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4th February 2014

beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!
4th February 2014

more gorgeous shots Charlie!!!!!
1st February 2014

SD - John's hometown
Fun that you got to visit SD. John grew up on Point Loma, not very far from Cabrillo NM, where he actually worked while in college. We are still in Tarpon Springs, waiting for it to stop raining so we can get the bottom painted and then head south on our trip. Any "must see's" for west Florida?
31st January 2014

You're here!!!
Can;t wait to see you - what will you be doing until we see you? Love you guys:)
29th January 2014

As usual, wonderful pictures of a grand trip!!!!!!
25th January 2014

25th January 2014
city of rocks

jump, Kerry jump!!!
23rd January 2014

Hi there sorry to be missing your calls. I think 'me needs to retire again' !!!! love yo!
23rd January 2014

City of Rocks
Hey guys, was the owl still there? Just wondering. Glad the weather is holding nice for you---it's darn cold here, I've had to cover all my new plants almost every night. However, it gets nice during the day, so I uncover them and they get lots of sunshine!!! Keep the blogs going we feel like we're with you.
23rd January 2014

Love the colors
At times the SW can seem very monochrome with everything being shades of brown, but you've captured the play of light on the countryside and it sure looks beautiful. Really enjoying following along. Mark
23rd January 2014

Glad you're having a great vacation.
Hi guys. Looks like you are having a great time and staying warm. I see Kerry has become a rock climber. Remind him it's not the fall that hurts, it's the sudden stop when you hit the ground. We are in the deep freeze for the next four days so take care and enjoy the sunshine and each other.
23rd January 2014
Can you see the elephant head?

What a fun picture
I noticed your photo and wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. The elephant head kind of popped out once I knew what the picture was. Great shot.
23rd January 2014

I'm loving following your journey through God's amazing creation, especially through the roads less traveled. It so reminds me of John's and my travels and our love of enjoying the "native and uncommercialized" areas. Thanks for sharing your experiences! Be safe, build memories and enjoy!
22nd January 2014

22nd January 2014

Observatory - WOW!
How lucky you were able to experience the Star Party - they say timing is everything... you're getting closer:) Love you
20th January 2014

Wise not to pick up those hitchhikers....... have fun and stay safe!!!!! Keep posting those beautiful pictures!!!!! LUV!
19th January 2014

What beauty!
Beautiful country. What a contrast to the ICW. Safe travels. Mark & Linda
15th January 2014

show off!! and how is it today? love you, and thanks for the phone call. Have fun!
15th January 2014
Kerry in shorts

The Ocean - so so jealous
Thanks for posting the photos of the ocean, it is so beautiful. Everytime I see it I wonder how in the world did I end up in Bakersfield!! Can't wait to see you ~ Love you lots
13th January 2014

I am really impressed with your patch wall hanging. Great idea!
11th January 2014

Here I go traverling with you two again. Love and blessings.
11th January 2014

crud here too
Glad you got out of the nasty weather safely. Jerry has the crud too. Finally sent him to the dr yesterday for antibiotics and cough syrup. Have fun!
11th January 2014

Have a great time---be safe---we, ll keep up with you---hope you find that warm weather!!!
2nd January 2014

Homeland security pilot ran her out of gas
Hey guys. After 11 years of flying that sweet airplane I hired a homeland security pilot and naval officer reservist to moonlight for me. His third day at work he ran her out of gas. He was text messaging his border patrol boss 10 minutes before swimming lessons! Saved his government firearm before the passengers were out of the water. He lied to me, faa, ntsb , a local judge. Had me arrested at the airport while I was working on my other plane. Arresting cops lied on arrest report I guess to embellish a federal officers story. The pilot would not go to court as a federal officer lied on sworn documents. Everyone from the local cops, state attorney, faa, FBI and homeland security have covered for a lying comrade. I'm writing a book about 11 great years of flying her as well as some faa stories that will leave you all warm and safe? The book will be titled " Boy Scouts are dead" . Glad u enjoyed her, she flew over 30, 000 without ever 1 in air problem. Seeya.paul

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