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San Francisco Celebrating becoming 60 isn't all bad when you get a trip like we are about to embark on. 7 weeks of taking in all that the west coast of America and Canada can offer. This will probably be a long and rambling reminder for always have the delete key when you see us pop into your inbox! Unusually it started with us in fits of giggles in the queue for bag drop at Terminal 5 Heathrow, a grumpy old luggage porter brought 2 ladies up to the desk and wanted to check if their baggage was suitably sized for the cabin. He brings a black hold-all to the hand held luggage size checker and proceeds to push and shove this bag into the hold-all shape holder, mumbling to himself. Eventually he succeeds but ... read more
Cable car
SF city view

On 12th April Achim and I arrived in Anaheim, CA, for the 31st Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. I was really proud of myself since we had managed to get two posters and one symposium accepted, but don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details of the conference. Those who want to learn more can do so on our ScienceBlog.Of course we took the chance to explore the area. Since we were in Anaheim, we definitely needed to go to Disneyland. It was within walking distance and I did my morning runs in Downtown Disney (no admission required for this part of the resort). It is amazing how you dive straight into this world simply by the design of the street and by the m... read more
Disney California Adventure Park II
Disney California Adventure Park III
Disney California Adventure Park IV

Today I made a bycicle trip. I met the guide and five other participants at the bycicle shop. They came from Canada, England and Ireland. We rode through the streets of San Francisco. Our first stop was at the San Francisco Bay. Next stop was Fort Mason. We were just a small group so we get the VIP tour and walked through the Palace of Fine Arts instead of just taking pictures. It is an impressive building. You can book it for weddings it cost just 500 $ for two hours. On our way to Golden Gate Bridge we crossed Chrissy Field and stopped for photos. Cycling on the Golden Gate Bridge was a good feeling. The guide said: the next time you see a picture of the Bridge you can say 'I was there.'. On ... read more
Palace of Fine Arts

Just a quick up date about the first leg of our trip. We are in sunny California!!! It's a lovely 65 degrees here in San Francisco. Which I know all you Coloradans just want to hear. ;) In 2015 I spent a total of 4 months in San Francisco. The first time I landed here, after I got my bags, I looked up the closest In N Out. BOOM, there was one about 1.5 miles away. I had to sink my teeth into a juicy, animal style double double. Lets not forget, you have to wash it down with a strawberry shake. Every time I came to San Francisco after that, I'd grab my bags and go to In N Out. So you can bet what my first thought was upon arrival here at SFO. Calvin ... read more

Geo: 37.7792, -122.42... read more

The first thing we noticed as we arrived in San Francisco was this hills. Not natural green, rocky or brown hills but urban built up hills with roads and rows of tall houses clearly built on a slant. The first thing that dawned on us were that we were approaching these hills and therefore would have to drive on them. Hills are generally not a problem for us, but these were really steep and driving up and down them, stopping midpoint at the lights terrified us. Although the car was automatic (so rolling back down a hill wouldn't be an issue), we are still not used to non manual cars and so were reaching for the gear stick at each traffic light. After the nauseating drive up and down one way streets getting into our hostel ... read more
It took imagination, courage and determination to build this
Walking these corridors felt eerie
Prisoners of Alcatraz exhibition

North America » United States » California » San Francisco February 13th 2016

I couldn't believe it... she actually stamped on my foot. To the short, angry, obviously intoxicated... possibly stoned... woman at the back of the bus I was just another white face in the crowd, a stranger on the bus. We hadn't exchanged a single word. I hadn't made eye contact. I certainly had done nothing to provoke her wrath. I couldn't even tell you what she looked like. I'd been sitting for about ten minutes, shocked at the foul language and racial slurs shrilly emanating from an anonymous woman who I didn't have a clear view of at the back of the bus. When she stomped forward to "speak" to the bus driver, I had moved to let her pass. On the way back she said to me, "Get out of my way white boy!" and ... read more
On the San Andreas Fault
Butterfly and Flower
Golden Gate Bridge

North America » United States » California » San Francisco January 9th 2016

Geo: 37.7792, -122.42We started our day with the usual breakfast at Luques, followed by hopping onto the F Line tram to the Ferry Building Marketplace. On Saturdays, there is a big farmer's market here, which we wanted to see, along with the beautiful bay views. It was then lunch time so we headed back to the hotel and this time got to eat lunch at Luques. I had a grilled cheese and bacon and I have to say that the lunch was as good as the breakfasts there. We caught a cable car from outside the hotel to the Cable Car Museum. This was our first visit here. It is free to enter and well worth a visit. As well as the museum, this building is where the cables that run the whole system are. There ... read more
Inside the Ferry Building
A Cable Car Inside the Ferry Building
View of San Francisco from Top of the Mark

North America » United States » California » San Francisco January 8th 2016

Geo: 37.7792, -122.42Today was mainly spent walking! We caught the Cable Car with the intention of getting off at the top of the windy part of Lombard Street and walking down. Unfortunately for us, we got on the wrong car which dropped us at the bottom of Lombard Street. It is a very long, very steep walk back up to the top! Once we finally reached the top, we then proceeded to walk back down, stopping for photos along the way. Then we continued to walk, and walk, and walk until we reached Coit Tower. We had spent so much time walking there that unfortunately we didn't have time or go up as S & J and the boys had bookings for the night tour of Alcatraz later in the day and we had other things ... read more
Sea Lions at Pier 39
View from Pier 39
San Francisco at Dusk from The View San Francisco

North America » United States » California » San Francisco January 7th 2016

Geo: 37.7792, -122.42Today was the day for our private tour with Dylan's Tours. First was a wonderful full breakfast in Luques, the Chancellor's restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch. Our room rate included a $25 per room per day credit, that just about covered the bill.We were picked up smack on time by Andreas from Dylan's in a large comfortable van that sat all eight of us easily.Andreas was terrific, he had a great knowledge and obvious love of the city which he was happy to share. First he took us to the Mission District where we got out and spent half an hour or so wandering the streets taking photos of all the amazing street art. Luckily we had a beautiful sunny day, even though it was the middle of winter. We then drove through ... read more
View from Twin Peaks
Haight Ashbury
The Painted Ladies

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