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2014 and the girls are on another adventure!! We continue our journey down the Pacific coast. This year we begin in San Francisco. So that we could get the most out of our short stay in San Fran...and not have to drive over the likes of Lombard street, we took a tour bus. Chilly Willy was our driver. We were either laughing or crying with his insanely ridicules jokes. The tour took us from one end of the city to the other. Past the Golden Gate Bridge, through China town, around Lombard street, little Italy, Union Square, Fisherman's Wharf...and of course Haight Ashbury. It took us 50 years, but we finally made it. There is still a "Make Love, Not War" vibe to the neighborhood. As we walked down the street, a certain aroma clung to ... read more
Chilly Willy's Bus
Golden Gate Bridge
Trolley Ride

FIRST PAGE California and Nevada Thursday 19th June 2014 We left home at 7am and arrived in San Francisco via Heathrow at 5pm local time after a ten and a half hour flight. Even though we had the luxury of seats with extra leg-room it was still about 3hours too long but this could have been due to us both suffering from bad colds. We took the shuttle bus to our airport hotel for the night and managed to get some sleep although the 8 hour time difference does take a little bit of getting used to. Friday 20th June The last day of spring! We take the shuttle bus back to the airport to pick up our Chevrolet Impala, George's car of choice when we are here, then we are on our way across the ... read more
Eldorado Nat Forest
The State Historic Park of Bodie
 Lake Tahoe Nevada

Preview... ...Two weeks ago J and I were not even close to have moved out of our apartment and the idea of leaving everything behind couldn't be grasped yet. Together day by day after work we would come home and sell most of our things on We were fortune and sold almost everything in less than a week. Goodbye to my lovely mini van in which I drove provably half of Bay Are kids from parks to the ZOO, and from house to house. I always will have the best memories of my kiddos on that car. Finally we were able to pull it off and now were moved into our parents house for the last couple of days before of departure. The waiting grew and the days at work seemed to be longer. We ... read more

I shot these photos today of Russian Hill. My details later.... read more
Closet of Plaque

Hello and welcome to my, Natalie's, attempt at a Travel Blog. I will be leaving for my 6 week trek in Europe this coming Monday, and thought I would try and document my experiences in Europe for your interest or benefit. I have no idea if anyone will actually read this blog, but hey. It's worth a shot. So if you wish, you may count on this blog as a sort of Timeline as my trip progresses and hopefully you will be able to experience some of my adventures vicariously through the medium of this website. Currently, I am sitting in the living room of my good friend Jenny K, located in the Outer Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco, my birthplace and hometown if you will. Although the calendar reads June 7th, indicating the approach of ... read more
The Outer Sunset

In mid May 2014, fires burned parts of north county San Diego. As we saw these fires blazing from the hilltops of our community, our immediate thoughts were how negative of an effect the diminishing air quality could potentially have on our newborn. We sought to get her as far away from the smoke as possible and took this time as an opportunity to visit family in Sacramento.We packed our car with valuables, documents and everything we thought the baby needed. My husband and I have both lived in Northern California long ago so we've made the 8hr drive a dozen or more times. Addie was still in that super sleepy stage so we figured this would be a piece of cake, easy drive....We were so wrong! It took us a full 24 HOURS to drive ... read more

Here comes my first blog post... but rather than making a big deal about it, I'm just going to get underway with the blogging! So, why is San Francisco my first blog post on here? It is a bit of a story... I had finished up with a role at a company and I was deciding on a new role. Having not done anything like a proper holiday for about a decade, I had set my sights on the USA. I was incredibly close to putting my name down on a tour with Trek America, which would have seen me going from the west coast to the east coast. It would have been three weeks long. However, and very happily might I add, I got a new role which I started in January 2014. What it ... read more
Golden Gate Bridge 1
Golden Gate Bridge 2
Golden Gate Bridge 3

This was just one of those plain old travel days through the Bay area (Berkley, Oakland,etc.) down through the cities and towns south of the Bay and on to Carmel-by-the-Sea. At times the traffic moved well, while at others the five lanes of traffic on the freeway turned into a parking lot; this was Sunday for goodness sake. Sometimes the traffic would slow to a crawl and I thought there must be an accident ahead, but then the cars would get back to freeway speeds and there was nothing to be seen that might have caused the slowdown. A bit of chaos theory in real life I guess. The oil in the RAV4 was down a bit so I decided to top it up before leaving San Rafael. I went looking for something like a NAPA ... read more

For en by! Internett bestemte seg for å slette bloginnlegget jeg skrev i går, så hvis noen er interesserte får de nøye seg med bildene gangen her. San Francisco har vært helt fantastisk, og så til de grader levd opp til alle tanker og forventninger jeg hadde til byen. Nå pakker vi kofferten og gjør oss klare til å hente bilen vi har leid, før eventyret virkelig starter og vi gir oss i kast med Pacific Coast Highway på tur til Los Angeles. Det gledes!... read more

Breakfast at Johnny Rockets (pancakes stacks of course!) then off to the Ross Dress for Less shop. Caught the cable car up to Union Square, skipping Lombard Street which is supposedly squiggly east street in the world. Union was awesome, started with makeup shops (girls), and T-Mobile (guys). Got a great deal of two SIM cards, unlimited calling and texting with 4g data for about $100 total. This way we can always stay in touch when we inevitably go to different places over next few weeks. Lunch was at Nordstrom, a huge mall. Tiffany necklace for Jaimie's 16th. mini makeovers at Bloomingdales and more shopping. Gary saw a guy from NZ with his family, strange that the last time I saw him was in USA as well! Lots of weed (dak) smells in downtown. Gary decided ... read more
Liam on cable car
Cable car
Union Square

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