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North America » Canada » Yukon » Watson Lake June 28th 2017

We made it to the Yukon Territory! 😀 Decided to leave the beauty of Muncho Lake after Don caught his fish. The limit is two and he figured since he hadn't had any luck from the shore and only caught one from the boat that we would mosey on down the road. Ended up in Watson Lake at the Downtown RV Park with all the other Caravans. This place had 80 sites and they were all full! We were packed in like sardines. It is nothing to look at as evidenced by the picture I took the morning after everyone left. Basically just a gravel parking lot but it has wifi, 50 amp, AND cable TV! Therefore this place is a 5 star🏆!! We got in early because we knew the caravans were headed here and ... read more
Gravel roads
More Bison crossing the bison crossing the road.

North America » Canada » Yukon » Dawson City June 23rd 2017

So leaving Fairbanks in a nice downpour got me some six hours later to Anchorage. Why oh why does it have to rain every day, not only does it rain but it’s cool as well. Sitting on the bike for 8 to 10 hrs a day makes you a bit stiff in the olde bones. But who am I to complain, nobody forced me to come here. My riding mate went up with another guy for a mad dash to the polar circle, I did not want to sit one the bike in pouring rain for 14 hrs just to have done that so I went to Anchorage, sort of started my way back to civilisation. Anchorage was hit by an earthquake of some magnitude who basically destroyed the place so it’s a modern city , ... read more
2017-06-18 13.30.52
2017-06-19 14.21.46
2017-06-20 12.55.00

North America » Canada » Yukon May 29th 2017

These mountains are undescribable! Such a scenic drive again today. Lots of road construction. They take such a beating over the winter. Stopped in at Yukon Brewery, we WILL be back!! Haines Junction is a quite quaint town nestled in the Kluane mountains. Tomorrow we reach Alaska! We have met so many nice interesting people along the way. So much fun!!... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon May 28th 2017

Our first night in the Yukon. It's so vast and beautiful. Stopped at Jade City-Lulugal-. Visited Watson Lake saw the sign Forest. WOW. Nice motel with lake and mountains view. Got up in the 80's today!... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon May 27th 2017

Woke up to the coldest morning yet (41) and , even worse, couldn't get a cup of coffee: NO electricity. Everyone ( except me) wanted to take a short (1/2 mile) hike through the rocky wooded area to Lake Kathleen. Grabbed 2 bear bells I ad bought for the grandkids (boy, will their parents love me! LOL) and merrily jingled my way down the rocky path. Took a picture ( though I still think Muncho Lake is prettier) and tromped back (up hill) to our RV. We then took off to Tok, another highly populated area (1,435). But, in the meantime, the towns ( I guess you'd call them towns ) posted even more phenomenal numbers. We passed through Haines Junction (824); Destruction Bay (55); Burwash Landing. (84) and Beaver Creek, (112). ( I wonder what ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Watson Lake May 26th 2017

Up at the usual ungodly 5:30 am hour with the sunset at 10:30 PM & sunrise at 4:37 AM temperature 42° and brief shower in the morning, try to work on blog but no Internet. Hit the road at 8 AM for our plant 327 mile day. Pretty boring ride with unending white spruce and lodgepole pine trees along The road, as they are the two principal trees of Yukon Territory with white spruce the most common. At the 55 mile point from Westlake, we hit 13 km of road construction resulting in 25 mph speed. Views of George's and Cassier mountains along the way. We came upon Teslin Lake which straddles the British Colombia and Yukon Territory borders; it is 86 miles long, average is 2 miles across and has an average depth of ... read more
Tagish Lake
Coast Mountains
Tagish Lake

North America » Canada » Yukon » Beaver Creek City May 25th 2017

Awoke to a rather chilly morning in Teslin, Yukon. Skies are clear, however, and no rain is in the forcast, so that's all good. There was only a wifi hotspot on the porch of the general store, so I went up this morning with my coffee, and published yesterday's blog. Sometimes it's a real hassle getting these things out, especially if it's been a long day and internet is not available at the site. Leaving Teslin, we motored up the east side of Teslin Lake, which is quite the sight. It straddles the BC-YT border, and is 86 miles long, over 2 miles across and averages 194 ft deep. Heading north and west, we passed through Johnson's Crossing and Jake's corner on the way to Whitehorse. Jake's corner is the turnoff we took two years ago ... read more
Home for the night
Teslin Lake
Teslin Lake

North America » Canada » Yukon » Watson Lake May 24th 2017

After a superb dinner at the Lodge’s restaurant, and a very restful sleep, we woke up to a monsoon going on outside our RV. To say we were disappointed is an understatement, as this next stretch of the Cassier Highway is known as the most scenic. We were hopeful that the weather would clear as we headed north. Ray and John unfortunately had the outside jobs of disconnecting everything and trudging off to get rid of the garbage. The plus side was they didn’t need to clean the windshield of bugs this morning. We decided to see how far up towards the Al-Can (Alaska-Canadian Highway) we could get today, and hopefully find an RV park that had internet. As we drove along, we had glimpses of what was hiding behind the clouds and rain, but did ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Dawson City October 31st 2016

Some pictures from fall. this wasn't all that long ago and there has been a real change in the season. only a few weeks ago it was fall here in Dawson City, now its more like winter with snow and ice and -20 degree weather on a regular basis ... wish me luck on my long winter ahead.... read more
tombstone in the fall
tombstone in the fall
tombstone in the fall

North America » Canada » Yukon » Kluane National Park September 23rd 2016

So I have been back for over a week and still collecting thoughts and photos to finish this trip blog up. Here goes, but trust me, there is no way words or even pictures capture the expanse of this place. We took off on a Friday afternoon to get to Kluane National Park in the Yukon. Just so you do not think that all the weather was great while I was there, here is a shot of Lara and I at the Alaska/Canada boarder in a driving snow storm that was ripping through the White Pass as we drove through. Of course, given the way weather changes there, by the time we reached White Horse the clouds had broken. We stopped in at Denny's favorite place to eat, Big Bear Donair and had several Donairs....which are ... read more
Eat up

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