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September 4th 2017
Published: November 19th 2017
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Here is it, the last leg of our little trip to the US! In just over 6 weeks we have....drink few bottles of wine...but not only! So on a more serious note, we've driven 16,000km in our little Mustang, and gone across just 28 States. It was a first to the United States for Tanya. For me, I'm now counting a visit to 35 different States!

We landed in San Francisco, but did drive away after spending the first night by the airport. This time we return the car to the airport late afternoon. We stay the first night in a disgusting Four Points by the airport. Next would be way more fun...We spent one night at the Sheraton on Fisherman's Wharf, a night also at the Westin St Francis bang on Union Square, and our last night, back at the airport, this time at the decent Westin. Why move so much? Simple, it's Labor Day are packed...and by moving, we keep the rates to the basic lowest level possible. Trust me, San Francisco is not a cheap city!

So we got on the bus to the airport, than on the metro to downtown and we could check-in at our packed hotel at Fisherman's Wharf by 10am. We have a booking for 1pm to visit Alcatraz. They say summer can be warmer than winter in San Francisco. It's true, I've already been warmer here in February than in the middle of August. Today it's a little different....a heat wave has hit the bay Area....put it simple, these are the hottest temperatures in the last 100 years here. So some may be suffering, for us, it's just few more beautiful days! We are still below the 35c mark with that nice breeze!

Love Alcatraz...not my first visit, not my last I guess...but we were fortunate enough to be able to visit a building I never step foot in before. Point to note, don't forget to book ahead. I forgot to check...and 2 weeks ahead, it was fully booked....I than checked everyday....and 48 hours ahead of time, we could find our perfect schedule! To note, in September, the landing at Alcatraz hosts millions of flies....they are just all over the place, and it is actually pretty comical to see people getting bombed by those. Once you get up to the buildings, all those flies disappear.....good!

We took some more time to stock for home...who would think that we would buy here, pesto tortellini and salt flower from Guerande in France. It's a small world!

We purchased the 3 days pass for all public transports, including the famous cable cars. They have queues for them all over the place....but we can beat the queues and not wait two hours for a ride. Let put it simply, we did ride the cable cars a lot. This is so iconic San Francisco, and it is so fun!

Sadly for me, one of my prefer lunch place was not right for our schedule this time. I love the Swan Oyster Depot and have spent a small fortune here...but on Saturday we were at Alcatraz, on Sunday their are close...on Monday, public holiday this time...close again...on Tuesday....we have bubbles at the lounge in the airport...on our way back home!

This time, I finally made it to the Castro. This is the LGBT area per excellence....we walked a lot....had some fun crossing some seriously colorful characters. Next we walked through the Mission. This till the point we reached places we were no more comfortable with. This is the States, you have such wealth, and you walk ten minutes in a single direction, and you cross suddenly so much distress. Truly sad....

We actually took our time to get around...there was no rush, we had time. Like this one hour stop by the Embarcadero for a nice bottle of Spy Valley Sauvignon Blanc from NZ. We didn't see it all, but we saw and experience a some great food on the way too!

Point to note, I'm still 2 blogs late on my schedule. Our US trip was over some 2 months and a half ago.....but since there...we haven't been only home. I haven't only spent my time diving with dolphins and thousands of sharks....we've done way more!

So from Shanghai writing this, we hope you have enjoyed our little epic road trip...we did!

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19th November 2017

I did...
and am pleased you loved my country. Come back soon!
20th November 2017

Hi Bob!
We will be back in less than 2 months...for the 29th State for Tanya!

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