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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Argyle March 8th 2020

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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia November 1st 2019

Happy Halloween from the eastern seaboard in the Atlantic! We are currently cruising in 50 mph winds and the boat is rocking & rolling and the surf is pounding outside. It’s very loud but not too bad and not scary or anything. We’ve seen and felt much worse. Though, it is eerie we were in Halifax, Novia Scotia Canada today which is where most of the Titanic bodies are buried. We wanted to visit the Titanic museum today or the cemetery but the cemetery had an emergency shutdown due to rains causing a sinkhole in the cemetery (those people can’t get a break dead or alive) and we learned there is no Titanic museum.. just a small museum with one small titanic exhibit – some pictures, a deck chair from the Titanic, etc. So, today we ... read more
I feel like this moose is flipping off people
He just wanted to go back to bed
A Memorium

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax October 1st 2019

We did a short tour of Sydney. We found 2 old houses to tour. One was built in 1786 and the other a year later. They are both decorated with furniture from that era and we had docents in costume show us around. We went by 2 old churches in the neighborhood, but they were closed. A lot of the town stays closed this time of year until a cruise ship comes in. We found a small museum about Sydney and looked at that. It turns out that Sydney had a steel mill that was the largest in North America for a while. It slowed down after the war and closed in the 60's. We still had a lot of time left in the day so we found a miner's museum about a 30 minute drive ... read more
Inside the mine
Inside the Governor's apt. at Louisbourgh

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Peggy's Cove September 27th 2019

Day 8: Today dawned sunny and beautiful so we decided to take a ride about 30 miles away to Peggy's Cove. But...then we noticed we'd be going right by Fairview Cemetery, where many of the Titanic graves are so... we decided to go there first. Going in and out of the city we were crossing toll bridges at $1 per crossing. We didn't have a dollar coin this time, but guess what w... read more
Headstones Titanic
King Headstone

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax September 27th 2019

Last Day in Canada: Well, technically we are leaving Canada in the morning as tonight we fly from Halifax back to Montreal this evening. Then tomorrow, an early flight to Minneapolis on to Salt Lake City and finally Fresno, California. We have loved this trip. This morning we went back over the bridge to the wharf area of Halifax and the Maritime Museum with its amazing artifacts from shipwrecks to sailboats to just about anything on the water. We were most interested in the Titanic Exhibit. They have so many artifacts from the ship itself and the story of course, is sobering. It is a world class museum and everything was so interesting including the couple of films on the Titanic and the Cape Breton area. After the Titanic exhibit we walked down the wharf are ... read more
Titanic Exhibit
Original Deck Chair
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia from our hotel room

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Sidney September 26th 2019

While in Cavendish we visited the Ann of Green Gables Site. It is the house that L.M. Montgomery used in the book. It was her cousin's house. The next morning we drove to Charlottetown. We walked thru the Victorian Park and saw the Lieutenant Governor's house and gardens. You can walk thru the gardens but can't go in the house. We then toured the Beaconsfield House. It was the grandest house in Charlottetown in the 1870's until it went into bankruptcy. The owner and builder was a ship builder and refused to use modern ideas. He was still building sailing ships when steamships were becoming popular. We left Charlottetown the next morning and had a long drive to Auld's Cove. It is at the western edge of the bridge that crosses onto Cape Breton Island. Cape ... read more
Lower falls
This one falls straight into the ocean
Coastline on a sunny day!

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Annapolis Valley September 17th 2019

So, I know its been a while, but we had lousy internet for 3 days and I couldn't get anything out. We are still in Nova Scotia. Tomorrow we drive into New Brunswick. When we flew from Newfoundland to Nova Scotia I got a good view of the country. It is heavily wooded and has hundreds of lakes. On the ground there is no way you could go for a walk in the woods because it is so thick. Also there are hundreds of coves along the coast. Some are a hundred yards deep and others go on for up to a mile. We left Lunenburg on Thursday and stopped off at Blue Rock Cove. Its another small fishing village. It has a lot of slate by the water, hence the name. We then drove to ... read more
Cape Forchu Lighthouse
Rocks by the lighthouse

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Lunenburg September 11th 2019

Our day in Halifax turned out pretty good. The weather cooperated, as it was mostly sunny and about 70 degrees. We drove over and toured the Citadel, which sits on a large hill overlooking the city and the harbor. The present configuration is the fourth one built. There has been a building there since the 16th century. After that we drove over to Fishermans Cove Village. It was supposed to be a cute village, but was mainly a bunch of shops. We then stopped at Fairview Lawn Cemetery. It contains the graves of about 250 of the Titanic victims. Many of them just have a number on them. The numbers represent the order in which they were pulled out of the water. Today, we drove from Halifax to Shelley's Cove. It is a very picturesque village ... read more
Newer boat at Shelley's Cove
The Lighthouse
Scottish Pipers at the Citadel.

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia September 9th 2019

So we left Newfoundland and flew back to Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia took a big hit from Dorian. We saw downed trees and the big crane that fell across a new building is just across the street from our hotel. We spent the last day in Newfoundland driving around the north tip of Avalon. There are a few pics of that. We will try to get a few pics of the crane collapse tomorrow. We will be checking out Halifax tomorrow. On Wednesday we leave for Lunenburg, which is supposed to be a quaint village along the ocean.... read more
Cargo ship
More coastline

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax September 1st 2019

August 31-September 1, 2019 – Halifax, Nova Scotia – (Day 1) Weather: 77°F/25°C, sunny with scattered clouds, wind 11.4 mph, humidity 38°; (Day 2) Weather: 72°F/22°C, sunny with scattered clouds, wind 22 mph, humidity 46°. After running along the edge of the tropical depression we awoke to clearing skies and sunshine accompanied by 64°F/18°C temperatures. What a pleasant change! On our revised itinerary we are scheduled to enter the harbour at around 1:00 pm and be dockside by 2:00, actually it turned out to be 2:04. We have nothing planned for today other than to walk along the Boardwalk to the Maritime Museum & H.M.C.S. Sackville. A friend from the area just contacted B and said that Halifax is having a concert tonight along the Boardwalk. On leaving the ship we took advantage of the fact ... read more
2_H.M.C.S. Sackville
3_Chief's Mess for 12 men
4_Engine room

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