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Karen Collins

My husband Don & I travel in our Marathon Coach with our Chocolate Lab Karlie. We call it our vacation home. We enjoy being on the road seeing new places and meeting new people who almost always become life long friends.

North America » United States » California » Clovis August 15th 2017

We made it to Smithers, BC on July 30th and stayed at the Fort Telkwa RV Park which was a little bit outside the city limits of Smithers. It was a very nice RV park that sat right on the river with every amenity that you would need PLUS they had FREE RV washing (which we were in dire need of). We ended up staying here 2 nights to get ourselves a plan as to how to proceed from here since the roads we needed to take were still closed due to the wildfires. We ended up having to go about 300 miles out of our way to get back to the States which took an extra day. It wasn't a big deal considering the devastation that the Canadians were facing. As we were traveling through ... read more
Never a good sign.?
We were the entertainment that night. ?

North America » Canada » British Columbia July 29th 2017

We traveled back on the Cassiar Highway and stayed at the Mountain View RV park. There are very few services on this highway and this is a very small park but it is absolutely the best park we stayed at this entire trip. It is 1/3 mile off the highway and it sits on a lake surrounded by a mountain. It is so peaceful and beautiful and the owners do a wonderful job keeping up the park. We stayed an extra night just to relax and have what we call a "down day" before we start to head home. Going to leave here on Monday and have been keeping up with a fire that has been burning in BC that is closing a highway that we need to take to get back into the States. As ... read more
Park overview.
Park walking trail.
View of the mountains.

North America » Canada » Yukon July 26th 2017

Started heading back and had to go through the Yukon AGAIN so I thought I would take pictures this time to show you some of the road. Now mind you this is just a snippet of how some of the road is but you will at least get the picture of what it is like. Enjoy the show! ???... read more
The dreaded frost heaves!
More gravel.......
oh wait, more gravel and pot holes......

North America » United States » Alaska » Valdez July 18th 2017

Arrived here in Valdez before noon as we didn't have very far to go. The drive was beautiful. This area reminds me a little of the Hawaiian islands except there are glaciers on the mountains instead of Palm trees. It is extremely green but the vegetation is almost tropical looking. There are no pine trees or spruce trees like in other parts of Alaska. We are staying at Bayside RV park and it is your typical Alaska RV park in that it is a gravel lot. It isn't as big as the other park across the street so it makes it feel a little homier, if that is even a word. There is another place that is nicer, smaller and right on the water but it would have been a little tight for us. This worked ... read more
Worthington Glacier
Helicopter up on Shoup Glacier.
Bridal Veil Falls

We left Palmer this morning and made our way towards Valdez. Stopped for the night here in Glennallen since we don't have reservations until tomorrow night in Valdez. It is a small RV park called Northern Nights. While it is quaint, it is tight for a 45ft Coach. The amenities are, how shall we say, rustic. She asked if I would be showering in my own rig and I said yes so she did not expain any further. I think you will understand when you see the picture of the bathroom. Sometimes I just have to laugh at the situations we get into. They do have dessert nights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so we were in luck seeing as we were here on a Monday. We headed over at 7pm sharp to partake in the ... read more

North America » United States » Alaska » Palmer July 13th 2017

Arrived here in Palmer on Thursday after leaving Cantwell. It was an easy drive. We stopped in Houston, Alaska that is, for a burger and an ice cream at a little mom and pop shop. It was all yummy. We are staying at the Mountain View RV Park. It is one of the nicest places because it is NOT a gravel parking lot! It is actually a big grassy field. Now I know most of you are probably thinking the same thing I did. That there would be an infestation of mosquitos and bugs. But let me tell you, there hasn't been a one! We have been able to sit outside, when it isn't raining, and enjoy the nice grass! You know who, Miss Karlie, really likes it! They are super pet friendly and don't yell ... read more
She's loving the grass!
Philip and Culprit's home.
Downtown Anchorage

RV parks are scarce in the Denali National Park area so we ended up staying about 27 miles outside the entrance area in a tiny, and I mean a dot, of a town called Cantwell at the Cantwell RV Park. There really wasn't much to it except that it had 30amp and water. It mostly housed Federal workers from the railroad. The owners were extremely nice and accommodating and it was quiet. We ventured out the following day to find Mt. Denali formerly known as Mt. McKinley. The owners of the park told us to go up the road about 50 miles to the South View Point area where, if we were lucky, we would be able to get a good view. Only 30% of the time are you able to view "the mountain" because of ... read more
Mt. Denali
Just a pretty picture inside the Park.

North America » United States » Alaska » North Pole July 6th 2017

While it was hard to part with the wonderful amenities that we had been enjoying in Tok, we knew we needed to get along in our journey. We pulled up stakes and headed out on Thursday venturing to our next destination which would end in Fairbanks. Along the way we stopped in Delta Junction, AK which is the end of the Alaska highway. Now remember we started it in Dawson Creek, BC, which was mile 0 and now we were ending it at mile 1422. Yes, that means we have driven all 1422 miles of it! We actually have driven 3406 miles so far on this trip and we still have a lot more to go. Crazy! I think this may be one of our longest road trips so far. Maybe not time but distance for ... read more
Rika's Roadhouse.
Inside Rika's Roadhouse.
The inside of another one of the rooms at Rika's Roadhouse.

North America » United States » Alaska » Tok July 3rd 2017

Happy 4th of July! ?? While I am starting this blog off by wishing you a happy 4th I have to back track a little. We left Whitehorse, YT Sunday after staying two days in the Walmart parking. We were told that the road after Whitehorse was not very good but how bad could it be right? We had the intention of traveling about 200 miles to the town of Destruction Bay and then going on to Tok, AK the next day. That way we could break up the trip if the road was bad. Well let's just say that the road was as bad, if not worse, than we expected plus it was raining the entire day. Not a hard rain but a steady drizzle. The good thing about this was it made it so ... read more
Road sample
Tok RV Village
4th of July Parade

North America » Canada » Yukon » Whitehorse July 1st 2017

HAPPY CANADA DAY eh! ?? We got here to Whitehorse, YT yesterday (Friday) early afternoon and good thing we did as we couldn't find a campsite. They were all booked with CARAVANS!!!! ??? We were told that the Walmart was very accommodating and would let us stay there as long as we wanted. (Oh joy! Sic) So that's where we headed. Now keep in mind it was only 1:30, as we rounded the corner and got a view of the Walmart, we saw a sea of RV's already in the parking lot! I felt my anxiety level go up and sweat start to accumulate under my arms. This was not looking good. How in the heck were we going to maneuver that parking lot, let alone find a place to park. Luckily Don remained calm since ... read more
This is the other half. Crazy......
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