) festivities. Further down the boardwalk, there were several storyboards describing the Halifax explosion of 1917 and many of the volunteers who helped during the aftermath. As the story goes, on the morning of December 6, 1917, the SS Mont-Blanc, ... read more
02_The Emigrant
03_George's Island LH
04_Halifax Harbor

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax July 30th 2018

Two lighthouses today, this was the first. Chebucto Head is a Canadian headland on Nova Scotia's Chebucto Peninsula located within the community of Duncan's Cove. This area is just across the harbor from our next lighthouse (Terence Bay). The first lighthouse here was built in 1872. It was replaced by a second tower in 1928. That tower was demolished in 1940 and a new lighthouse and combined keeper's dwelling was built. The house remained the keeper's dwelling until the light was destaffed in the 1990s. The house fell prey to repeated vandalism after the Canadian Coast Guard cancelled the lease of the tenants who lived in and looked after the house. Eventually, a community group formed the Chebucto Head Lighthouse Society. One of their goals was to preserve the lighthouse and the keeper's house). Once they ... read more
01_Road leading to lighthouse
02_Road leading to lighthouse
03_View of Halifax Harbour

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax July 30th 2018

Two lighthouses today, this one was on Tennant Point at the entrance to Terence Bay. The original lighthouse was erected following the sinking of the SS Atlantic in 1873 (info from (From an article in the Chronicle Herald) The SS Atlantic was a 440' White Star Line ship (yes, the Titanic was also built by White Star Line). The SS Atlantic was the first loss for White Star Line. The Atlantic struck a small island within swimming distance of the shore at 3:15 am on April 1, 1873. Of the nearly 1,000 passengers, crew and stowaways that had departed Queenstown, Ireland, for New York eleven days previously, the captain determined that 430 people had been saved and 546 lost. The local fishermen and other village volunteers rescued as many as they could. That light was ... read more
16_Terence Bay LH
17_Terence Bay LH
18_around Terence Bay LH

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Yarmouth July 25th 2018

The third and final lighthouse today was Sandy Point. On the way out to Sandy Point, we noticed a boatyard with several lobster boats. They are so colorful and made for some great pictures. We wanted to arrive at the lighthouse at low tide as the lighthouse sits on the east side entrance to Shelburne Harbor and, at low tide was to be accessible across a sand bar. Unfortunately, the tide was not low enough for us to walk all the way out to the tower, but we were still fairly close. This lighthouse was originally built on a pier and is a caisson lighthouse, meaning it is built on a concrete or metal watertight retaining structure (caisson). These types of lighthouses were developed in the late 19th century as more efficient because they could better ... read more
Lobster boats in storage after season ends
Lobster boats in storage after season ends
Sandy Point Lighthouse

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Liverpool July 25th 2018

The second stop on our tour today was the Seal Island Lighthouse Museum. This stop was a little disappointing in that it was extremely foggy and not worth making the trip to the top of the museum. Regardless, the museum was a 35’ tall replica of the 60’ tall lighthouse that actually sets on Seal Island, which is located approximately 18 miles offshore (a little difficult for us to get to without a boat). The museum actually has the iron lantern and the second order Fresnel lens, which was used from 1902 to 1978 in the Seal Island lighthouse. Once removed, the light was to be sent to Ottawa, but the community fiercely objected and the lantern was brought by helicopter to Barrington. Money was raised to build the museum to house the lantern and the ... read more
Gravestone just outside the museum

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