Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Published: July 30th 2019
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Entered GSM, parked camper and went to have lunch by the river Metcalf Bottoms. A man asked if we had salt. I said yes and he offered to pay me for it. I said "just use it and return it when you are done." When we were ready to leave about a half an hour later he still hadn’t returned it! I was confused about why they needed the salt for so long, and walked over to them and asked for the salt back! Turns out they salt the rims of their Coronas, so they weren't done with it! They decided to shake some out on a plate. Anyone else ever try salt on their Coronas? I have to try it!

After lunch we set up our campsite (Elkmont). There were some men jamming at the camp store on guitars, banjo, bucket, and bass. They were singing country music! Rick and I went and sang along for a few minutes. It started to rain while Rick was cooking dinner so we ate in the camper and spent the night playing rummy.

We brought our pop-up on this trip because it wasn’t as far and the mountains weren’t as tall as our other trips.


12th August 2019

enjoyed seeing pictures.
Pop up sounds like it was a good idea.

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