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Welcome to my travel blog!

My husband Jeff and I waited six years after getting married before taking a vacation. It might have had something to do with being poor graduate students, or perhaps that we drove a 1991 Geo Metro. Anyway, we've tried to make up for it since. By the end of August 2008, he and I had been in the 48 contiguous states, as well as Hawaii. Along the way, we added Liam (2004) and Cole (2006), who had seen 47 and 46 states, respectively, by the end of October 2008.

Eventually, we hope to travel outside of the United States. While we adore Canada, it barely counts as another country when you live in Minnesota. For now, we're happy seeing as much as we possibly can while still being able to drive there (it's a Jeff thing).

North America » Canada » Manitoba June 16th 2016

Today we went to the Assiniboine Zoo. We strolled around the zoo and saw some very cool animals, such as lynx, a tiger, goats, and polar bears. The place was nice. We went through all the exibits and saw everything. I really liked the Polar Bears. Their were two bear cubs and I saw three adult polar bears. We ate lunch at the zoo and looked at more cool animals, and then we went into a limited time anamatronic dinosaur thing. It was pretty cool but they had the same exact thing at the Minnesota zoo once, so I had seen most of it before, but they had these Chinese dinosuars that were new and amazing. Did you know that there's like a pit in China that has hundreds of dinosuar bones in it? I certainly ... read more
Gray Owl
Gray Wolf
Polar Bears

North America » Canada » Alberta June 15th 2016

Today was a travel day. We started from Swift Current, Saskatchewan and made it to Winnipeg, Manitoba without much drama, action or pictures taken. The biggest struggle was the wind and the greatest comedy was when the GPS repeatedly alerted us to a sharp turn ahead and as the picture indicates, there was not a turn in sight. The wind did make it interesting and prompted us to take it fairly slowly. Cole looked at the GPS at one point when he wanted to see how far along we were and he told me the speed limit was 68 so I should speed up. I explained that with the wind I was more comfortable around 63. I think I started to work through the math with him on how much difference it made in our time ... read more
Window Washer
Hell's Angels

North America » Canada » Alberta June 14th 2016

I woke up and we unhooked the Jeep from the RV and split up. Me and Mom went with the Jeep and Dad and Liam went with the RV. Me and Mom went geocaching and Dad and Liam went to meet us at a dinosaur museum in Alberta. We went in and started in an artificial forest and saw Albertosaurus and Triceratops and some smaller dinos. I went a little fast, then we saw water dinos and then we went through some kind of time portal, then we went to the cafe and then we split up again. Me and Mom took the Jeep again and Liam and Dad took the RV. Me and Mom went to find more earth geocaches and hoodoos and went to mines. ***Mom's note: The museum was the Royal Tyrrell Museum ... read more
Wary Cow
Little Church
Prairie Dog

North America » Canada » British Columbia June 12th 2016

After a very long day yesterday and because the wind was terrible, we decided to make today a short day. We parked alongside the Liard Highway last night, drove the Alaska Highway until it's beginning, and then continued to Grande Prairie. By then, Jeff was so tense that we decided to call it a night. We found a great campground--Rotary RV Park. It had great wi-fi and was next to a lake. We found a few geocaches and had dinner at The Canadian Brewhouse, where there was great food and game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals. What could be better?... read more
No Shoulder!
Beer and Hockey

North America » Canada » British Columbia June 11th 2016

The Northwest Territories are what remains of the entire north of Canada after Yukon and Nunavut were split off in the late 19th and late 20th centuries. We did not visit on our last trip to Alaska, but made it a point to plan a portion of our trip here this time. First, we had to make it down a large portion of the Alaska Highway, back the way we came. We were fortunate this time to have basically no snow on the ground, beautiful blue skies, and animals galore. I was going to call this page "Bison, Bears and Bees," but it became so much more than that! Yes, we saw bison, including babies and one rolling around in what appeared to be his favorite sandyspot. Yes, we saw bears. There were plenty of bees. ... read more
Muncho Lake
Fort Nelson River
Hyland River

North America » Canada » Yukon June 10th 2016

Today we drove down the Klondike Highway to rejoin the Alaska Highway as we continued south and east to saunter toward home. We passed rivers and lakes, forest and hills as well as more vehicles than we had been seeing further north. We also discovered another possible oddity with the camper. At first it seemed as though our black tank was filling unusually quickly, but now we think that our toilet sometimes does not drain as well as it should. We hope that it continues to work well enough to make it home without a major misshap. In the campground where we stayed for the night we noticed an impressive row of Canadream rental class Cs and a less impressive group of teardrop campers. We did get to the campground early enough for the boys to ... read more
Tundra Swans, Perhaps?
River or Lake?

North America » Canada » Yukon June 9th 2016

Today, we drove to Dawson City. It was an old town that had a lot of old relics and was weird. We went through customs and across a very small, tiny river or stream. ***Mom's note: It was the Yukon River, not tiny or small.*** We went into a small museum that had cool, boring, amazing, weird, freaky objects. ***Mom's note: I asked him to write 100 words. We were in the visitor center about two minutes. The rest of our time in Dawson City was spent eating at Klondike Kate's and wandering the town looking for geocaches. We also went out to Discovery Claim National Historic Site, where the first gold claim in the area was made, as well as to see Dredge #4, the world's largest dredge of this type.*** Just to let you ... read more
Fire Remnants
View from the Taylor
Title Required - More of the Same

North America » United States » Alaska June 8th 2016

Now that our Dalton Highway adventure is over, we are technically headed home. We're going to meander a bit, up into the Northwest Territories via a few other bumpy roads, but it's on our way. We decided to have a somewhat calm day today, only driving from Fairbanks to Tok. The highlights were watching fighter jets near Eielson Air Force Base, more animals and, of course, Lakota at Sourdough Campground.... read more
Fighter Jet
Now That's a Mosquito!

North America » United States » Alaska June 7th 2016

After driving up the Dalton, we had to drive back down. I took a photo every 20 minutes or so. The absolute highlight was seeing muskoxen! We had been told by St. Louis and a construction worker that they were around, but never expected to see them. We did! We did not lose a tire or have any major issues, but the alignment is going to need to be checked, as are the brakes. Jeff washed the Jeep three times and still didn't get it clean. Yikes!... read more

North America » United States » Alaska June 6th 2016

Today, we drove the northern half of the Dalton Highway. After a quick breakfast of sourdough pancakes and scrambled eggs, again courtesy of the fabulous Uta, we got on the road. One of the workers at Coldfoot said it was a 7 hour drive and we needed to be to Deadhorse by 3:30. As it turned out, the weather was fabulous, the road was probably as good as it ever gets, and we made it in about six. It helped that we were in Wiseman, not Coldfoot. It also probably helped that we have Emmett (the Jeep). "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads." We were very fortunate on the way up to see a moose unbothered by our attention. We took the coolest moose picture we've taken yet. We saw lots of different birds ... read more
Aurora Cabin
Wiseman Post Office

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