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July 27th 2016
Published: July 27th 2016
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Miles CanyonMiles CanyonMiles Canyon

Getting back to basics to help Em train was really interesting. Brought back some memories of myself last year, trying to figure things out. Also made me realize that I have gotten wayyy stronger already. Miles Canyon is just out of town and the road to get there offers sweet climbs and views. We got lost on the trails and Em had to deal with that feeling for the first time; being lost and exhausted. We talked about it and that was one of those moment I noticed that I have grown a lot.
Comme un fou – Harmonium
I had not taken everything in consideration when I babbled with Em about her meeting me in Whitehorse and eventually leaving with me on my next adventure. We got so excited after bonding so strongly back in Banff that we forgot a lot of things. Of course in the discussion came bike training, gear shopping and fund raising. We knew that some days would be heavier on our friendship and some others would make it all worth it.
But had I plan to open my eyes and completely (finally) morph into a responsible adult? Nope.

I’ve been careless and adventurous. For the last year or so I have simply given up on society and decided to establish my own rules for my little world. Using some tools that were provided and looking up with shining eyes to the unravelling universe that travelling gave me. But have I learned? Barely. See, lack of focus or care does weight on learnings, no matter how much you write about them or tell yourself “you’ll never get fouled again”! I know I have seen and said a lot of things that show how much I have changed, but in
Clay Cliffs, Whitehorse Clay Cliffs, Whitehorse Clay Cliffs, Whitehorse

Whitehorse did not impress me. I found it grey and ugly, but small enough that as soon as you get out you find breathtaking beauty. You just have to get out of there as much as you can, like we did. Sweet biking with all kinds of natural wonders await you. And the Clay Cliffs are the best spot to gaze at te sunset and drink some cold ones.
the last few weeks, I started understanding many more.
I find myself voicing my concern and discussing interrogations.
Being so alike as we are, we share and oppose on most matters. With open hearts and accepting minds we will listen and care for the other, placing our self in perspective. Where I would usually simply have gotten frustrated and moved on to other things, or accepted something as out of my reach or understanding, I now find a partner to resonate my thoughts and hear my concerns. There is no shame in feelings and no wrong questions; only and solely ego.
I find myself drawing maps and building lists for any small project. Since I am not alone in them and communication is the key to any happy ending story. Everything gains in depths and all small task grows into an adventure when you put enough though into it. Where I would usually have only relied on my poor memory and a vague idea of the result desired, I now have in mind a clear foundation where to build a smartly laid plan. Understanding each little step and putting though in every detail.
I find myself sane. In a way.
Emerald lake, on the way to CarcrossEmerald lake, on the way to CarcrossEmerald lake, on the way to Carcross

Trainning went well, even though we work too much to actually push it. The feeling I had when I first set foot on the beach in Carcross in June was right: too beautiful to keep secret, I had to share it with someone. It filled my heart with joy to hear Em voice her amazement at the place. At sunset, with the mountains taking our minds elsewhere and the fresh water soothing our tired legs after a sweet little riding day; no place like Carcross.
Because emotions need to be discussed. Having always been interested in the health of the mind and the mental balance, I have known the importance of open talk about feelings and the rational way of uprooting problems. You think you are balanced yourself by helping others get to that understanding and overlook your own bursts of nonsense. We have become skilled in approaching each other in the best way possible to talk about metaphysical matters. The good ones, the bad ones and the ugly ones. We also enlighten all the beautiful ones whenever we perceive them.
Am I happier? Not truly; I have been aggressively happy since I have taken on the road, safe for the last months in Banff where I have lost myself. But am I Better? Yes.
Being alone for a long period had me rethink relationships and the way I saw them. There is a never ending fountain of growth streaming from friendships and unbound love. To simply feel and give yourself to the moment and the exchange is freeing. I knew I would meet myself on the way and learn to know me. I knew I would meet souls on the way that would teach
Heartbreak hill, WhitehorseHeartbreak hill, WhitehorseHeartbreak hill, Whitehorse

The fun thing about that city that might bring me back is that everything is so open and near. They have a sweet bakery (Alpine) and good values floating around.
me and define the world around me. I knew my boundaries would crumble and the world would open up to me.
Did I expect to tag along someone else’s life, at least for a little while and better myself from it?
Not really.
But here we are. And for “we” I do not mean me and all the little voices in my head. I am talking of a team of young experimenting adventure seekers.
The plan for August is laid and taking form. It is exciting; I am restless. Not only do I miss touring, but I also am so curious about the way things will go. Not all the elements are to my taste, to be honest, and a lot still needs to be tried to be fully grasped. But it is happening.
We will be leaving Whitehorse on August 6th and taking on the Cassiar highway 4-5 days after, biking it all the way down to Kitwanga. I would like for us to side-track to Stewart for a day or two, but we will see if time allows it. We will then take highway 16 all the way West, aiming for Prince Rupert where we will get on the Ferry to Haida Gwaii. Obsessed by this island, we will not set a time limit for that adventure, but should eventually get back on the road and ride on the Highway 16 all the way to Jasper and finally cross the Icefields until we reach Banff.
The Rockies are calling but we both agree on this: Yukon still has a lot to show and Alaska is all but forgotten. We will come back, more prepared and ready for its wilderness. There is no way I will keep the feeling of the view of the North-West wilderness all to myself.
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28th July 2016

Finding Nemo
Comme le disait si bien Lennon : Life is what happen when you're busy making othe plans ... Continue d'être heureuse.
28th July 2016
Heartbreak hill, Whitehorse

Inspirant comme toujours
Bonjour ma belle Hélène, te lire est toujours aussi inspirant. Tu écris tellement bien. Je me retrouve aussi dans ce que tu écris, on a souvent l'impression d'avoir appris bien des choses pour se rendre compte qu'on répète encore les vieux plis malgré ces apprentissages. Aussi quand tu écris que de partir seule versus partir à 2, tu dois VRAIMENT planifier davantage surtout si tu veux faire accrocher l'autre à ce genre d'aventure. M'man XX

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