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North America » United States » California » San Francisco August 12th 2014

Right now, we're just killing time until our plane leaves at 10:30 p.m. tonight. We're meeting a friend of Bob's and Burlingame for lunch. Burlingame is a cute, small town near San Fran airport. It has the feel of an upscale mall with the outside feeling of Delray Beach. The drunk that approaches us, reminds us that we could be anywhere. Justin starts speaking in a made up Russian language. Realizing Justin doesn't speak English, he moves on to Henry. We all walk away.... read more
What, no picnic?
We take train to San Francisco
I smell chocolate

North America » United States » California » San Francisco August 10th 2014

We finally arrive in San Fran. We're going to meet with my cousin and Bob's cousin.... read more
First stop China town
Ingonginga jin chon chow...
Oh, there's that building

North America » United States » California » San Francisco August 10th 2014

Did you see and read this? This year Delta, which typically ends up toward the bottom of the performance list, ranked No. 1 in overall performance, thanks to more on-time arrivals, fewer canceled flights and mishandled bags and better customer service. “Delta is this year’s unsung hero,” the report revealed. It was followed by url= America, url= Airlines, JetBlue, and Frontier, in that order. But the story gets better: On the not-so-good side of this list are url= read more

Today we head back into San Francisco to visit Chinatown. It was an interesting walk and you probably could find about anything you might want for sale in the many shops. We did not find anything that we needed but we enjoyed window shopping. After Chinatown we walked several blocks to the Cable Car Museum and tried to figure how they keep all of the cables that run up to 26 cars on multiple routes from getting tangled like a backlashed fishing reel. Lunch was across the street at the Gallery Cafe. Nice, quaint little sandwich shop that was really pretty good. Next we walked down several very steep hills to the parking garage and headed over to drive the famous Lombard Street. OK we can say we drove down a steep hill. Headed back to ... read more

Although this blog is for my time in Milan, the trip really began for me when I had to say goodbye to friends and family in the states. After my last day of work, August 8th, I flew to San Francisco to reunite with my best buds from high school, Ian and Jim (first picture). We always have a crazy time together, and this was no exception. Right at the end of the trip, as Jim was driving me to the airport and Ian began his drive back to Davis, we realized we were right behind Ian. At a red light Ian jumped out of his truck and threw a soccer ball into the car and said "You're taking this to Italy," (second picture) I decided to name the ball Prosper (for those who don't know, ... read more

San Francisco - City of rainbow flags and steep hills A blog entry on San Francisco just has to include one of Ake's favourite jokes: "How many straight men from San Francisco does it take to change a light bulb?" "Both!". The joke perhaps is not politically correct, but it is pretty funny the first time you hear it. As you understand even before we came to San Francisco we knew we were about to visit a very LGBT friendly city. In the Castro District, San Francisco's gayborhood, every other house was displaying a rainbow flag. Just being in San Francisco we felt that it is a nice and friendly city. Probably the "LGBT friendliness" and the "nice and friendly" are very much connected to each other. If you are OK with people being lesbians, gays, ... read more
Golden Gate park
Steep Hill
Lombard Street

Day 5 Thurs Aug 24th After an Al Fresco breakfast we drove through the forest and over the 6,000 ft pass and then gradually down past tunnel view into Yosemite proper. It take about an hour to get there. Its unmistakable. Initially we were looking across an extensive valley wondering then we got the glimpse of half dome and we knew then what was ahead. The area is just massive. There are lots of laybys and places to park and just hike a trail. You would need a fortnight to get to grips with it. Once down on the valley floor, El Capitan loomed above us and we could see the Yosemite Falls towering above with water plumetting down the 2,425ft in three tiers. Its the highest waterfall in North America but by late July its ... read more

Well, the very best way to make your airline flight better is to upgrade, or get a free upgrade to Business or First Class. Failing that, experts suggest many diversions to make the trip more enjoyable. The best diversions are rather old-fashioned, like a good book. It seems that passengers who are reading a good book looked the most relaxed and imperturbable, if that is a word. Of course, these days, we can to be entertained. So, a good movie or two also works well, particularly if you are like me. That means you do not go to the movie theater to watch movies. I wait until a long trip overseas, and do all of my movie watching for the year on one twelve hour flight. The only problem with this scenario is that when the ... read more

Our exit from San Francisco was our first bump. Yes we had another nice American style breakfast, on Bush street this time to be close to our rental car pick-up. We arrived a little late for the 9:30 arrangement but remained stranded until after 1pm and were shewed off with a cute white Grand Jeep Cherokee with no gas in it! Thank God for the Garmin which found a gas station and the road to Yosemite. Evergreen lodge was beyond our expectation. The charred forest was rejuvenating but the lodges were immaculate and the setting very calm, picturesque and serene. We settled in quickly, checked out the rope bridge zip line and hammocks before dinner and an early night!... read more

Day 3 We had time to return to Cafe Mason for another American style breakfast. Buttermilk fluffy pancakes and syrup are delicious but nothing signifies breakfast in USA more than unlimited coffee. So charged we make for Fishermans Wharf to collect our bicycles. Once we have mastered the wrong way round brakes we head off in Indian file along the wharf, past Hyde and the Aquatic park where we get our first sighting of the rust coloured bridge which crosses the Golden Gate. The journey to Sausilito is crammed with cyclists and walkers as we cross the bridge. The traffic roars past us as we cant help but stare at the symmetry of the magnificent bridge at the evolving views of Alcatraz and San Francisco. The bay too is busy with sailing and motor vessels enjoying ... read more
Bike the Bridge 02
Bike the Bidge 03
Bike the Bridge 04

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