I think I've been traveling all my life, whether it was tagging along with my dad on business trips to Austin, Texas, numerous yearly (sometimes twice) camping trips to Yosemite, the occasional Disneyland trip, and all sorts of road trips. I loved hiking and exploring with my mom, and tried to pass that on to my younger siblings as they grew up. I ended up going further as I got older- an epic three month backpacking trip through Western Europe as a graduation gift to myself, trips to Japan, New Zealand and Fiji with friends, weekend trips across the country, camping anywhere I can and even learning to backpack the past couple years. I basically work to travel; mostly with my husband, often with friends, and now including our daughter more and more as she grows.

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"Free to walk the backtrails of heaven" - the bench at De la vega


North America » United States » California » Petrolia July 6th 2018

We all got up at the early hour of 7am so that we could be trekking by 8am to hit the the low tide hiking window at a good time. We didn't actually start until 8:30am but we still had plenty of time. We trekked along the grassy bluffs for a half mile, passed Sea Lion Gulch, started through tons if poison oak (it's all over this trail) and then I shed first blood. I was looking out to my right towards the sea lions, I think, and I missstepped down into a hole of roots instead of the trail. Down I went, and it was my left knee that kept me from going down the slope to my right. Just a good abrasion and bruising. Chris busted out the first aid kit and Joy gave ... read more
Rugged Beautiful Lost Coast
Scraped- Impassable Section in Background
First Blood!

North America » United States » California » Petrolia July 5th 2018

Chris and I got up about 5:30am to start the long drive, picking up three of our friends along the way to driving to Black Sands Beach trailhead in Shelter Cove- a good five hour drive all by itself. We only stopped in Willits for a brief lunch at a Mexican restaurant before getting more gas and continuing our drive. The other four people not in our car were also making good time. We arrived at the trailhead just in time for our 1:30pm shuttle with Lost Coast Adventures. The plan was to leave our cars here at the Black Sands trailhead, shuttle north, and then backpack the 26mi towards our cars over the next four days. The shuttle ride itself was a long, windy 2 hours across mountain roads- many dirt and strewn with rubble. ... read more
About to Start at Mattole Beach Trailhead
Crazy Dry Sand
Yay!  Wet Sand!

North America » United States » California » Guerneville April 14th 2018

Chris woke up and made me French Press coffee- absolutely romantic in my book. I wish he'd do this all the time! But rather than eat the food we already had sitting in our fridge, he really wanted to try breakfast at the Garden Grill around the corner. We got dressed, walked over and we weren't disappointed. We sat outside with our books and enjoyed the beautiful patio garden. I had delicious biscuits and gravy and Chris ordered some kind of breakfast sandwich. The waitress was super friendly and handed us maps of the area. I already knew where I wanted to head for the morning, though- Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve- just down the road. Honestly, this is one of the most accessibly beautiful redwoods we've encountered in California. Stout Grove in Crescent City is ... read more
Garden Grill
Biscuits, Gravy and Potatoes!
Chris' Sandwich

North America » United States » California » Guerneville April 13th 2018

I'm not gonna lie. I used to think Korbel was a basic champagne everyone buys for celebrations. Particularly brides like myself who were too busy studying in nursing school to actually develop any drinking and partying habits that might one day lead to me knowing anything about wine in my late 20s when I actually got married. I picked a champagne at random, and I'm pretty sure it was Korbel. So when hubby wanted to stop at Korbel for our birthday weekend I was slightly baffled but went with it. Turns out the grounds are lovely, the brick buildings are beautiful, the customer service spot-on and there's even a garden that's open late spring and summer (we missed it by a week). We started off by checking in where the free tours start. We had 30min ... read more
boon eat + drink
Korbel Old Train Station

