Diving Sodwana, cruising St Lucia and a little safari in Umfolozi-Hluhluwe

Published: December 20th 2017
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What happens when you stock nicely your pictures on a separate device and than go travel for a full month? Well, if you forget your device at home...not much, except that your next blog will have to wait for a while. This is exactly what I did, so I can finally now give you a blog of a little holidays, which happened some three months ago.

There is not only diving at home if you are in South Africa. Even if I have to admit, diving at home is better. There is also Sodwana at the top end of the South African coast, just before you reach Mozambique. So we went to explore. Sadly for us, it is the big week-end holidays, so the place is crowded and we could only dive "2 mile". The water is two degrees warmer than at home. This is a lot. Diving here is relax, with lot more macro. But lets put it simply. South African call this tropical diving. I agree with you this is a great place if you come from Joburg...but if as me you lived for 20 years in Asia, there is not a lot to speak about the place. Done it, not sure we will be back any time soon.

We stay at the Ogwini lodge in the tine village next to Sodwana Bay. It's actually rather a single strech of few lodges and restaurants. Decent, cheap and relax, that's a simple description.

Next, we are driving back South, to St Lucia. Here, it's safari on the water, not the ocean, but rather the inside lagoon for the highest concentration of hyppos in the world. You will get few birds and some serious sighting of crocs on top of it! But he you come to enjoy the hundreds of hyppos! Best time of the day, the last cruise that you'd better book few days in advance. Great benefit..the hyppos do go out of the water for a walk...a sight I didn't witness many time, even after having done well over tens of safari outings... The little town of St Lucia is actually well-known for having hyppos roaming at night into the streets and gardens...I'm not kidding!

We slept for two days in a basic Protea hotel just next to Hluhluw Nationl Park. This is the oldest national park in South Africa...no, all the animals are not old...kidding!

First planned day for our visit, it's pouring rain out there. No way we are visiting a park in such conditions, so we made it instead to Richards Bay for some Mall outings...no pictures here.

In South Africa, local do self-drive when it comes to safari. It's way cheaper, and roads can actually take any kind of small car pretty easily. We say a massive number of rhinos, but not a single lion. I don't remember the day I saw so many rhinos in a single day. The park is huge, and I guess we will come back at some point.

Enjoy the pictures. These were Tiffany school holidays. We did also receive the visit of my parents, so it was an opportunity to show them where we live.

Next...many weeks behind....and some more diving ahead...we are back home for the Christmas holidays...with friends visiting, but I should find some time to blog a little!

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23rd December 2017

South Africa seems to agree with you!
Another interesting blog with some great photos (eventually!). Pleased to see Tiffany and Tanya enjoying life with you too. What happened to Leslie - haven't seen him mentioned for a while?
23rd December 2017

Merry Christmas!
Leslie had become a heavy "gamer" 18 months ago...was not ok with me and he got aggressive. His Mum thought it was ok for him to keep playing...so he is now living with his Mum in Vietnam...home-schooling himself. We are still in contact, but let be honest...I have only partial news about him! Sad....but as his Mum and him seems to agree that gaming is more important than education, not a lot I can do!
23rd December 2017

Keep smiling throughout the year ahead!
I am so sad to hear your news. Leslie would have had such a privileged life with you and I am sure that, in years to come, he will look back on his lost opportunities with regret. However, I wish you and yours joy at this festive time and hope for better things in the coming year.
24th December 2017

Merry Christmas!
We are fortunate enough to choose the life we want...we don't need to risk our life to cross an ocean for "maybe" a better life. So therefore...the life we have, is the life we have designed ourselves. Trust me, on our couple side, 2017 was amazing year. For teenagers, they are in the process to understand...or not...that they too...have to grow to lead their own life...own challenges...and own joys!

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