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16th July 2013

lots of beautiful scenery!!!!!!!!
16th July 2013

Hope I can use this blog as i have never used one before but would like to follow you all on this journey.
15th July 2013

Yum is right!!!
Looking forward to catching up with you guys---be safe---good luck finding "cooler" weather!!!
15th July 2013

Makes me hungry
Where are you going this time?
16th July 2013

We are going to New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia, by way of upstate NY, Boston, Cape Cod, and Mount Desert Island.
15th March 2013

what did you do to your knee? what do you need a pinch hitter for? sorry I'm late replying, glad you are home. Love you
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13th March 2013

Safely home.
Hi all, Glad you had a nice trip down to the Keys, and visiting lots of friends and family there and along the way. Home is always a welcome site...until the travel bug bites again. Take care. Our love to all.
4th March 2013

Why does Kerry have a "pinch" runner? Is he getting TOO old to play softball???? We've been getting some cold weather here as well, but it's been beautiful today. Will you be stopping by on your way home? Just wondering???? You know you're always welcome----gena
From Blog: Winding Down
25th February 2013

love these pics. and the captions Charlie!!!!!
21st February 2013
Mighty Kerry

go go go yeah Kerry!!!!!!!!
18th February 2013

Great friends, and photos that bring back some wonderful memories. Take care and stay safe.
Great friends and pictures that bring back great memories. Take care and stay safe.
18th February 2013

Love this picture!!!!!!
18th February 2013
Mighty Kerry

Really mighty! Great shot of our boy, Charlie!!!!!
18th February 2013

Gosh how neat to see those coconuts! Loved eating them when we lived in Miami! Nothing like a fresh coconut!!!!
18th February 2013

Batter Up~
Love the photos - the weather and scenery makes me want to visit Florida again~ Love you guys and keep the updates and photos coming - Take care and enjoy!
14th February 2013
Under the US 1 bridge

great "under the bridge" shot Charlie, love ya
13th February 2013

Yes, the water is soooooooooo beautiful! Sounds like you are really chillin and enjoying it all!
9th February 2013

I am SOOOOO jealous
Sitting on the beach, fishing or not, oh how I wish I was there basking in that beautiful sunshine! Enjoy you guys - love you!!!
9th February 2013

Great place for turtles
What a heart warming update about the turtle rescue. Amazing place and people to help these injured and sick animals. Thanks.
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7th February 2013

Kerry fishing
We know the feeling---we've been fishing twice since getting home and nothing!! Got a call from Ron, who wants to know how fishing is going to be in April? He's coming down to go fishing---hope it improves by that time!!! Loved the pictures of the turtles---take care---love ya---gena
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6th February 2013

beautiful sunset and sunrise! what are you making Charlie? lopsided score, in who\'s favor Ker? love ya!!!!!!
5th February 2013

You're livin' the life!
Love reading your postings! Reminds us of our trip just last year when we saw you. Wish we were back there again. Wee too enjoyed Crane Point last year and the nice museum. Have you been to the Turtle Hospital? Pretty interesting too. We're still looking at resuming the Great Loop in 2014 - working this year and saving our money! Just found out our son is on his way home from Afghanistan. Yeah! He's been over there since July and it's been a long anxious time for us. Keep in touch you two. Laurie and John
31st January 2013

Another bunch of awesome is sooooo rough! We should hit 17 degrees tonight!!!! So be thinkig about us "Tennessee yankees". :)
27th January 2013

Hamburger beans
You lucky dog---wish we were there with you to find more. We've decided five days of fun wasn't enough time to spend in the Keys. Bob's talking about "next year". I'm sure if you all go down, we'll be there too. Wonder if you can put a tent on a bass boat? We could park in Boot Key next to you and just put up the tent. We did have a good time, but were still sore from playing softball when we got home. Mom couldn't believe her eyes when I showed her the pictures of Conch Key, that and Duck Key---she said there was "nothing" on Duck Key when they lived down there. Bob's Mother had a bad spell while we were gone, so we spent all last week trying to get her in to see a heart specialist---can you believe you need a "referral"? Anyway, we are bound and determined to get her in this coming week---come whatever. Our weather has been so nice since we got back. We were out working in our short sleeved shirts today, Bob tilled the garden while I was working around all the peach trees and some of the blueberry bushes. You all take care---keep up the good work with the blog---love ya---gena
23rd January 2013

what a wonderful sunrise!!!! hello you two, love ya
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