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9th September 2017

To Firehole then East on I-80
Hi Charley and Kerry, and thanks for including us in your travels. I'll be hunting in the Sand Hills of Nebraska in late November-early December (Bison). You are correct about the landscape there--so very monotonous. Some early settlers were absolutely awestruck and terribly frightened by it's vastness. The Russian Steppe comes to mind. Be careful on your return, and keep us posted. Jim and Becky
5th September 2017

I'm headed to Jackson Hole on 9/25. I'm going specifically to take photos which I sell. I'm worried that the smoke will interfere. Perhaps I should wait until Spring. What is your recommendation?
8th September 2017

Last I heard, there were something like 82 fires burning in Montana alone, with more fires in Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, California, Arizona & Utah. I think it will still be quite smoky in the Tetons at the end of September.
5th September 2017

It's awesome that all of you are still in touch after all these years! No one has changed at allπŸ‘
From Blog: Dubois, Wyoming
4th September 2017

Love, love, love the Photos! Just like being there with you πŸ’—
2nd September 2017

Montana, Yellowstone
Great photos as usual, Charlie. Love the bison. That one along side your camper really puts their size into perspective! Big boy is right! Thanks for sharing your adventures - always enjoy them. Travel safe.
2nd September 2017

Great pictures---love the blog
2nd September 2017

Glad to see you back on the road. Sorry about all the smoke. We've been having tons of rain, but all is well. Keep up the blog, we love hearing from you----gena
14th July 2015

Great Trip
Hard to believe your trip is over. We enjoyed following along and I'm sure your granddaughter will remember for the rest of her life. Glad you arrived home safe. Take care.
5th July 2015

Your blog
Love, love your blog. So much fun to read and just imagine the great times you are having with your granddaughter. This is so special for her and an experience she will always remember. Good grandparents are awesome!!
29th June 2015

Ah, the dinosaurs...
Another place I'd like to see. Love those dinosaurs! Again, nice pictures, Charlie?
28th June 2015

We lived in Idaho for two years - could see the west side of Grant Teton from our front yard. Love your photos which bring back memories of the hauntingly eerie Craters of the Moon! Thanks for the post.
28th June 2015

Again, Charlie, fantastic shots!!!!!! Our country is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
From Blog: Oh, Yellowstone!
27th June 2015

Great trip!
You are seeing some of the territory I have on my bucket list. Seen many parts of our wonderful country, but still to see Wyoming, more of Idaho, and Montana. Great pictures!
22nd June 2015
Glacier in Grand Tetons

Charlie your photos are breathtaking!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22nd June 2015
Grand Tetons

22nd June 2015
Fire Hole Canyon

Fire Hole Canyon
Beautiful shot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21st June 2015

Love the pics of the buffalo!
20th June 2015
Young bighorn

AWESOME pictures Charlie!!!!! Looks like y'all are having a grand time. Can't wait to see all this first hand!!!!!!
13th June 2015

on the road again
Glad you out on the road again. We won't be in Yellowstone until the 4th of July. Sorry we'll miss you all. Keep the pics coming. Safe travels
13th June 2015
View from our camper

not a terribly bad start...................................... enjoy!!!! <3
3rd July 2014

So sorry to hear about the camper---and having to stay in motels on the way home. I don't blame you for going home and leaving the camper---but, what can you do? Tell Kerry to stop taking his "adventure roads".
2nd July 2014

I enjoyed the trip. Sorry how it ended.
2nd July 2014

Sorry to hear about the camper. But you guys sure made some wonderful memories with your grandson!
2nd July 2014

Sorry about the trouble....thankful it wasn't worse....glad you are almost home. Love you all!!!!

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