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap January 10th 2018

Today we drove about an hour out of Siem Reap, past level golden fields, palm trees and many canals, to another small village. It was the coolest and easiest of the work days. Also, by now, we all knew each other, and we'd become efficient in our teamwork. This time we were set up at the family home of one of the translators. What was immediately different was the set up- the tables, chairs and decorations reminded me of one of the celebrations we were often driving past in town and in villages. Looking past the houses were the fields- and we were told not to venture from the road. It was not cleared of land mines. Sure enough, the neighbor was missing a leg from gathering her husband from that field- he's blind. Jacob realized ... read more
Shack Behind House
Field with Chickens
Using the Water Pump

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap January 9th 2018

Today our crew set up in a local school, and it was by far the hottest and most humid day! I was shocked at how much sweat the human body can produce. I was drenched half the day, and tried my best to stay as hydrated as possible (and eating salty snacks). And thank goodness for the krama (traditional scarf) our hotel owner gave us as gifts (we also got two from our food tour!). They have so many uses, and we primarily used them to wipe our faces and wrap our heads to stay cool! Not too mention they're just beautiful. It's amazing to see what their school conditions are like. I took a lot of pictures of the walls and the blackboard, covered in Khmer chalk words and vocabulary posters. Kids go to school ... read more
Just Arrived
Khmer on the Blackboard
Khmer on the Blackboard

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap January 8th 2018

We were ready for anything the first day. It was one thing they cautioned us over and over again- just be ready for anything. Good thing we've traveled so much, we're "go with the flow" kinda people. And actually, nothing overwhelming happened. As registered nurses, we chose where we worked and had the option to move from job to job from day to day if we were bored or wanted to try something else out. The funny thing is.. we're nurses. We preferred to learn one job and do a damn good job rather than jump around unless needed. So Chris worked in registration, the first part of triage. Every time I looked up that first day, he was surrounded by curious children. I ended up in Pharmacy. I loved Carol, our Pharmacist, and her meticulous ... read more
Headed to the Vans
Chris Doing Intake
Chris Doing Intake

Asia » Cambodia » North » Koh Ker January 7th 2018

Today was our last day of sightseeing on our own before the huge medical mission group finished arriving. Then we'd be working every day until the last day when we had a "cultural experience day" with the big group. We had a long two hour drive today out to Beng Mealea Jungle Temple and then Koh Ker. It should be noted, if you're going to Cambodia, there is distinct difference between hiring a guide and hiring a driver. Not knowing this ahead of time, and thinking why in the world would I pay so much extra, I booked a driver for today. It was a private tour so it was just me and Chris. What confused me further was when we found out that the driver IS a guide but he was just out of uniform. ... read more
Steamed Sticky Rice
Steamed Sticky Rice
Steamed Sticky Rice

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap January 6th 2018

Up even earlier our second full day in Cambodia, we decided to break up our temple tours with a morning guided countryside bike tour and afternoon guided lake tour. We caught a tuk tuk to our bike shop, met our guide, hopped on our bikes and set out. It was scary riding a bike through the crazy traffic but thankfully the bike shop was already near the edge of town so we didn't have to deal with it for very long before we hit dirt country roads. I was also grateful that we'd decided to do this tour in the morning considering how hot and humid Cambodia gets. The weather was actually pleasant. Also, it was some sort of holiday, so the temples were blasting music throughout the countryside- it was like listening to monks chant ... read more
Morning Air
Beautiful Morning

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap January 5th 2018

If I wasn't already amazed by this resort, the breakfast buffet was unlike anything I've ever seen for a free breakfast. There was food from all over the world, and I spent the next week trying everything. We ate outside under a fan. I was struck by the sounds- insects and birds, a constant musical backdrop in this country that reminded of the soundtrack in the Jungle Cruise in Disneyland (literally my only comparative experience). We had a little bit of time after breakfast and before our tour guide was to arrive to pick us up for the day so we wandered around outside taking photos of the pool area and exploring the various buildings. Apparently you can rent out entire villas. Also there were elephant sculptures, big and little, that spouted water, either to rinse ... read more
Pool Area
Random Room Possibly for Meditation
Pool Area

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