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Bonjour à tous. J'avais le choix hier au soir pour souper, dans toutes ces galeries de casinos, peut-être 30 restos de toutes sortes. J'ai opté pour un buffet, généralement je trouve "ma vie", dans ce type d'établissements. J'avais écrit, que je n'avais pas mangé 1 gramme de charcuterie en 30 jours, et bien hier le record est tombé. Il y avait au buffet, un jambon braisé, un vrai délice, 3 fois j'y suis allé, et des tranches pour convalescent. C'était d'ailleurs la seul chose qui était mangeable, la viande, du carton, le gratin dauphinois, pas cuit, les tartelettes au déssert, juste décongelées. Ce jambon a bien compensé. Reno est une ville morte, l'après midi il y avait peu d'activité, mais le soir, à part quelques cloches qui traînent, pas un chat. Par contre dans les casinos, ... read more
le sécheresse
gardes du Capitole
Suison Bay

Day 10 Last day before catching the flight to LA. Headed to the Pinecrest Diner for some authentic ham n eggs before a last walk to the Wharf. Headed back through China Town to pic up some touris crap before heading back to catch the shuttle to the Airport. Arrived in LA the short taxi to my apartment just off Abbott Kinney road.(The most fashionable street in the USA according to the New York times). Quick walk down Abbott Kinney and it is a cool place. Loads of Boutique clothes shops,coffee shops, bars and restaurants then down onto Venice beach. That’s a sight to be seen with the street performers, beach , tanned chicks on roller blades and a reel hippy vibe. Waked back along Main street for a couple of beers, then changed and out ... read more

Day 9 Well last full day in San Fran and another brill time. Walked up Powell and down to fishermans wharf to catch the ferry to Alcatraz. Walked around the Island before heading up to the cell block for the audio tour. When you arrive you are in the shower room where all new inmates arrive, and it hits you how new inmates must have felt when they arrived on The Rock. Walking around the cells and listening to the audio you do get a sense of how life must have been like for the prisoners. What got me was how cold the place was and its summertime. Got to solitary cell block D where all the infamous inmates were housed, Capone, The Birdman, Machine gun Kelly. Finished the tour , caught the ferry back for ... read more

Day 8 Bought a two day pass for the City Sightseeing hop on hop offbus to save the legs after yesterday's marathon. Headed down to the wharf for for BBQ shrimp omelette. Delicious . Then along to the bridge again. I decided to walked over The Golden Gate Bridge instead of by Bus . Amazing piece of Engineering and stunning views of the Bay. On the other side picked up the bus again and headed to Sausolito . Ottis Reading wrote sitting on the Dock of Bay here. Gorgeous place. Stayed on the bus back to the Bridge then changed buses and headed through the Presidio park. Onto Haight Street Ashbury with all its hippy chic ,'ground zero for the summer of love' and Jimi Hendrix flat. Back to the Irish Times Bar where I had ... read more

Day 7 Pride march today so out if town early to miss the crowds. Headed along to Filmore street from the hotel. Pretty dodgy walk at that time in the morning. A lot of homeless lining the streets. Watched two drug deals going down time to hide the phone ,camera and watch. . Walked to the Filmore theatre then along to Steiner street for a wee Pic of the house from Mrs Doubtfire. Back to Filmore to the car chase scene from Bullit. OK sad sightseeing. Then on to Pacific Heights neighbourhood for stunning views of the Bay. Continued down to the Marina area and trek a long to the Golden Gate bridge. Plenty of selfie opportunities. Well once the har cleared. A long walk back along to Fishermans Wharf for some seafood chowder and coconut ... read more

Day 6 Up at ridiculous o'clock to catch my flight from Nashville to San Francisco Arrived around 2. Taxi ride to the hotel in SOMA (south of market street) , quick coffee then out to get my bearings. Walked down Market Street to fisherman's wharf. What a place! Very busy but the sights sound and smells are amazing. Walked along the front to nice views of the Bay and bay bridge , and the smells of the fish restaurants. Continued walking along the wharf to pier 39. Loads of restaurants and tacky shops, had a Nathans hotdog to quell the rumbling stomach, and at the end of pier 39 got my first glimpse of Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. The Rock even from here looks scary! Tour booked for Tuesday so looking forward to it. ... read more

Someone once told me that flying is the way to travel - as long as you have time to wait at airports! How true that is especially these days with heightened security and endless queues. I think it took almost as long to get through customs at departure and arrival airports as the 12 hour flight itself. Two meals, two wines and 3 movies later (not easy to sleep) we arrived in San Francisco where the sun shone and the wind was blustery. The shuttle bus to downtown SF was our first introduction to the friendly locals. Chatting to the other shuttle passengers passed the time whilst the driver negotiated the twists and turns of the freeways and the steep city streets. Our bags safely installed into our poky 5th floor hotel room (at least there ... read more
Did you hear the one about.....?

Geo: 37.7792, -122.42Algunas fotos de la pasada por San Francisco, comenzando con la salida desde Cebu con mil horas de viaje pasando nuevamente por Japón. Fueron como 3 días mas o menos pero los aprovechamos al máximo...Fue muy bueno el recuentro con Justin después de unos cuantos años y como anfitrión se portó un 7, se las manejó todas...considerando que su casa queda como a 3 horas de la ciudad.Aprovechamos el primer día que llegué temprano para explorar la ciudad, no sé como soporté después del tremendo vuelo, al parecer crucé la barrera del cansancio y resistí todo el día hasta media noche que llegamos de regreso a casa. El segundo día nos fuimos a la costa pasando por Redwoods y volviendo temprano para la reunion y el día que me iba hicimos la ú... read more
Cosas extrañas en el aeropuerto de japón
Y un flashback a Tokyo...Akihabara
Escala en Narita me encontré con este

We are in the final stages of preparation for our first ever bike riding trip! At this point, our bikes are tuned up and it seems as if our rigged luggage is going to work. This is a great success as Andrew's bike was initially declined from a repair shop, due to its old, decrepit state and on our longest training ride we discovered a number of glitches with my pannier attachment system and Andrew's front derailleur snapped in half. Tomorrow the bikes will be taken apart and carefully placed in boxes that hopefully will arrive in Havana in 1 piece along with us on June 4th. We fly out of SFO on Friday around 11pm and should land in Havana around 2pm on 6/4 after a bit of a lay over in Mexico City. The ... read more
Dreaded Bridge Crossing
Home Sweet Home
My Gear

Druhý den v USA byl zasvěcen prohlídce Friska a Alcatrazu. Do centra jsme se přepravili trolejbusem, linka číslo 1 stavěla pár bloků od našeho ubytování. Cestou jsme pozorovali život ve městě. Ulice byly plné lidí, co si šli ráno zaběhat, a lidí, co šli ráno pro koblihu a kafe. Kdo neběžel, nesl v ruce jeden nebo víc kelímků kafe. V Trolejbusu s námi jelo hodně asiatů. Zdá se to logické, Frisko musí být pro Číňany a celkově lidi z Asie branou do USA, ale že v Americe uslyším tolik čínštiny jsem nečekal. Jak jsme se blížili centru, tak se ulice proměnily na prudké svahy, takže úhel naklonění trolejbusu dával pocit, že jedeme spíš v lanovce než ve vozidle na kolech. Každopádně řidič musel být v minulém životě pilotem F1, protože jel stylem brzda-plyn. Centrum města působilo ... read more
Centrum Friska

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