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Today it was only a relatively short journey of 48 miles to San Francisco, so, as discussed at our meeting last night, we decided to take the scenic route and pick up Highway 1 and meander down the coast road. We were first to leave the site as we wanted to pick up yet more petrol and also some groceries, as we hadn't been shopping since leaving Las Vegas over a week ago. We had checked for the nearest Walmart on the internet so after picking up the fuel we headed there. Although it was a very large shop the food depart ent was quite poor, so we were only able to replenish a few items. Potatoes individually wrapped in plastic were a novelty to us. We then headed out to Highway 1 and started working ... read more
Red Rock at entrance to beach- no photos taken of beach!

We still haven't got used to the time difference, so it was another early start, for my son and I at least. We were up before dawn and headed across the Golden Gate Bridge to Battery Spencer for some night views and hopefully a sunrise. The view of the illuminated bridge was stunning despite the inevitable fog, but there was no chance of a sunrise. Definitely worth the early start though. When I got back to the hotel I thought I had better make it a priority to work out how to pay the bridge toll. There is apparently an auto-toll in the car, but after checking the Avis website that seems to be a total rip-off with a 'convenience fee' for every day of the rental, even if it was used just once. After a ... read more
Turd Ferguson
Aids Memorial Garden
Golden Gate Park View

Despite the late night, we were all up and ready to go excessively early as we were still on UK time. I even managed to fit in an early walk to the Oakland Bay Bridge before breakfast. After breakfast, it was off into San Francisco to explore. Our hotel was near Fisherman's Wharf which, despite the early hour, was starting to buzz with life. Lots of fish and bread to eat and the inevitable tourist tat shops full of "I ❤️ SF" t-shirts and the like. A few purchases were sadly unavoidable. We loved the sourdough sculptures in the window of one bakery. It was a hard, uphill walk to Lombard Street, or at least one small section of it, which is the "most crooked" street in the world. You can understand why it needs to ... read more
Coit Tower View
Sourdough Sculptures

To z założenia blog złożony z minutek kradzionych morfeuszowi. Dzieci i J śpią, odsypiają jetlag i chorobę, a ja spac nie moge bo środek dnia wd mojego zegara, no i jak tu spać na skrawku lozka 5 cm wygięta w chińskie rz, zeby rozpalonemu L było wygodnie. Dzien przed wyjazdem M dostala gorączki i wymiotowała, a dzis w nocy L cały jak piecyczek. Pytanie, czy to wirus i czy to ten sam wirus? Gdy 19 lat temu leciałam pierwszy raz do sf, samolot był overbooked i nie dostałyśmy sie na pokład. Tym razem słyszeliśmy, jak obsługa naziemna pyta, czy wyładować juz nasze bagaże, w sumie na pokład weszliśmy jako jedni z ostatnich, bo z lotami United jest jakas komplikacja i boarding mozna dopiero przy samolocie dostać, a ten z internetu drukowany ewentualnie wymienić. Tez był overbooking, ... read more

It's 3.30am. I'm sitting up in bed starving, not tired but looking out across to Oakland across SF Bay. So far we've ventured to the grocery store across the street! We'll try further afield today.... read more

Geo: 37.7792, -122.42Biking, walking, jogging, swimming, you name it and the local San Fran's are doing it. They really seem to appreciate their green space despite the congestion of urban life. So, it goes without saying that we will do as the locals and check out one of their biggest natural features. The largest urban park in the United States, Golden Gate Park. Alex and I marveled at Central Park in NYC last year, so we were not going to be surprised by a large park in the middle of the city, or were we? Being a Sunday, they close off some of the roads to cars to allow the people to enjoy their visit without the noise and traffic. Yes, this is a park so large, there are roads going through it. There were Botanical ... read more
Land's End
Little Italy

Geo: 37.7792, -122.42So far this has been somewhat of a laid back trip by our standards. I am writing my blogs in the morning which allows Alex time to get some additional sleep. Don't get me wrong, I still run the boy around quite a bit, but he has been hanging in strong. Yesterday we woke in our host Victor's place, gathered our things, then headed out with San Francisco on our radar. About a 45 minute drive, we entered the city. I kept seeing the Golden Gate bridge off in the distance while Alex screamed that is not it, the Golden Gate bridge is RED!!! Well that's kind of dumb, maybe the gates will at least be Golden. We navigated the city in what seemed like a giant circle due to all the one way ... read more
Sea Lions at Pier 39
Street performer
The Golden Gate Bridge - NOT!!

Off to Alcatraz! I was so excited for today, when booking my trip I was deciding whether to fly into LA or San Francisco and I thought that LA would be cheaper, but there wasn't really anything pulling me to visit there. When I found out the flights to San Francisco were the same price, it was a no-brainer. One of the reasons, I wanted to visit was to go to Alcatraz, when I was younger (a lot younger), a co-worker had been and had lent me a book written by one of the former prisoners, I can barely remember his life story now, but since then I've always wanted to visit. And after watching 'The Rock', one of my favourite films when I was a teenager/at uni. I had read online that you needed to ... read more
Approaching Alcatraz
Approaching Alcatraz
Approaching Alcatraz

I had arrived yesterday morning, but didn't really get up to much. Just had a chill day going to the supermarket, I was so excited by that, being able to buy cheese, deli meats, and hummus, that wouldn't cost the price of a kidney. I had also taken a walk along the beach and caught my first glimpses at the Golden Gate Bridge. However, back to today. I was staying in the Fort Mason area of San Francisco at a hostel. One thing about travelling in the US, I am not used to paying Western prices for hostel accommodation. At least breakfast is included in the price. The hostel has a cafe and the breakfast is served in there. There was quite a decent spread on and I got some fruit, juice, bagel and a coffee. ... read more
Fort Mason
Those Stairs
Steep Streets

Bonjour à tous. Ce soir je vous le donne en mille, mais je viens de mettre la clim en route , mais en version chauffage. Ce matin en partant de Berkeley, super beau temps, 19°, toit ouvert. Moins de 10 km après, je sorts de l'autoroute, pour enfiler un sweat, il ne fait plus que 14°, et de la journée ça ne va pas monter plus haut que 17. Je suis vraiment dans une grande ville américaine, des autoroutes de partout, des bretelles dans tous les sens, et tous les coins, et avec "gèremène" je ne suis pas le plus aidé. Ce qui fait que, je vais me retrouver, sur une voie à priori réservée, pour accéder au pont d'Oakland, je vais voir le péage à ma gauche, et moi je passe. J'ai probablement été filmé, ... read more
Golden Gata Bridge
The  Cable
Lombard Street

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