Chrissy Farrell Morscher


Chrissy Farrell Morscher

Woke up at 6 and drove north on the Skyline Drive. Stopped for breakfast at Big Meadows then drove further to Little Stony Man parking lot where we were supposed to meet our climbing guide, Andy Nichols, at 9. The pin he emailed me was for a different lot, but we found him. We hiked a half a mile to a cliff and learned how to climb. On our hike we were on a bit of the AT and learned about some plants and hiking tips. The cliff was 125’ and overlooked the valley. Andy explained about safety, equipment, showed us how to set up the rope. Max was a natural climber and climbed to the top. Andy encouraged him to keep climbing when he gets home. Maggie did great and also climbed to the top. ... read more
Max climbing
Max again
Chrissy's behind

Today we drove to Shenandoah. Rick and Max hiked the Jones Run Falls and saw part of a bear. Maggie and I relaxed at our campsite in the Loft Mountain Campground. At night we went to a great Ranger program “Water – a Little Drop Goes a Long Way.” This was the final activity to complete their Junior Ranger so the Ranger swore them in afterward. Yay-finally a Junior Ranger Badge!... read more
Shenandoah National Park
Jones Run Falls

Today, I dragged the family to Cade’s Cove which is an area in the park that used to be a town. It is a 11-mile one-way loop with several historic homes, churches, etc.. It wasn’t that great and I'm sorry we went. It was crowded and required stopping and walking to many of the locations. We stopped at Cable Mill Historic Area and got some souvenirs and saw some historic buildings that had been moved to the site (two barns, a home and a mill). Drove out of Cade's Cove on Rich Mountain Road (dirt) and around back to Elkmont. This took way longer than expected. Then we picked up the trailer and left via Pigeon Forge which was Gatlinburg on steroids and the location of Dollywood and headed toward Shenandoah a day ahead of schedule. ... read more

We drove around historic Elkmont which is where we camped. When the park was established there were already people living there, so the land had to be purchased and the people had to move. The Cherokee Indians were forcibly moved (Trail of Tears). Historic Elkmont was unremarkable. We got lost on our way to rafting. They told us to use their printed directions, but in our wisdom we decided to use GPS until it differed from the printed directions. GPS told us to turn right on Rt. 32 and the printed directions told us to turn left and I didn't notice the difference, so we turned right. Rt. 32 wove up and down a mountain for miles then turned into gravel. I called the raft company and they said to turn around and I finally figured ... read more

It rained all night. In the morning we drove to Visitor Center and asked for Junior Ranger books which once again weren't sent with the materials I requested. Due to being over 13, we got a “not so junior ranger” flyer which requires attending three ranger events. It turns out we couldn't make three events, so this is another park that we didn’t get badges for. Junior Ranger requires participants (usually kids, but sometimes adults) to do activities to get familiar with a park. They usually require attending one ranger activity. When you are done you get sworn in as a Junior Ranger by a park ranger and get a plastic or wooden ranger pin. I have all of the pins from the other parks we've visited through the years in frames for the kids. We ... read more
Great Smoky Mountains
Appalachian Trail
Clingman's Dome

Entered GSM, parked camper and went to have lunch by the river Metcalf Bottoms. A man asked if we had salt. I said yes and he offered to pay me for it. I said "just use it and return it when you are done." When we were ready to leave about a half an hour later he still hadn’t returned it! I was confused about why they needed the salt for so long, and walked over to them and asked for the salt back! Turns out they salt the rims of their Coronas, so they weren't done with it! They decided to shake some out on a plate. Anyone else ever try salt on their Coronas? I have to try it! After lunch we set up our campsite (Elkmont). There were some men jamming at the ... read more

North America » United States » Kentucky » Mammoth Cave July 21st 2019

We went on the Historic Tour which entered through the Natural Cave Opening. Before the tour they warned us of the "Fat Man's Misery" and that we would have to squeeze through some areas in the cave, and stoop in others. One man in the group bailed and another kept looking at everyone's midsections apparently to determine if they would make it!! We saw many of the classic cave sites. Mammoth Cave was out of Junior Ranger books. They didn’t send them when I wrote requesting them along with maps and camping info, so the kids didn’t get MC badges. We decided we didn’t want to spend another night which we had planned, so after lunch we drove toward Great Smoky Mountain National Park and spent the night at Adventure Bound RV park outside of Gatlinburg. ... read more
Historic Tour
Historic Tour
Historic Tour

North America » United States » Kentucky » Mammoth Cave July 20th 2019

Friday July 19 – left at 10:45 am. Drove to Cave City, KY. Traffic was awful. We usually leave super early, so increased traffic may have been due to the time of day. We were completely stopped for several minutes several times. Our reservation for this night was for a tent sight with no electricity and due to the heat we slept at Comfort Inn in Cave City, and had dinner at El Mazatlan. Sat, July 20 – drove into Mammoth Cave National Park. HOT (96*). Went on two cave tours – Gothic Ave. and Domes and Dripstones. It was so nice to be in the caves where it is a constant 54*. Gothic Ave – entered through Natural Cave Opening. Cave is amazing and HUGE. There are five levels and 420 miles of cave already ... read more
Map of cave system
Gothic Ave.
Gothic Ave.

North America » United States » Washington July 21st 2018

Started driving toward Mt Rainier National Park. Tossed around a lot of options, touching the Pacific, visiting friends, etc. and around lunch time we decided on going to North Cascades NP. Maggie wants to go home, Max wants to not hike and add to the number of states he’s visited. We did junior ranger at North Cascades, then drove through it looking for a campsite. The dams in North Cascades power 20% of Seattle. It was a very pretty park with some water activities. Ended up in Winthrop, Washington and got a place in a KOA (overflow, really just a patch of grass, no table). There’s a big r&b festival nearby this weekend and a Saturday and things are booked. Decided to start back home tomorrow. So, the 4th annual Morscher National Park trip is winding ... read more
Winthrop, Washington

North America » Canada » Alberta » Jasper National Park July 20th 2018

Today we woke and drove to the Icefield Center and prepared for our glacier walk at Athabasca Glacier. Our guide was Korin. We got all geared up-our warmest clothes, waterproof pants and jackets, hiking boots, gloves, hats and carried crampons. The weather didn’t look great and we went a little further than yesterday before the walk was canceled:(. There was rain, hail, thunder and lightning:(. We were, however, able to get some glacier water which excited the kids! The forecast for the next few days didn’t look much better, so we decided to ditch Jasper and drive to Mt Rainer in Washington State. Staying in Kamloops, BC tonight. For sure!... read more
Us at the glacier, ready to walk!

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