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North America » Canada » Yukon » Haines Junction July 10th 2016

Left Watson Lake. Very small town and everything in town closes down at 8 pm. Went to ck in to a very unique hotel which I will explain but since it was 7:45 pm the owner asked me if I had eaten yet, and since I had not told me we better go quick. Went to the only restaurant in town, Kathy's Kitchen and awesome home cooking. So good in fact we went back the next morning for breakfast The hotel, Air Force Lodge was an old air force barracks that was remodeled. Room had 2 single beds and that was the room. Down the hall was the mens shower room and next door was the mens rest room. Here is the info and history Very cool place and we met awesome people from all ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Carcross July 9th 2016

Hi All I want to let everyone know that I'm traveling on a cruise to Alaska this summer! Sorry I couldn't get into this too much since i've been vey busy. But now because it's summer, just catching up my travel blogs which I have to make this continously since I"m giong to be traveling 100 yrs! I travel til my death! Yup! Exciting and thrilling to travel! So I will be going to Alaska Cruise on Princess. Check out the Princess one. I will also put up my cruise lines since I"m like such a cruise expert! Pretty cool. So stay tune! Also, I'm going to the Yukon, NWT,etc! Wahoo! img= ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon June 10th 2016

Today we drove down the Klondike Highway to rejoin the Alaska Highway as we continued south and east to saunter toward home. We passed rivers and lakes, forest and hills as well as more vehicles than we had been seeing further north. We also discovered another possible oddity with the camper. At first it seemed as though our black tank was filling unusually quickly, but now we think that our toilet sometimes does not drain as well as it should. We hope that it continues to work well enough to make it home without a major misshap. In the campground where we stayed for the night we noticed an impressive row of Canadream rental class Cs and a less impressive group of teardrop campers. We did get to the campground early enough for the boys to ... read more
Tundra Swans, Perhaps?
River or Lake?

North America » Canada » Yukon June 9th 2016

Today, we drove to Dawson City. It was an old town that had a lot of old relics and was weird. We went through customs and across a very small, tiny river or stream. ***Mom's note: It was the Yukon River, not tiny or small.*** We went into a small museum that had cool, boring, amazing, weird, freaky objects. ***Mom's note: I asked him to write 100 words. We were in the visitor center about two minutes. The rest of our time in Dawson City was spent eating at Klondike Kate's and wandering the town looking for geocaches. We also went out to Discovery Claim National Historic Site, where the first gold claim in the area was made, as well as to see Dredge #4, the world's largest dredge of this type.*** Just to let you ... read more
Fire Remnants
View from the Taylor
Title Required - More of the Same

North America » Canada » Yukon » Haines Junction June 5th 2016

It is safe to say that Yukon was, and still everyday is, one hell of a surprise for me. I don’t really know what I was expecting; anyway my hopes fell short. Larger than life is not a false statement. Maybe it’s the people. Having a smaller population, recluse, but not entirely of the crazy ‘civilized’ world might explain some aspects of it. For the seasons and the ecosystems are so much more capricious here than anywhere else I have seen, the people have learn to respect them more. Being aware of the energy it takes to produce quality, in food as in music, coffee and everything is a normal thing. Everything is of astonishing quality; everything that is local, anyway. Also I have never seen such a big concentration of outdoor enthusiasts. They run, half ... read more
My camping skills are getting better.
Or more sun makes happier people?

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse May 31st 2016

Today, we went to some very cool places, as in a museum, a dam and a historical boat. We started out today with me waking up late, but we still got going on time. First, we stopped at Miles Canyon in Whitehorse for a walk to find a cache. It was a bit scary because (1) it was very steep and usually either went right off the trail and into the water off a cliff, or a short woodland area separated from the cliff and river, and 2, a sign said the river had a very strong undertow and current. Then we found some caches, and then went to Beringia Interpretive Centre, an ice age museum on the ancient animals of Beringia. When you walk in there is a giant woolly mammoth skeleton along with a ... read more
A Walk Through the Woods
Miles Canyon
Robert Lowe Bridge

North America » Canada » Yukon » Haines Junction May 24th 2016

We woke up to another nice blue sky morning. Today is supposed to be in the mid 60s. Since the local restaurant was closed for the holiday, we had breakfast in our units and pulled out of Watson Lake at 8:15. Incidentally Watson Lake with the population of 1,700 is the second largest town in the Yukon. Whitehorse,the capital and where we are heading today is just 25,000. The total population of the Yukon Territory is only 36,000. So….lots of elbow room. The drive to Whitehorse was rather mundane as the scenery did not compare to what we have been seeing. This stretch of the Alaskan highway is so remote that the infrequent approaching car waves. Although, another black bear just lumbered across the highway in front of us--they're really amazing! Interestingly, we have not seen ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Dawson City May 23rd 2016

Beginning odometer reading: 2,426 On our way to the Yukon! Departure time is 8:15. First photo stop at Summit Lake, which is the highest point on the Alaska Highway. Another beautiful shade of blue. The water certainly felt cold to the touch, but not frigid. We have seen snow piles along the roadside. Heading toward Toad River. The lodge there boasts a collection of over 8000 hats from all over the world, nailed to the walls and ceiling. We filled up with gas here and were shocked that it cost $1.32/liter - that's equivalent to $5.00/gallon. We then converted the Canadian amount to the US dollar. But, YIKES!! It's a whole lot of money to fill a 55 gallon tank! Next stop... Muncho Lake ("big lake" in the Kaska language). The rest area overlooking the lake ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Watson Lake May 20th 2016

When we left Dawson Creek I said to Michelle, "I think we will begin to see some real wilderness on this leg". Well that lasted for about 45 minutes until we made Ft. St John, a pretty big city and the trucking capitol of Western Canada. They even had a Walmart. Past that oh, it really gets lonely. After following the rivers and valley on our first leg we were on the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains where there are mostly rolling hills and forest to the north and plains to the east, mountains to the west. We made good time over the smaller hills looking for bears and moose while listening to satellite radio and eating road goodies. It’s a pretty drive but we were disappointed, we still haven’t seen a moose. Michelle said ... read more
Would like to say that it wasn't as bad as it looks...but it was.
Yes, we went over that, the highest point on the Alaska Highway, in the snow
Through the Northern Rockys, that's our road down there

North America » Canada » Yukon » Watson Lake May 10th 2016

Day: 23/24 Distance: 8224 Well yesterday was dedicated a driving day. I had already been on this stretch of the highway so the goal was to get as close to BC as feasible. I got to Watson Lake which was my original destination at around 10:30PM (it was a long day though I did lose an hour leaving Alaska). I'm not sure why I said that this streach was just full of trees and implied it was rather boring because I was mistaken. I must have been talking about leaving Dawson Creek going west on the Alaskan Highway (also referred as Alcan Highway) when I wrote that opinion. In fact, the drive was very beautiful with large lakes, majestic mountains and lots of lots of rain. I'm also not sure how I forgot that portions of ... read more
Some city next to some river on the Alcan Highway
A porcupine

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