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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax June 21st 2017

Our morning started earlier today, as the first two conference lectures started at 8:45. The first thoroughly described the posting of Jane Austen’s brothers, url= and Francis, in Halifax for several years. The Halifax harbour was the northern station for the Atlantic fleet, and the southern station was Bermuda. During their separate successful naval careers, they would spend the summers in Halifax and the winters in Bermuda, patrolling for French and American ships that were breaking the blockade during the Napoleonic Wars and beyond. The second lecture was an unexpectedly hilarious exploration of time in ... read more
Punctilious and enthusiastic guide
WW1 trench model
St Paul's Church 1750

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax June 20th 2017

Notwithstanding the three-hours time difference, Deirdre and I were shockingly late in getting started this morning. We finished our breakfast at Cora’s at about 10:30. Yesterday we booked a tour to Peggy’s Coveat 1:00 for this afternoon. We had about two hours to wander. Our immediate goal was the Library, which Ann and I had visited in 2014 - because all library people are magnetically attracted to libraries. Unlike Calgary’s new curvaceous Library, the Halifax Library (opened in 2014) is all angles. The arresting aspect is that the top floor juts over the plaza in front. I admired the patio chairs and tables, which I don’t recall from last time; they are comfortable looking wire forms in bright orange and green. We coul... read more
Sailing ships
Village near Peggy's Cove
Fog at Peggy's Cove

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax June 14th 2017

I wrestled with the idea of doing the Cabot John Trail all through breakfast. It is a fabulous route, tracking the coast of the Cape Breton Island on the Eastern edge of Nova Scotia. It would add some three hours to my travel time to Halifax, and it was starting to rain. I decided I would leave it for next time, as I also wanted to get to know Halifax a little. So I headed West, on the edge of the rain front. If I slowed, I got wet. Brand is thicker than water. As I approached the bridge that connects Cape Breton with the rest of Nova Scotia, I noticed a biker with three bright lights come in behind me and hold. OK. I studied him and figured he was a distance traveler. I let ... read more
A tall ship overshadowed by a passenger liner in Halifax Harbour
A statue to the immigrant
In the great Canadian tradition of honoring a class of people, the statue to the immigrant.

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Sydney June 13th 2017

It used to be that our transitions from one culture to another were buffered by leisurely days at sea. It happened to me today, a step back in time thanks to the obligatory 6 hour ferry crossing to the mainland. One has time to think. Both are Canada, but Nova Scotia is very different to Newfoundland. Yes, the climate is warmer and the infrastructure is more developed in Nova Scotia, but it is more than that. Newfoundland is somehow still coming to grips with itself, the shift out of cod fishing, the withdrawal from the lonely outports along the coast, joining Canada, wrestling with Quebec, developing a tourist industry, the special English, the half hour time difference. Nova Scotia has been settled and Canadian since the early days. Yes, the Acadian French are mixed in with ... read more
Neighbours before a strange and shiny cliff
Hard to keep a good bike down.
Ferry equipped for helicopter evacuation.

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax February 24th 2017

Our Northern Neighbor, Nova Scotia February 2017 After the heat and stifling humidity of South East Asia last month, it’s time for some snow and ice to counterbalance my traveling lifestyle. I have a beautiful white fur hat I bought in Romania years ago but have never worn….makes me look like a refugee from a Dutch snow scape painted by Rembrandt, but what the hell, it’s cute and very warm. Now where are my gloves, scarves and boots….items I almost never use? Dressed in all this winter garb, just call me Nanooka of the North for the next couple of weeks! LOL First a red-eye flight to Atlanta, connecting on to Boston and finally landing at Halifax Stanfield International Airport just after 7pm. As my readers know, I DON’T LIKE PROP PLANES in any country and ... read more
Halifax Harbor #2
Halifax Harbor #3
Halifax Harbor #4

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax December 3rd 2016

Geo: 44.6784, -63.6582Jim and I set out on another long adventure this coming week. We have a one-way ticket booked to Goa, India, an Indian visa and 3 nights booked to get us started. The remainder will unfold as we are inspired. Our focus is to create (writing and photography), to live healthily and warmly and experience new parts of the world yet unexplored by us or not since our 'maiden voyage' in 1984-85.Follow along...if you received this blog posting in your email, it means you are signed up to our blog and will continue to receive alerts of our postings. Unsubscribe if you wish or pass it onto others. ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax October 20th 2016

This morning Sharon and I rushed up to the Lido for breakfast. I got a couple of their modernistic demitasse cups of Swiss Muesli. Sharon had the French Toast. She had looked for a tour for us to take out to Peggy’s Cove, but was unable to come to a consensus with Erin and Dennis. Dennis wanted to see the museum and the Citadel. We finally decided just to “wing it” on shore. We passed a string of taxis to make our way to the HOHO; but, determined that they don’t get out to Peggy’s Cove. The tour price for Peggy’s Cove was about $100 per person (US dollars) and the taxi ride out there was $150 (Canadian) for 3 hours. That’s what we decided to do after verifying that the cab driver would accept a ... read more
view on the way to Peggy's Cove
view on the way to Peggy's Cove
Fishing Village on the way to Peggy's Cove

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Sydney October 19th 2016

I think every cruise director tells the story of booking 3 acts that must embark in Sydney Nova Scotia, and receiving a text message from the Captain that only 2 have gotten onboard as they’re about to remove the gangway. Michael told his version of the story last night at the show. A frantic cell phone call to the third act confirmed that the act was right where he was supposed to be, on the pier looking for the ship. The act couldn’t find the ship and Michael couldn’t see anyone on the pier, so he asked his booking to describe what he could see… After all, Sydney Nova Scotia isn’t all that big; maybe, a dozen houses or so. He started by saying, “Well, across the harbor I see the Opera House…” You get the ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Parrsboro September 22nd 2016

My 4 day trip of the Parrsboro shore area started with a hike to Partridge Island in the town of Parrsboro. A mild hike of about 45 minutes, the trail takes you to an observation tower where you get excellent views of the "Minas Gut"; the narrowest part of the Minas Basin. Across you can see Blomidon and Cape Split NS. After a little beachcombing and erecting a driftwood sculpture, I spent the evening at the Madhatter Hostel. Kathy is a helpful and friendly host who loves to share her travel stories. The hostel is even within walking distance of the local Tim Hortons! The next day I visited Wassons Bluff; known for its fossil deposits. Off to Five Islands Provincial Park, I visited the beach finding one walking stick. I hiked one trail, about 90 ... read more
View fron the trail
Sea stack
Observation tower at the end of the trail

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Parrsboro September 22nd 2016

After seeing Parrsboro, Nova Scotia, I headed west to Advocate Harbour to check out the trails at Cape Chignecto Provincial Park. In the morning I did the short, Red Rocks trail to the beach and the red rocks. Two longer trails lie at the northern end of the park. To get there,you had to travel 12 km down the gravel "road to hell". Hiked the Three Sisters trail and Squally Point trail - relatively flat trails of about an hours duration each. The both provided nice views of the coastline, as well as various coves and beaches. That evening I walked Driftwood Beach, aptly named. The next morning, I was off to Cape D'Or to see the sights, the "Dory rip", and to walk two very short trails around the top of the coastline. That evening ... read more
Red rocks
Red Rocks
Wilson at red rocks

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