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North America » United States » California » San Francisco November 15th 2015

Geo: 37.7792, -122.42I awoke decently exhausted the next day. Staying out late drinking and over cramming bodies into a hotel room with tiny beds just ain't what it used to be in your 20s. Paul and I decided we needed coffee STAT. Or we'd likely murder everyone. So we grabbed coffee while everyone else finished getting dressed and packed.We all walked over to a nearby placed called Dottie's. The line was as ridiculously long as the food was good. We'd tried to come here for breakfast after my bachelorette party a few years before but were immediately turned off by the long line. I'm glad we waited it out this time. =)After that, I begged everyone to make a quick trip to Twin Peaks with me. I wanted to play tourist. It was an incredibly windy ... read more
Waiting in Line, Goofing Around
Yasmin and Paul

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » North Beach November 14th 2015

My uncle, David Gschwind, lived in San Francisco for some 30 years or so. When the Joe DiMaggio playground in North Beach was being revamped in 2015 and accepting donations for donor tiles, I ordered one in his name to recognize the time he spent in the city. The first photo was taken when the playground officially reopened on 14 Nov 2015, while the remaining photos that show his specific tile were taken on 19 Dec 2015.... read more
Joe DiMaggio
View from Powell Street
David Gschwind's tile

North America » United States » California » San Francisco November 14th 2015

Geo: 37.7792, -122.42I guess I need to preface with, in our group of friends, I'm the hardcore planner. I end up planning most of our trips, not even because I have to. But because I LOVE to. I love planning group events and trips. I love having everyone together. We have fun whether it's a high class meal or super basic camping weekend.But THIS time, they planned everything. Most of their plans went awry due to restaurants bailing on the commitments but I was incredibly touched that they went through the hell and effort to organize a huge group overnight outing. They even planned a burlesque show by convincing the venue to do a show on a night they're normally closed!I must say my first Burlesque experience was fantastic. (Unfortunately, I was too drunk to remember ... read more
Drunkies Goofing Off
Group Selfie
Drunkies Goofing Off

We arrived in San Francisco late that evening, and got a cab to our hotel just off Union Square. After the relaxing, quiet atmosphere of Maui, it was nice to be in a bustling city again. We dropped our bags at Hotel Rex and headed straight to the hotel bar to grab a free glass of wine. Dave was up at the bar ordering, and the man behind the bar asked him where we were from. He said "Ireland". The guy said "I know. Where in Ireland? I'm from Howth". This was a different kettle of fish to Hawaii where Irish people are so exotic. In San Fran, we noticed every second person was Irish! After our drink we headed next door to Hogwash for some food. We had loads of different kinds of sausages and ... read more
Coit Tower
Transamerican Pyramid
Columbus Tower

North America » United States » California » San Francisco November 7th 2015

San Francisco We caught the BART from San Francisco airport to Powell Street. It was simple to find the BART station but the ticket buying machines were a bit confusing. We emerged from the station and it was super busy. It was a mile or so to our AirBnB place in Nob Hill so we decided to walk, which would be fine in a normal city but we didn’t realise how massive the hills are. We reached Nob Hill sweating and exhausted. We had a very exciting evening doing laundry. We felt very American doing laundry in a launderette with rows and rows of washers and dryers. I felt like Rachel from Friends. Then we walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf and had dinner at Bubba Gumps. We ate at Bubba Gumps when we were in Chicago ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco November 1st 2015

Our long flight took us over the Rocky Mountains, and with the advantage of a window seat and a clear day, we enjoyed miles and miles of this splendour. It was a magnificent sight. Our hotel, as planned, was well-appointed, allowing us to easily walk along the famous Fisherman's Wharf daily. It was delightful to walk off the flight during the afternoon and enjoy the entertainment and food that evening along the Wharf. Monday was as predicted, showery so we decided to investigate Union Square and a little retail therapy via the cable cars and street cars; great fun! Tuesday we took our tour over to Alcatraz via the ferry. This visit was sobering, chilling and incredible. The following day, we tour a day's guided tour of the city taking in Russian Hill, Nob Hill, Chinatown, ... read more
Pier 39
Pier 39
Pier 39

North America » United States » California » San Francisco October 12th 2015

We couldn't get a bed in San Fran so decided to go to Monterey Bay first as it wasn't too far out of the way. A cool hostel nicely located, and we get there in the afternoon and then head down to Cannery Row to explore. It's a quintessential fishing village (of old) with it's speak-easys and cheap restaurants and neon lights to attract the tourists, and we settle own in a bar where they have live blues/jazz music. The next day we have our complimentary breakfast – helllllllo stakcs of pancakes as high as me – and walk to the harbour with our new French friend we made, Valentine. We um and ar about doing a whale watching boat trip but figure we can do it on the way back through to LA, and just ... read more
Cannery Row, Monterey Bay
Santa Cruz Boardwalk

North America » United States » California » San Francisco » Mission October 2nd 2015

I took my students from my Culture of travel class to one my favorite Nicaraguan restaurants in San Francisco, CA. The food was delicious as always. After eating we went to Dolores park and had a great time. ... read more

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 30th 2015

Geo: 37.7792, -122.42It's finally here. The first day of a vacation we've planned for over a year. We are going to the South Pacific. For 47 days. Warm, clear water and 80 F temperatures. White sandy beaches stretching for miles and clear ocean water with 150' visibility. Who hasn't read "Robinson Crusoe" or "Mutiny on the Bounty"? Visions of pirates and island natives come to mind, brought to life from my childhood imagination. Now it becomes reality. Of course, I'm aware that things have changed in the last 200 years. Note the chart of our adventurous course in photo section and follow our progress. Of course, the Travelpod map mimics our movements throughout the Pacific as well as each entry's location.It starts at the crack of dawn, about 8am. Now I tried to get up earlier ... read more
Two Cat Smorgasbord.  Are You Kidding?
Did We Forget Anything?
OK. The Drinks Were My Idea.  You'll See.

North America » United States » California » San Francisco September 30th 2015

Geo: 37.7792, -122.42Today we set our alarm for 5:45am. I immediately took a shower, got dressed, and got a camera. Kamie joined me and we watched our boat slowly sail under the Golden Gate Bridge and into San Francisco. I've crossed the Golden Gate Bridge before (on a bus) and I was really impressed. Today, it was foggy and for some reason, it didn't seem so big and impressive. It was still neat to see the entire wharf – including the Ghirardelli Hotel (at over $1,000 per night for some rooms) and other iconic places from our balcony as we sailed into San Francisco today. We watched the boat dock in San Francisco and threw the rest of our items together and walked down to deck 1 to leave the boat. I was the first person ... read more
Golden Gate Bridge from our balcony
Cruising under the Golden Gate Bridge
Can you see the lighted Fisherman's Wharf sign?

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