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31st May 2016

Its a Magpie...
You (and your Family) have seen a Magpie... Its in the Crow family... Common in the Western States.
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29th May 2016

Cool Bird
The cool bird photo you posted is of a Black-billed Magpie. 😊
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1st June 2016

That's what I guessed it as the next day after I looked at the bird book. Thanks, Joel.
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22nd July 2014
Black Oystercatcher

Crested Auklet? ... no
Not a Crested Auklet ... it is an American Black Oystercatcher
27th June 2013
ID, Anyone?

ID of blue, gray, and white bird
It is a "Western Scrub Jay".
26th June 2013

I just looked up "geocacheing"...
as your blogs had mentioned this several times and I had never heard of it. Sound interesting, but I don't have a smart phone.
26th June 2013

A GPSr works, too.
We started geocaching in Minnesota's state parks, which actively encourage it, and loan out GPSrs for people to try it. It gets us outside and brings us to interesting places.
26th June 2013

Cruisers are a different breed of traveler...
if you can call them that. We only cruise where it is difficult to see any other way...Alaska Inside Passage and the South Pacific islands. We will likely do the Caribbean, but only to achieve my goal of traveling to 100 countries...your cruise went to four countries...I'm at 74. Anyway, London is a perfect destination for a real out of country experience...not too different, but full of everything. It was one of our favorite destinations when we lived in Europe...Rome being #1. Go for it!
21st June 2013

Hey, you passed right by where we live...
Woodland Park, CO, just 15 miles east of Florrisant Fossil Beds...which reminds me, I just missed the Grand Opening of their new visitor center last weekend...rats! Stop by the next time you pass through. By the way I spent a very pleasant summer in northern Minnesota in 1971 and then a camping trip that included Bear Head State Park just west of Ely in 2001.
25th June 2013

Not Sure When
Our trip to the four corners in 2011 was fantastic and we would love to go back. Of course, there are so many places we would love to go back to, and I won't be retired for at least another 20 years.
21st June 2013

We've been to Alaska twice, but never driven there...
besides the long drive, I've been concerned about the road conditions. Do you have any encouraging words, as my wife really wants to drive there someday?
25th June 2013

The roads are better there than in Minnesota.
Aside from a couple sections, the roads were really not bad, certainly better than many roads around here. It's beautiful, so it goes really fast. We did up to 800 miles/day, but met many people who did 200/day. The book, can't remember the name, is an absolute necessity.
21st June 2013

I just ran across your blog...
We have been members of for about the same time so I'm glad to have made the connection. I can tell that you are passionate travelers and love to take your kids everywhere just as my wife and I did/do. I just hope that someday you will try foreign countries. I hope our travels will inspire you. Let me know if you need any advice!
25th June 2013

We finally did!
I didn't blog it b/c I didn't want to pay for access, but we did finally get out of the country. It was a cruise, which is not the same as actually flying to another country and doing what we want, but it was a start. We went to Cozumel, Belize, Isla Roatan and Grand Cayman. We met people who had done the same cruise half a dozen times, but that sounds boring. Our youngest wants to go to London, so we may be looking at that as our next big trip. Who knows?
21st June 2013

I'm sure you are right about the emergency room bill...
In March my son and I were in China when he became ill and ended up in the emergency room for 6 hours. The total cost of the emergency room , including all tests, medicine, IV and 5 doctors including the chief doctor and the heads of several departments was less that $30. Next time get sick in China!
5th June 2013
Retired Bridge near Supulpa

Looks familiar...
This bridge looks surprisingly like our old Highway 99 bridge in St. Peter that is still in use.
6th June 2013
Retired Bridge near Supulpa

It does, doesn't it.
13th May 2013

Sounds Great!
Looking forward to getting your updates. It sounds like it will be a wonderful time. I'm jealous.
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1st July 2012

Happy Canada Day
Enjoyed your comments and photos very much - have driven the Klondike Highway, too, so it was great seeing your pics. Thankyou, Dolores
25th July 2011
Joel, a little help?

A little help
That is a Yellow Warbler. Their breeding range is large and includes the western states.
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25th July 2011

The Southwest Rocks!
The title says it all - you've got some terrific photos here!
25th July 2011

Very Nice Pictures
Been to Colorado several times, but never to the Great Dunes. Very cool, and so are the pictures.
25th July 2011

Very cool formation. Interesting!
22nd July 2011
Take Time to Smell the Flowers

This is a really beautiful photo of a wild geranium!
From Blog: Utah Rocks!

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