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North America » United States » California » San Francisco October 12th 2015

We couldn't get a bed in San Fran so decided to go to Monterey Bay first as it wasn't too far out of the way. A cool hostel nicely located, and we get there in the afternoon and then head down to Cannery Row to explore. It's a quintessential fishing village (of old) with it's speak-easys and cheap restaurants and neon lights to attract the tourists, and we settle own in a bar where they have live blues/jazz music. The next day we have our complimentary breakfast – helllllllo stakcs of pancakes as high as me – and walk to the harbour with our new French friend we made, Valentine. We um and ar about doing a whale watching boat trip but figure we can do it on the way back through to LA, and just ... read more
Cannery Row, Monterey Bay
Santa Cruz Boardwalk

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Mission October 2nd 2015

I took my students from my Culture of travel class to one my favorite Nicaraguan restaurants in San Francisco, CA. The food was delicious as always. After eating we went to Dolores park and had a great time. ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 4th 2015

According to Lonely Planet, San Francisco's top two sights are the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park. I started in the park. The centerpiece is the Japanese Tea Garden, which was created for the World's Fair in 1894. Apparently, the original version was really tacky, with a fake Japanese village, a bazaar selling trinkets, and rickshaws available for hire. After the fair ended, the city hired a Japanese gardener named Makoto Hagiwara to take charge, and he completely redesigned the place, replacing the kitsch with authentic plants and landscaping. His descendants maintained the garden until 1942, when they were "interned" (=locked up) during the Second World War. The garden was then neglected until the 1950s, when the Gump family donated the famous bronze Buddha and the city was obliged to spruce the place up. *** ... read more
Golden Gate Park
Golden Gate Bridge

North America » United States » California » San Francisco August 26th 2015

A San Francisco, nous avons été accueilli par un contact CouchSurfing de Anna. Nous n'étions pas exactement à SF, mais plus précisément à Oakland, l'une des villes voisines. Cette banlieue est assez populaire, et c'est vrai que nous avons débarqué dans une résidence qui faisait un peu ghetto. Darius était le nom de notre hôte. Tout sourire, il guettait notre arrivée en haut de la cour alors que nous venions d'entrer. Il nous a fait visiter son petit appartement assez modeste mais cosy. Ce californien d'une trentaine d'année vit en colloc avec Byron, étudiant. Comme nous l'avions présagé, il nous a fait vider entièrement notre voiture au moment de décharger, en nous faisant comprendre que la nuit les rues pouvaient être dangereuses. Darius s'est montré tout de suite super accueillant, et il nous a fait faire ... read more
Lombard street, rue où se déroule la course poursuite en voiture dans le film "Bullit", avec Steve McQueen
Au restaurant avec nos hôtes : Byron à gauche et Darius à droite
La baie de San Francisco

The final leg of our trip saw us in San Francisco.Our San Francisco itinerary included: 21 Aug - evening arrived in SF. It was amazing coming down the 101 under a perfect blue sky and 90F degree weather to crest a rolling hill and see off in the distance the famous August fog bank of SF. The drive over the Golden Gate Bridge behind us we valeted the car and checked into our hotel. After a long day of driving and car charging we had a lovely Indian dinner and then called it a night.22 Aug - We started off with a walk down to the old ferry building for breakfast and the market stalls. After a worrying ... read more
Golden Gate - the first sight
Golden Gate
Golden Gate

North America » United States » California » San Francisco August 20th 2015

Okay. I am back home in my own personal Zenhut (Dragon's Lair??) and my trip is over. As the train approached Emeryville, the city skyline of San Francisco came into hazy view across the Bay. I found myself surprisingly happy to see Downtown. We will see how I feel when I arrive there for work tomorrow. I had a great time on my trip, and mostly just wanted to post pictures that had not made the blog yet. But first, a quick recap of the trip: Spent almost two full days on Amtrak trains. Had a great experience and found the staff to be very helpful. I will take another train trip someday. Maybe not this long. ;-) Sat on my early generation Kindle. It will never be the same. RIP. I saw a no hitter... ... read more
Bridges over Pugent Sound 2
Han Solo - did you have to ask?
Darth Vader likes the Seahawks

It's 12.00 on the 2nd of August. So we're now at the beginning of our last week of the trip, and I am currently sitting on the bus from Sacramento to LA. In this blog, I will write about how we managed to cram most of San Fransisco into 3 short days. I woke up at 7.30 on Tuesday, and met Kieran in the kitchen to make pancakes. We got up at this time because the kitchen was yet to get busy, so we had freedom to cook at our leisure - so consequently the pancakes turned out much better than they had the morning before. We ate while pouring over the map and deciding our route for the day. It was only just gone 8 by the time we had finished, and we weren't to ... read more

It's 22.43 on the 28th July. So here we are in San Francisco, and in this blog I will write predominantly on how we found ourselves here. We got up in Seattle, for the last time, at about 7am - aiming to leave the hostel at 8.30 for our 9.30 train. Thankfully, the train station was only a couple of blocks away from us, so we arrived by quarter to 9, all kitted out with bags and cases (some carried, some dragged) and checked out luggage. We then spent the next half an hour in several queues that were apparently necessary to board a train, before we found ourselves directed to the top floor of carriage 13 of the huge Amtrak train - which was complete with viewing cabin, sleepers (which, of course, we did not ... read more

In 2005 we travelled to New Zealand for my friend's wedding and I bought my first Lonely Planet travel guide. It was such a success that I now buy one wherever we go - I even bought one when we first moved to WA and many of the restaurants we tried became firm favourites. So last night with the girls snuggled together watching Pretty Little Liars, feeling posh ordering their room service, we put our fate in the hands of our trusty Lonely Planet to find us somewhere good to eat. It certainly didn't disappoint, Bruce and I both saying it was probably in the top 5 meals we have ever eaten. The chosen restaurant was in the Castro district, the gay capital of the world. The Korean restaurant, Namu Gaji consisted of several wooden tables ... read more

Arriving at San Francisco airport I immediately felt more at home - the first thing I saw was a book shop rather than the slot machines that littered the airport in Vegas. Our last minute change of hotel was favourable, we have been given a deluxe king suite - nice to have a separate bedroom from the kids again. Our first stop this morning was a trip to Alcatraz. The island often referred to as 'The Rock' became a federal penitentiary in 1933 and housed many notorious prisoners over the next thirty years, including Al Capone and The Birdman. The audio cell tour gave a fascinating and detailed history for the nerdy historian in me while Bruce chatted with a former inmate, an eighty year old who has served the best part of fifty years of ... read more

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