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March 4th 2013
Published: March 4th 2013
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at Curry Hammock
Monday, 4 March, 2013

Have you noticed I seem to run out of things to write as we near the end of a trip?

This has been a fairly quiet week. We had softball on Tuesday and Thursday as usual. I took a few pictures at the games, which wouldn’t interest most of you. We did some laundry, some grocery shopping, the normal day to day activities. I rode my bicycle a little around the campground.

The weather turned cooler over this past weekend, with some rain showers mixed in. By Sunday morning it was cool and quite windy with morning showers. Whether or not the softball game on Sunday afternoon would be played as scheduled was in question. Once we reached the park, however, all doubts were gone. We were early, but already a dozen or more players were warming up. By the time I finished making the roster 30 players had shown up and it was decided to play 3 teams. This is an odd and confusing game, with one team in the field, one at bat, and the third on standby. I didn’t have much time to rearrange the players into teams, and they were
Full moonFull moonFull moon

on the 25th
ready to get started. The first 3 batters were up and out almost before I could write everyone down in the score book, but we finally got settled into a rhythm. They only played 5 innings as there was a party at one of the player’s house, and everyone was ready to go and get out of the cold wind. Final score was 22 to 7 to 0, I obviously didn’t plan those teams too well.

At Tom and Michelle Norton’s house we were treated to hot dogs and brats, along with side dishes brought by team members and their wives. Adult beverages and desserts were also available. We all had a great time and it was wonderful to meet players’ spouses.

Tuesday will be our last game as we are heading north on Wednesday.

Additional photos below
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Pumpkin moonPumpkin moon
Pumpkin moon

rising on the 26th through the humidity
Full moonFull moon
Full moon

lost its orange color as it rose
Kerry hitting the ballKerry hitting the ball
Kerry hitting the ball

with his pinch runner in the foreground

4th March 2013

Why does Kerry have a "pinch" runner? Is he getting TOO old to play softball???? We've been getting some cold weather here as well, but it's been beautiful today. Will you be stopping by on your way home? Just wondering???? You know you're always welcome----gena
15th March 2013

what did you do to your knee? what do you need a pinch hitter for? sorry I'm late replying, glad you are home. Love you

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