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Naše velkolepá výprava má 4 členy. První je Martin, hlavní organizátor, zvaný námi, plebsem, jako náčelník. Martin jede do Ameriky už potřetí, takže je to velký mazák, celou cestu naplánoval a zorganizoval. Druhá je Michaela, paní náčelníková, zdravotnice a nejkrásnější holka v celé skupině. Třetí člen je Ondra, jehož hlavní funkce je dělat klauna, a poslední člen je samozřejmě moje maličkost, takový Taťka Šmoula výpravy. Vstávání ve 4 není úplně moje nejoblíbenější disciplína, ale pro cestování se musí trpět. Odlet z Prahy byl v 7 a nikdo nechtěl riskovat nějaký trable. Přípoj do Amsterdamu měl ¾ hodiny zpoždění hned při našem příletu, a další víc jak hodinu nabral tím, že si někdo nechal naložit kufr do letadla a potom nenastoupil. Od útoku nad Lockerbie, kdy si terorista nechal do letadla naloži... read more
Náš domov na kolečkách s Ondrou a Martinem
Golden Gate

Hello, my dear friends and family Where do I even start!?! Honestly, I spent every spare second of my summer thinking and planning for this trip. But what I didn't think about was how much I hate goodbyes! I don't think Madi and I have ever been so nice to each other for such an extended period of time! (minus the eyeliner + bus incident... sorry about that madz). It was nearly a week ago now that I spent my last sleepless night in New Zealand, packing my bags at 3am with my 5am flight looming ever closer. Tearful goodbyes behind me, I boarded my flight to Australia where I immediately proceeded to film a boring, 7 minute long video of us taking off in pitch darkness. Typical me really. Australia was a good time, with ... read more

What a day!!! My alarm woke me up at 6.30, and I dragged myself out of bed, got ready and navigated myself through the streets to catch a cable car. With more unnessercery long videos of the cable car ride (The videos are temporarily out of order on this website but I'll put them up as soon as they fix it!) I made it down to pier 39. This is basically the tourist trap of San Fran, but I love it. Its a vibrant, colourful, tacky and almost fairground like area on the dock. I still had hours before my Alcatraz booking, so at around 7.30am I wandered through the empty pier 39. The locals were all setting things up and I vaguely felt like an intrusive tourist who was just too early. (Like when passengers ... read more

Back in my running and jogging days, I ran in several editions of the Bay to Breakers Footrace in San Francisco. Back then, the race often experienced record numbers of entrants, and lived up to its name as the world's largest footrace. It begins at the foot of San Francisco Bay, then winds through the streets of the City, through Golden Gate Park, and finally onto the Great Highway and the Pacific Ocean (ie the breakers). The first race, known as the Cross City Race, began in 1912, as a precursor to the world class events planned for the 1915 Panama Pacific International Exposition. The race was won by Robert Jackson Vlught with a time of 44:10, and with only 200 racers. It was in 1986, the Race set a Guinness Book record with 110,000 racers, ... read more

San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities to live in...and with a maximum security prison located only 1.25 miles off into the bay.... read more
Ferry Ride

We are all headed out to Bali for Mary's daughter, Mariah, wedding. So included in this year's trip are our children! Before arriving in Bali, we decided to take a 2 day stop over in San Francisco. What an adventure we had to start. From fitting 4 adults and 8 suitcases along with 4 backpacks of 'essentials' into one taxi to Patrick getting up close and personal with TSA (yes, he got the full search!). Poor boy, they thought his carry on of snacks was contraband. Everything settled down after that and we arrive at our San Francisco hotel after 11:00pm.... read more
Arrival in SF
TSA approved

San Francisco is one of my favorite cities to visit. Every time we visit we see something new. Tony Bennett could not have said it better...I left my heart in San Francisco, high on a hill, it calls to me. To be where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars. The morning fog may chill the air, I don't care...We crushed as much as we could into two VERY full days. From the upper most hills at Twin Peaks to the Golden Gate bridge and beyond we saw it all.... read more
Our Tour Trolley
Mission - Overlooking the city

So, after going out with the boys, I collapsed into bed and forgot to book the tickets for Alcatraz! Get up and get on the computer and there are loads left for the day so pick the 12.30pm one thinking that will give us time to get breakfast or lunch & we have to move the car by 11am anyway. We get there around 12, i have made a packed lunch, so we get coffee and sit and eat. Get on the ferry and off we go! The ferry journey only takes a few minutes and we are there. When you get off you get a sense of the size of the place. It is pretty big. You also get a sense of how depressive it is too. We make our way up to the main ... read more
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Hugh has to work in the morning and so we chill for a bit, he moves the car at 11am because we only get 2 hours parking and we leave the apartment around 12.30 to go out, but we have not just one parking ticket but two! One for parking in residential overtime and one for parking on grades! What the hell is that. Ask the concierge and she says you can't just move the car round the corner, it has to be at least a block away, but no one knows what parking on grades is! I look up parking in the centre and find a parking place for $18 a day. Wasn't expecting that expense! We get lunch at a little jacket potato place and fill up on jacket with prawns and salad. Yummy! ... read more
2016-05 Golden Gate Bike ride (4)
2016-05 Golden Gate Bike ride (6)
2016-05 Golden Gate Bike ride (8)

So, after 2 days on the road, we finally get back in the car and drive from Monterey Bay to San Fran which is only a 2 hour drive now. We stop off at a fruit and veg place by the side of the road and I finally find where they sell all kinds of things! There is every kind of fruit and veg, as well as dried fruit too! We buy some dried mango and kiwi, just because! As well as some artichokes, sweetcorn, asparagus, kiwis, cherries, strawberries, almonds, avocado and some salad. Never thought I'd crave fresh fruit and veg so much! We devour the strawberries in seconds in the car and eat the avocado on the way too. Finally get to San Fran around 5pm, go to the apartment and book into the ... read more
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