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6th August 2017

We found your blog!
Hi Karen and Don. We are just getting acquainted with the blog site and surfing your pictures. Nice! Is there a way to get the postings in time order for a specific journey? (We are beginners here...)
From Blog: Cassiar Highway
7th August 2017

Navigating the blog
Hi Gary & Alice! So glad you found the blog site. If you go to the "trips" section you will see my 3 trips I have blogged. The most recent is our Alaska trip. If you click on it it should start you on day one and after you have read it you will see "next at the bottom. Click it and it will take you to the next page. You will then be taken to the next blog which will have the same thing at the bottom of the page with a "previous" or "next" option. Hope this helps. We really enjoyed our visit last night and thank you again for the wonderful company and calming glass of wine after a very hectic day. Hoping tomorrow goes smoothly. :)D&K
From Blog: Cassiar Highway
1st August 2017

Beautiful pics!!!
Oh my goodness so beautiful!!! The temp sounds absolutely perfect!!! Don't hurry back it's suppose to be 105 today!!! Ugh!!! Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!! Were you ears burning yesterday? Swanson and I were talking about your rig.... ohhhhhhh made me want one even more...... ? He says he has friends that have a Prevost but I think he is lying.... don't think he really knows the difference.....?
8th July 2017

Oh my!!!
So happy to hear from you guys!!! Reading your blog gives ME heart palpitations!!! Sounds crazy!!! There you are stuck and have to "motor" through..... wow. Poor Karlie!! She was probably like WTH mom!!! Needless to say your rig!!! Poor thing... glad you made it!!! Looks beautiful!! Love the parade!! So cool. Enjoy.... be careful with your "baby"..... she's gonna be all beat up.... ? Always, John and Allegra
2nd July 2017

Quite the adventure!!!
Wow you guys!!! Looking at those pics of the road and your 5? accommodations makes ME sweat!!! Unbelievable there's that many RV's doing the exact same route you are doing!!! Quite the adventure already!!! Love the blogs....makes me smile. Wish we could have our own caravan!! We could teach them how to travel!!!! Love you ?
17th June 2017

Are those cocktails in front of you? You guys must go crazy while away from home. Good for you. Enjoy!
From Blog: Go Ducks!
16th June 2017

We'll take both!!!!?
Oh my goodness it looks so nice up there!!! You picked a great time to go, it's gonna be real hot down here... think we'll take the "H" the XL is a little too flashy for us.... ? So wish we were with you in our bus..... love "Camo Marathon"!!! I want to go to camp......? ❌⭕️❌⭕️❌⭕️❤️❤️
From Blog: Go Ducks!
16th June 2017

I love being a "part" of this. So much fun!
From Blog: Go Ducks!
16th June 2017

Did you buy some peaches??
From Blog: Go Ducks!
13th June 2017

North to Alaska?
We are so excited for you 2!!!! Wish we could join you.,,, some day soon
10th November 2016

Nice post
I came to your blog and have been reading along your posts. I decided I will leave my first comment. I have enjoyed reading your blog. Nice blog.
4th April 2016

The Best
We were able to stay last fall. We got spoiled, this is the nicest park that we have stayed at, we will be coming back very soon.
28th July 2014

are you coming back through Idaho?
We are home except for 2 days this month we'd love to have you camp in our driveway
25th June 2014

It appears that the hot weather is on the way. Saturday starts a string of 103-105 degree days which also means bad air quality. We have been lucky the past couple of weeks with highs only in the low to mid 90 degree range. Karly continues to lose weight on her thyroid medication and her energy level has increased. O lucky me!! Logan and I went to a movie today and I am trying to keep him busy. Gracyn and Logan are volunteers helping out at Northside Vacation Bible School daily from 6-8 P.M. I asked Logan what his job was and he said they assigned him to kitchen duty working with a bunch of old people like you and grandma. Lynda did get her Medicare card today so I guess we are old after all. Glad you are having a great vacation and will talk to you latter.
From Blog: Smoky Mountains
20th June 2014

I was looking forward to reading this blog! I've always wanted to go to Dollywood and it sounds like it was a great day.
From Blog: Dollywood
13th June 2014

Charlotte motor speedway
While there at the track y'all should try and eat at the Speedway club. Great view of the track. Fun place to eat due to the view. While we were there Jr was practicing. Pretty cool to see. Great Triple D in Charlotte..The Dish. Great chicken dumplings!!!:-). Love Charlotte!!!
From Blog: Racing Anyone?
13th June 2014

Thanks for the tips! All the racers are in Michigan dang it! There is a race this weekend. We will have to look into the restaurants. Going to leave here on Sunday and head to the Smoky Mountains. Going to stay around. Pigeon Forge area. We like Charlotte too.
From Blog: Racing Anyone?
30th May 2014

Rick was stationed in Pensacola
Rick was stationed in Pensacola early in his Naval career. I stayed on the base (which is about the size of Clovis!) for about a week. My hotel was right on the beach and Rick told me to go out on to my patio about 6:30 in the morning, which I did, and lo and behold...........I got to watch the Blue Angels practice. What a beautiful site!!!
31st May 2014

So cool!
I was wondering if Rick had been there. That place was so cool. We were bummed that we didn't get the see the Blue Angels. The area was nice and we were glad to got to see what we did.. Miss you!
28th May 2014

I woke up yesterday thinking: We oughta get GoNE.
28th May 2014

Enjoying your posts! Glad you're having a good time!
25th May 2014

Didn't you take dance lessons in Florida a few years ago?
25th May 2014

Watch out for those pigmy rattlesnakes in Louisiana. I trained at Fort Polk and saw two under our field bleachers. Getting hot in Clovis after some much needed rain a few night's ago. Miss you both and take care of Carly.
From Blog: Louisiana!
24th May 2014
People dancing

So glad you made it
The picture of the lady in the red top is OUR dance teacher! Did you make it to the jam afterward? We visited Tobasco plant too. Now you'll have to go to Pont Breaux for dinner and music. Their fish platter is great.
19th May 2014

Our dream..
Thanx a lot Karen!!! We will take one of each!!! Seeing those coaches makes us want one even more!!! How cool the Dallas bus is!!! Wish we were with y'all!!!!!

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