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28th June 2014

Really good photos of our beautiful USA!
26th June 2014

Such beautiful pictues, Charlie!
25th June 2014

great pics, looks like every one is having fun. Sean sure looks a lot like his dad! love ya
25th June 2014

Great pics
Loved the pics! Super memories
25th June 2014

Beautiful country this USA! Thanks for Jim's b-day card......of course it's just adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love y'all!
25th June 2014

Thanks for the post
Making this a bucket list item! Thanks for the blog! We are also RVers and travel bloggers!
21st June 2014

Cool Sean
We're enjoying Sean as he takes in and takes over the West. We know he makes the trip much more special for the "old folks", too.
From Blog: I Love Utah
21st June 2014

Looks like Sean is having a gret time! Beautiful country we have..........
From Blog: I Love Utah
16th June 2014

As an Arizona native, I love reading others impression of my dear state. Welcome.
From Blog: Arizona at Last
13th June 2014

Tenkiller Lake
I wonder how the lake got it's name? Have a great trip---we're packing for our cruise with Jon, Kim and the girls. We leave Sunday---can hardly wait.!!!
13th June 2014

Love These!
I'm glad the first day went so good! I love these pictures of him and can see his excitement in that huge grin!!
23rd February 2014

Thank You
What a great idea to sum up the trip with the interesting stats! Thanks.
15th February 2014

15th February 2014

Wow - great pictures as usual, Charlie. Looks like it was a fabulous swing to the Grand Canyon. Glad you are slowly working your way back...still plenty to take in along the way. :-) XO
15th February 2014

What beauty
Wow! You captured the colors well Charlie. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Safe travels. Mark
15th February 2014

Arizona and Florida
We're at opposite sides of the country these days! Love your GCanyon pics - esp the elk. We've stayed at Coya Costa, Cabbage Key, Ding Darling NWR, Salty Sam's in Ft Meyers Beach, and now we're at the marina in Ft Meyers waiting for tonight's lighted parade. Tomorrow we're headed over the Okeechobee - having a wonderful time. Wish our paths were passing at some point.
15th February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day you two!!!!
No matter how cold it gets KERRY is gonna be in shorts!!!! Those Elk are awesome and so close to your campsite. Amazing Grand Canyon pictures. America the beautiful!!!!
12th February 2014

Fun visit
Hi, So glad we got to visit, and laugh, and catch up. Enjoy the rest of your trip; Travel safe. Love you guys!
11th February 2014

Miss you...
Yes we had an an extraordinary time as Kerry would say! I love you both and alreasdy cant wait till we see you again. So sorry you ran into fog and glad it cleared. We hope you hace clear roads the rest of the way home...Love you, love you muy bueno:)
9th February 2014

Roy Rogers...
I LOVED Roy Rogers as a kid! And Ethan just asked, as he looked over my shoulder, 'who is Roy Rogers?' These dang kids of today.....
8th February 2014

wonderful pics Charlie, love the cousins when you get to CA!
7th February 2014

Quothe the Raven...Nevermore
Could the cross on the hill be Edgar Allen Poe's final resting place?
6th February 2014

Beautiful Colors
Really loved the colors along Artists Drive. Bet they were even prettier in person. Enjoying your trip.
5th February 2014

Beautiful Place
It's been many years since I've been there. I see from your wonderful pics I need to go again! Thanks for sharing its raw beauty.
5th February 2014

Death Valley
When the kids were in elementary school, we would go to Death Valley in January...good time of the year to visit. We camped at Furnace Creek.

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