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North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse October 13th 2022

Welcome back to Marilyn’s Journey, the blog I started in 2013 when I was travelling during a leave of absence from work. I’ve since retired (in December 2021) and the Yukon photography trip was a retirement / birthday present to myself after other travel plans were derailed because of Covid earlier this year. It was a busy few days in mid-September, roaming in the southern Yukon with Neil Zeller, a Calgary-based photographer (Neil Zeller Photography ( I initially met Neil a few years ago when he offered a class on how to shoot fireworks at Globalfest and have followed his work and taken a couple of classes and local tours with him since. Six fellow photo enthusiasts and I met at the Calgary airport for the flight to Whitehorse on the evening of September 10 to ... read more
Carcross Desert
House Decoration in Carcross
Train Bridge at Carcross

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse June 21st 2019

Du thuyen den day luc 8AM. Toi di xuong pho va muon di lay xe da dat san. Toi lay di tren Alaska highway nhu lan den day 6-2018. Tuy nhien lan nay toi di den thu do cua Whitehorse cua Yukon, Canada, cach Skagway 110Miles mat 2Hrs45’. Tren duong di toi ghe qua Suspension Bridge vi lan truoc toi den tre va ho dong cua. Suspension bridge bat ngang song dai 200ft rat dep. Sau do toi lai xe den Carcross va cuoi cung la Whitehorse. Thu do Whitehorse khong co gi dac biet de xem ma chi co ho dep.... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse February 28th 2019

It’s easy to forget what your own country has to offer. As the end of 2018 was approaching, you start to look back at your year and you start to think about what you have accomplished. How many of those so-called “New Year Goals” have you realized in the last few months? The approach of a new year always gives you that extra push to accomplish even more of that 2018 list. Plus, how exciting is it to tick off a list and start a new one? At the beginning of 2018, I had given myself the goal to explore all of Canada’s provinces and territories. I want to see more of my own country. There are no deadlines, no starting point really. But how about the Northern Territories? Whitehorse, Yukon img= It was early November ... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Dempster Highway August 15th 2018

DAY 11 – 360 KM – WHITEHORSE TO MOOSE CREEK CAMPGOUND, STEWART CROSSING We were all up early, hitched up and out of the park before 9:30AM. The day is a little cooler and cloudier than we’ve become used to but so far, the predicted rain has not begun. Today’s route took a right turn soon out of Whitehorse, north onto Highway 2, the North Klondike Highway . Our scenery throughout the day was along rivers and lakes surrounded by thick forests across rolling mountain tops, while we drove along a bit of a rollercoaster highway. Our first stop was at the information and viewing site for the Fox Lake wildfire site near Little Fox Lake. This huge fire in 1998 was started from a campfire that was not extinguished. It burned through the fa... read more
Five Fingers Rapids
Tintana Trench
View of Dawson City from top of The Dome

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse July 28th 2018

These narrows on the Yukon River look tame after the installation of two dams. But in the 1890s they were impassible and stymied gold seekers trying to reach Whitehorse to journey on Dawson City. It’s in the 80s and the group is stressing the parks power grid. Some parks have their own generators-there’s no public power available. The views while driving are expansive.... read more

North America » Canada » Yukon » Dawson City January 11th 2018

Here are some of my favourite pics all taken in 2017 hopefully I’ll have a real update for you soon :)... read more
Tombstone visiting this area
Self portrait in the fall on the 9th ave trail in Dawson city yt
just another smashed windshield of the yukon.

North America » Canada » Yukon July 26th 2017

Started heading back and had to go through the Yukon AGAIN so I thought I would take pictures this time to show you some of the road. Now mind you this is just a snippet of how some of the road is but you will at least get the picture of what it is like. Enjoy the show! ???... read more
The dreaded frost heaves!
More gravel.......
oh wait, more gravel and pot holes......

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse July 22nd 2017

Bonjour à tous, Si vous êtes accro au téléphone portable, si vous n'aimez pas la nature, si vous n'êtes que citatin, si vous n'aimez pas le vert, surtout ne venez pas dans la région. Sur les 540km d'aujourd'hui, je n'ai eu seulement environ 2 km de réseau téléphonique. Un bon entendeur........ Pour ce qui est de mon hôtel hier au soir, beaucoup de cachet à l'extérieur, mais les chambres confortables, pour un moine en pénitence, difficile de faire plus simple et rustique. Par contre le prix lui est une pénitence, mais pour Dawson, c'est quasiment le plus abordable. Regarderez les photos. Hier au soir, il était tôt, je voulais aller boire un bière, dans un saloon, de type début 1900, avec danseuses de Cancan. Je me suis rendu compte devant la saloon, que je n'avais que ... read more
sur le Yukon
Five Finger Rapids
la chambre

North America » Canada » Yukon » Watson Lake July 22nd 2017

Bonjour à tous, Une journée bien longue, malgré un kilométrage moyen. (pour moi) A la différence d'hier le revêtement de la route est parfait, les montagnes sont légèrement plus hautes, j'aperçois même de temps à autre la neige. A la sortie de Whitehorse, je vais longer 2 grands lacs, le Marsh et l'Atlin, qui sont superbes, avec la lumière tamisé du matin. Le ciel est légèrement voilé. Ce n'est que pour les yeux, d'ailleurs pour une grande partie de la journée, pas pour les photos. Ce samedi matin je quitte Whitehorse, à 8h complètement endormi. Je veux arriver pas trop tard à Watson Lake, car je n'ai pas pu réserver d'hôtel, et pour y avoir déjà couché 2 fois, et je sais par expérience que c'est un noeud routier important, et qu'il y a relativement peu ... read more
Watson Lake centre
Teslin River
Belle vue même avec les fils

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