We you be needing to use our facilities?😬😬😬

Published: August 1st 2017
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We left Palmer this morning and made our way towards Valdez. Stopped for the night here in Glennallen since we don't have reservations until tomorrow night in Valdez. It is a small RV park called Northern Nights. While it is quaint, it is tight for a 45ft Coach. The amenities are, how shall we say, rustic. She asked if I would be showering in my own rig and I said yes so she did not expain any further. I think you will understand when you see the picture of the bathroom. Sometimes I just have to laugh at the situations we get into. They do have dessert nights on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday so we were in luck seeing as we were here on a Monday. We headed over at 7pm sharp to partake in the freebie. They offered blueberry/rhubarb cake, peanut butter/chocolate cupcakes, and sugar free peach cake. We opted for the blueberry/rhubarb cake. It was delish! 😋

Heading to cold Valdez in the morning supposed to be 47 degrees there tomorrow. 😬 I didn't bring warm enough clothes I am afraid. Yikes! 😨☃❄️


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