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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Liverpool July 25th 2018

The second stop on our tour today was the Seal Island Lighthouse Museum. This stop was a little disappointing in that it was extremely foggy and not worth making the trip to the top of the museum. Regardless, the museum was a 35’ tall replica of the 60’ tall lighthouse that actually sets on Seal Island, which is located approximately 18 miles offshore (a little difficult for us to get to without a boat). The museum actually has the iron lantern and the second order Fresnel lens, which was used from 1902 to 1978 in the Seal Island lighthouse. Once removed, the light was to be sent to Ottawa, but the community fiercely objected and the lantern was brought by helicopter to Barrington. Money was raised to build the museum to house the lantern and the ... read more
Gravestone just outside the museum

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Yarmouth July 25th 2018

The third and final lighthouse today was Sandy Point. On the way out to Sandy Point, we noticed a boatyard with several lobster boats. They are so colorful and made for some great pictures. We wanted to arrive at the lighthouse at low tide as the lighthouse sits on the east side entrance to Shelburne Harbor and, at low tide was to be accessible across a sand bar. Unfortunately, the tide was not low enough for us to walk all the way out to the tower, but we were still fairly close. This lighthouse was originally built on a pier and is a caisson lighthouse, meaning it is built on a concrete or metal watertight retaining structure (caisson). These types of lighthouses were developed in the late 19th century as more efficient because they could better ... read more
Lobster boats in storage after season ends
Lobster boats in storage after season ends
Sandy Point Lighthouse

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Liverpool July 23rd 2018

We started out today headed for Medway in search of a couple lighthouses there. Once we arrived we could not find the lighthouse. All along the road were private residences. We turned back and followed signs to another lighthouse at Port Medway. We walked around and took a few pictures. There were several storyboards that provided information about the history of the are. One of them explained that the lighthouse on Medway Head had been purchased and was now a personal residence. The actual light had been placed on a pole up the hill. As we were leaving, a local man approached us and started telling us about the area. He started talking about the Lighthouse that used to be on Medway Head. Apparently a gentleman from the states purchased the house and had, he thought, ... read more
Foggy morning walk along the LaHave
Foggy morning walk along the LaHave
Foggy morning walk along the LaHave

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Sydney July 21st 2018

We were late getting up and Sharon went by her phone for the time, and it hadn’t been set forward to Atlantic Time. We were a bit rushed and headed for the Lido to catch a quick bite. I allowed myself a poppy seed hard roll and made myself a cold-cut and cheese sandwich. Sharon grabbed a couple of potato cakes and a chocolate croissant; but, this one looked really wimpy. It was back to the cabin, grab the camera and off to the pier; except that there was a huge line in the hall of the Dolphin Deck… and everyone was wearing jackets and rain gear. Here we are dressed for a balmy day in Las Vegas in short sleeves. What’s wrong with this picture? Somebody mentioned, “It’s pouring outside.” Sharon had checked the weather ... read more
Decorator's Shop in Baddeck
View of Baddeck
Church in Baddeck

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Lunenburg July 19th 2018

Niki and I hiked some of Gaff Point today. I was not prepared for the beginning of the walk, as it was supposed to be beach. Because the tide was coming in, there was very little sand. It was mostly covered with small to medium-sized pebbles. The ocean did make a very cool sound on them! . It was so loud at times that we couldn't even talk to each other! We walked for about a little over an hour and a half, in total. As you can see, we didn't make it all around the peninsula. We were concerned about being gone so long. Maybe another day we'll walk the entire trail. It was an amazing trail! A little about Gaff Point. It is a lush peninsula dangling into the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast ... read more
The "beach"
Some sand
Small pond

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Lunenburg July 19th 2018

Niki and I went to Hirtle's Beach for a hike. Boy, I was definitely not prepared for that type of "walk on the beach". The "beach" is covered with small and medium-sized pebbles. They do make a cool sound when the waves crash on them.... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Lunenburg July 15th 2018

We took a cable ferry to the other side of the LaHave River today. We were headed to the beach to dig for clams. Gene and I had never done that before, so our friends' were somewhat our teachers. I think it had been a while since Pete had done it, but, as you can see, we did alright for ourselves. :-) The panoramic photo was of the area where we clammed. All in all it was a very nice day. The weather was cool and we had a nice drive along the coast. We made several stops along the way to see what the area looked like. Enjoy!... read more
04_Little wharf area along the way

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Lunenburg July 14th 2018

Went out for a walk on a cool and overcast day. Here are some pics of the houses, etc along the river. There are several older homes (some that have been totally renovated), a few brand new homes and some homes made from churches. Enjoy! I have to mention that we have encountered a few locals in the grocery stores and Walmart and, so far, they are absolutely wonderful people. As pleasant a group of people I've ever met! Coming from a place where people would just as soon run you over than say excuse me, these people are a welcome change.... read more
02_St Mark's Evan Luthern Church
03_St Mark's Evan Luthern Church

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia June 14th 2018

English Version Follows! Scroll down, it takes a while! ___________________________________ Jour 6 - mercredi, le 13 juin 2018 Après avoir fait le plein d'essence, je quitte Moncton et file vers la Nouvelle-Écosse. Mon objectif, me rendre à Digby. Tout va bien ! Sur la route, je fais un petit détour pour aller voir Grand-Pré, terre de mes aïeux. Revoir le petit film documentaire qui explique le grand dérangement (déportation) m'émeut. Je verse même quelques larmes. Quelle misère pour ces pauvres Acadiens ! Le film est très bien fait. Après, je marche vers l'église de Grand-Pré (reproduction), là où on a annoncé aux hommes et garçons de plus de 10 ans, qu'ils allaient perdre toutes leurs possessions et être déportés Ce fut le début de longues années de déchirements, de séparations et de grande misère. Le nom ... read more
 Grand-Pré #1
 Grand-Pré #2
 Grand-Pré #3

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax November 9th 2017

I've been to Canada maybe as many as a half dozen times with my singing group. I remember the border crossing for Windsor was brutal only because it was in the small hours of the morning. Montreal was a breeze. It was neat to be able to trace my path coming across the St. Lawrence river. We took a bus to Montreal, flew to Halifax. You hope for uneventful travels and for the most part, it was. There was only one time we were pressed for time coming back to Montreal. I didn't realize how pressed we were til a flight attendant was motioning us to “come on!” and that everybody else had already boarded! We didn't let any dust settle getting the flight out to the runway and in the air. The ocean fascinates me ... read more
north of Montreal

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