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North America » United States » Minnesota July 8th 2018

Drove from Morehead, MN to Theodore Roosevelt NP in Medora, ND. We visited the south unit of TRNP. First we visited the Painted Cliffs Visitor Center, then the South Unit Visitor Center, took a tour of the cabin that Teddy Roosevelt lived in while living in North Dakota. The cabin was moved from its original location. He lived and ranched nearby, and the park was named for him due to his conservation efforts as President. We toured a museum for Roosevelt's time in ND, did some Junior Ranger activities, then hiked the Wind Canyon trail. After dinner we drove the loop drive. We saw so much wild life - Bison, wild horses, prairie dogs, an elk (or deer) and a coyote. TRNP is a lot like the Badlands, but not as rugged. There was more greenery. ... read more
Theodore Roosevelt’s Cabin
Wooden TR replica
Theodore Roosevelt National Park

North America » United States » Ohio July 7th 2018

Hi everyone! Welcome to the blog for our 4th "big trip" driving our Toyota Sienna to National Parks. Day 1 - Drove Bay Village to Moorhead, MN. Had lunch at Culver's (world's largest)!... read more

Today we rented kayaks (one double and two singles) and went up the Mersey River in the morning, then on Keji Lake in the afternoon. Keji Lake is fairly large and has a lot of inlets and islands and thank goodness we had a map and there were markers as we managed to get lost anyway, but it could have been worse! We stopped at a beach and the kids played in the water while Rick was going to kayak around two islands, but he realized he wasn’t where he thought, so he returned. The row back to Jake’s Landing was tough. It was the first time we’ve kayaked together and it was a good experience. We kayaked 2 miles each way to the beach plus the river. The Lake water was also brown. Went to ... read more

Drove to Kejimkujik. Keji is also flat. Keji is not on the ocean like our other parks, but has a huge lake. It is also a newer park – about 50 years old – but there wasn’t much built on the land. We stopped for lunch on our drive at a picnic area and were welcomed to Nova Scotia by a colorful woman who was on a driving tour with friends for her birthday week and another man. Very friendly province! Today we hiked to the Mills Falls on the Mersey River. The river is brown. We were able to climb on rocks near the falls and the kids had a lot of fun with the floating bridge over the river. Maggie and Rick made Lu’sknikn – a Mi’kmaw bread – over the campfire. It has ... read more
Rick and Maggie on the Mersey River

North America August 9th 2017

Maggie and I started today with bilingual beach yoga with Karen. Chrissy loved it, especially the soothing waves and the beautiful views. Maggie not so much. Karen tied the local landscape into the yoga – we did boat, eagle, jellyfish (forward fold). Karen was a great personality and engaged the kids to learn words in another language, etc. Last night was our last reservation, and we decided to spend another night at PEI and add a night in Keji and skip Cape Breton. It is just too much driving. Today was a gorgeous day and we spent the afternoon at Brackley beach. There was a “Sensational Sandcastles” program there where a professional sandcastle builder was there to give people tips on building a sandcastle, as well as provide tools – shovels, buckets, rulers, etc. The kids ... read more
Rick's tan line
some of the other builders
The sand castle

Started our day on PEI by touring Green Gables Heritage Place – the house that was the setting for the book “Anne of Green Gables”. We saw a short film, took a tour, toured the barn and house and walked in the Haunted Wood. The house and farm were owned by cousins of LM Montgomery (the author) grandparents, who raised her. She lived a short distance away and spent time there growing up. Anne was also there and we watched her and friend Diana act out the part from the book where Diana drinks the raspberry cordial and gets drunk. We went to Cavendish Beach and finished the kids Xplorer program. We learned a little about bees, lobsters and other shellfish and played in the red, rocky sand. Rick and Maggie built a stone house. The ... read more
green gables

Today is New Brunswick Day (the first Monday in August) which is a day off for many. We aren’t really sure what NB day is – but discovered that everywhere in Canada has this day as a holiday – some call it Civic Day, others after their province, one after a person. Canada Day is July 1, so this isn’t their national independence day, but as it is the same date nationwide it can’t be a province anniversary. So, just a day set aside to celebrate your province! But they were handing out Canada 150 flags – celebrating Canada’s 150th We started with a walk of the bog in Kouchi, which included a tower to view the area. We hoped to see moose, but didn’t. We went to Callander’s Beach and visited the Migmag wigwams. To ... read more
New Brunswick flag
canada 150

North America » Canada » New Brunswick » Miramichi August 6th 2017

Rained overnight. Went into Alma for breakfast, then to Fundy NP visitor center to finish up Xplorers (the Canadian equivalent to Junior Ranger). Went back to Hopewell Rocks to see high tide. Drove to Kouchibouguac NP and visited visitor center which was awesome. Saw a movie and learned about the area’s historical and environmental significance. Kouchi is a new park – less than 50 years old. They bought out people’s houses from 7 villages to make the park due to its’ significance in the history of the Migmac Indians and the ecosystem right on the coast of NB. Our campground was adjacent to the playground which was nice so the kids could play, but bad because other kids played LATE. Also it was cloudy so we couldn’t see the stars.... read more

Drove to Canada. The kids have been getting along great. The music for this trip has been Pentatonix. We’ve been trying to stick to our no electronics in National Parks (included Adirondacks) rule. Arrived in Fundy National Park on the Bay of Fundy. The Bay of Fundy experiences the world’s highest tides, as much as 40 ft. Visited the Flower Pot Rocks at Hopewell Rocks Provincial Park. Hopewell is a place where, at low tide, you can walk on the ocean floor near cliffs and rock formations. We built cairns every 5 minutes to see how much the tide went out! Great experiment. We will return tomorrow to see it at higher tide. At high tide the water covers the ocean floor and part of the rocks and cliffs. We returned to the campground for dinner, ... read more
hopewell rocks (18)
hopewell rocks (2)

North America » United States August 4th 2017

There’s a sign in Seal Harbor, “SLOW DOWN DON’T KILL OUR KIDS” with blood running from the word KILL that we laugh at. I guess tourists driving curvy mountain roads at fast speeds scares the locals! Acadia is a lot like other national parks – pine forests, lakes, marshes, mountains and rocks – but it has the ocean coast and there is development nearby. Most of the parks out west are surrounded by National Forests and pretty much not much! The coast in Acadia is mostly rocky, but there are a few sand beaches. We haven’t seen any wildlife except for a deer, probably due to it being intermixed with populated areas. As I said earlier, the park is unique in that it isn’t all in one geographic chunk, so you can be driving on a ... read more
acadia sign

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