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June 28th 2017
Published: June 28th 2017
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Day 5 – Alaska trip Yukon Territory

Bag pickup today at 7:00AM, departure at 8:15. We are on a bus, but not to another city, to the Fairbanks Airport. We are being flown to Dawson City, Yukon Territory. Some years ago, this trip was done on a 13-hour bus ride. Now, it is a 45-minute plane ride. It is a Boing 737, but the tires are bigger than other 737. The plane is outfitted with some special equipment, some blowers, that will allow it to land on a dirt/gravel runway. The blowers keep the loose gravel from being sucked up by the engines. There are two runways in the world we were told, that 737’s land on a gravel runway – this one, and one it Africa. It isn’t loose gravel, but a compacted mix of pebbles and other items. If it isn’t raining, you can see the dust and dirt blowing up on a plane taking off.

We cleared customs at Dawson City, and then left the arrival building to our bus. There is no “arrival” or “departure” levels. The main terminal is a different building from the customs clearing building. This was an introduction to a step
737 that lands on gravel runway.737 that lands on gravel runway.737 that lands on gravel runway.

No concrete runway, and no gateway to walk down.
back in time. A small airport, and a small town. During the summer, there are 2,000 to 2,500 people, and during the winter, about 500. Gold mining is the focus here still, but it looks like tourism is contributing a nice percentage.

You can see from the pictures, some of the buildings are kept up, painted, and make the town look very welcoming. You won’t see road lanes, or stipes on the roads. They are gravel/dirt, and the sidewalks are boardwalks.

We had lunch in the hotel, then walked around 4 or 5 blocks to see the town, and find the Dawson City General Store, so we could get some washing power, and do a batch of laundry.

Our adventures tomorrow are from early to late, and then the next day we get up and head South for Whitehorse.

Additional photos below
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The Dawson City Airport Arrival and Departure building.The Dawson City Airport Arrival and Departure building.
The Dawson City Airport Arrival and Departure building.

The little building on the far left is the Customs Clearing building.
Our hotelOur hotel
Our hotel

Westmark Inn in Dawson
Main Street, Dawson City.Main Street, Dawson City.
Main Street, Dawson City.

No parking stripes, no lane stripes, just gravel on the road, like the airport.
5th St.5th St.
5th St.

Our hotel is on the right, and quaint buildings across the street on the left.

28th June 2017

Thank you for sharing Richard. I am enjoying reading about your trip and seeing the pics. By the way, Dawson City reminds me a lot of Silverton, Colorado. Streets are the same but it is a silver mining town. Lots of great history in these places. I Love it!
29th June 2017
737 that lands on gravel runway.

Day 5
Why did you have to go through customs? The runway looks solid in that picture; could you tell it wasn't concrete when you walked on it?

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