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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax May 31st 2023

This morning we reached land. Hooray! We arrived in Halifax Nova Scotia about 8:00 while we were having a light breakfast in the Horizon Court. We had signed up for a shore excursion which included a lunch, and we wanted to enjoy it fully. We reported to the Explorer's Lounge and they told us to expect an advanced warning to start heading for the bus ahead of the rest of the tour group. So we headed down about 9:00 for a bus which didn’t show up until 9:45. But we made a leisurely pace down the ramps and through the port terminal and arrived just fine. It was a little chilly waiting outside on a bench until the bus came, but we were well bundled. The high today was only 61, so it was somewhat cooler ... read more
Playing the Horn
Lobster Lunch

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Yarmouth August 14th 2022

Cheticamp Upon departing Prince Edward Island, we again crossed the Confederation Bridge into Nova Scotia where we stopped for a few more photos. It is a beautiful piece of concrete. They will be paying off this bridge for a while….at over $50 Canadian per vehicle maybe it won’t take that long. So, we took our fair share of pictures and then some more. Perhaps better planning would have had us taking the ferry and perhaps shaving some time, but by the time we realized this, there were no reservations to be had on the ferry at a time of our choosing. Pushing on, it would be several hours until we reached our next destination, Cheticamp, a town at the base of the Cabot Trail in the Cape Breton National Park. Once we checked into our motel, ... read more
Scenic Cottages
Waterfront Lunenburg
Beer & Lobster

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax June 8th 2022

We took the train from Quebec City to Halfax in a sleeper car. It is about a 19 hour trip, so the ability to lie down when we arrived at the train station at 10 pm sounded appealing. However, the idea that the train would rock you asleep is a fictional idea. It actually rocks you awake! We arrived in the early evening the next day and stayed at the Lord Nelson. Found out our room had been upgraded and that we are across the street from the Halifax Public Gardens. Seventeen acres of beautifully maintained gardens. During our time here, found out some more about Canadian history. The Halifax explosion that occurred during WW1 and killed approximatly 2000 and injured 9000 due to 3000 tons of explosives igniting that were aboard a ship. It was ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia May 15th 2022

The attachment for iPad works! One more thing checked off my long list. My village is home to Thinkers Lodge national historic site that displays a Nobel peace prize and a Lenin peace prize. The village nam, Pugwash, is famous for world peace. international Pugwash organization continues to meet to w towards nuclear disarmament.... read more
National historic site
Backyard gang.
Spring is about to burst into bloom

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Pugwash May 13th 2022

OK OK OK I am getting on a plane Monday and flying to Vienna, Austria. I have a EuroRail pass for 30 days and intend to explore parts of Europe where I have not ventured, and return to some that I visited too many years ago. It has been a decade since I left North America, and after two years of covid, I am more than ready to wander into new cultures. Perhaps this is not the best month to leave, as it is lobster season and all of my gardens are about to bloom in a couple of weeks, but it should be less crowded in European countries and not so hot along the Mediterranean sea. Friends from France are visiting now, and enjoying lobsters fresh from the sea.... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax February 12th 2022 read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Lunenburg November 26th 2021

Le 26 novembre 2021, Après un autre doux réveil sans entendre la rengaine matinale de nos filles, nous partons déjeuner dans un adorable petit café à deux pas de notre hébergement, avec une jolie vue sur le port qui plus est. Nous faisons ensuite notre première découverte de Lunenburg la colorée. Comme ce village de poche est joli! Partout, de petites boutiques d'artisanat et de souvenirs, des bouquineries et des cafés douillets. En haute saison touristique, ça doit être très vivant comme endroit! Nous faisons un tour dans le port du village. Y est amarré le célèbre Bluenose II, le voilier que l'on retrouve imprimé sur les pièces de 10 cents. En haute saison, il est même possible d'y faire une croisière, mais cette activité est très prisée, mieux vaut réserver plusieurs mois à l'avance. Pour ... read more
Joli Bluenose
Les charmes de Lunenburg
Hirtle's Beach, en route vers Gaff Point

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax November 24th 2021

Le 24 novembre 2021, Mais qui a donc la drôle d'idée de partir en week-end romantique à la fin du mois de novembre en Nouvelle-Écosse? C'est nous!!! Pourquoi? Simplement parce que c'est le seul week-end qui coincide à la fois avec des congés pédagogiques pour les filles ET la fin de semaine de congé bi-hebdomadaire de Carl-Philippe... C'est donc en fin de matinée que l'on se rend à l'aéroport, bien tranquilles. On laisse la voiture et, armés de nos petites valises de cabine, nous nous dirigeons vers l'aérogare. On peut constater que l'offre de restaurants ne s'est toujours pas diversifiée depuis notre dernier passage ici, au mois d'août. On finit par dîner d'un classique sandwich au Tim Hortons puis on embarque dans notre petit avion qui nous mènera, en 1hre30, à Halifax. Quelle n'est pas notre ... read more
En été, ça doit être vraiment sympathique ce quai!
Polly's Cove

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Argyle March 8th 2020

Travelling is one of the most richly awarding experiences that allows you to remove yourself from the stresses of daily life. Whether you’re heading to the beach for the weekend or on a year-long global backpacking adventure, travel can change your life. Most people make the assumption that traveling must be good for health because of its intrinsic benefits. However, is travel good for you? It will please you to know that the next time you travel you will give your health a boost. That’s because travel allows you to broaden your horizons, enjoy new things, and create memories that last a lifetime. Health and personal benefits drawn from travel include increasing cognitive intelligence, relieving stress, and transforming your outlook on life. Technology has also played a part in making travel as stress-free as possible. Planning ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia November 1st 2019

Happy Halloween from the eastern seaboard in the Atlantic! We are currently cruising in 50 mph winds and the boat is rocking & rolling and the surf is pounding outside. It’s very loud but not too bad and not scary or anything. We’ve seen and felt much worse. Though, it is eerie we were in Halifax, Novia Scotia Canada today which is where most of the Titanic bodies are buried. We wanted to visit the Titanic museum today or the cemetery but the cemetery had an emergency shutdown due to rains causing a sinkhole in the cemetery (those people can’t get a break dead or alive) and we learned there is no Titanic museum.. just a small museum with one small titanic exhibit – some pictures, a deck chair from the Titanic, etc. So, today we ... read more
I feel like this moose is flipping off people
He just wanted to go back to bed
A Memorium

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