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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax October 4th 2017

I'm posting from Halifax after spending a couple of days here. Tomorrow we head to Yarmouth, on the southwest end of the Nova Scotia peninsula, where we will board a ferry to cross back over to the US at Portland, Maine. We drove directly from Sydney in Cape Breton to Halifax, about a 4 hour drive. Most of the drive was through the heart of Nova Scotia, which is mostly thick trees and rocky fields, like much of the interior areas of Atlantic Canada. There were some prettier areas as we got along the coast and caught views of the Atlantic Ocean along the eastern coastline. Halifax is a pretty interesting city. Actually, half of the urban area is Halifax (the south side of Halifax Harbor) while the other half is Dartmouth (the north side of ... read more
The Sydney Harbor
Another view of the harbor
Fort Petrie

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia September 1st 2017

Today we (my wife Sheryl and I) left home in Hillsboro, Oregon, to start our next big journey, an 8-week road trip across Canada to the Maritime Provinces, then returning through the U.S. via New England and then along the southern shores of the Great Lakes. We've been to Canada a number of times, but mostly in British Columbia and Alberta, and never further east than Toronto. We're looking forward to traveling across Canada on the Trans-Canada highway and spending time in the cities of Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec before arriving in the Maritimes.... read more

Today we rented kayaks (one double and two singles) and went up the Mersey River in the morning, then on Keji Lake in the afternoon. Keji Lake is fairly large and has a lot of inlets and islands and thank goodness we had a map and there were markers as we managed to get lost anyway, but it could have been worse! We stopped at a beach and the kids played in the water while Rick was going to kayak around two islands, but he realized he wasn’t where he thought, so he returned. The row back to Jake’s Landing was tough. It was the first time we’ve kayaked together and it was a good experience. We kayaked 2 miles each way to the beach plus the river. The Lake water was also brown. Went to ... read more

Drove to Kejimkujik. Keji is also flat. Keji is not on the ocean like our other parks, but has a huge lake. It is also a newer park – about 50 years old – but there wasn’t much built on the land. We stopped for lunch on our drive at a picnic area and were welcomed to Nova Scotia by a colorful woman who was on a driving tour with friends for her birthday week and another man. Very friendly province! Today we hiked to the Mills Falls on the Mersey River. The river is brown. We were able to climb on rocks near the falls and the kids had a lot of fun with the floating bridge over the river. Maggie and Rick made Lu’sknikn – a Mi’kmaw bread – over the campfire. It has ... read more
Rick and Maggie on the Mersey River

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia August 9th 2017

We decided to follow our Garmin GPS recommend route from Edmunston New Brunswick across central New Brunswick to Kouchibouguac National Park. On the map Highway 108 looks like a short cut compared with taking the Trans Canada Highway. In Nova Scotia the 100 series highways are good roads. ...apparently not in New Brunswick. Highway 108 turned out to be 135 km of the worst road we have travelled on our trip across North America. The majority of the road runs through wilderness with no easy way to turn around with the trailer. We encountered a very few cars and noted that they had non- New Brunswick license plates. They must have also been following their GPS advice! We eventually arrived at Kouchibouguac National Park and spent 3 great days camping with Gary's sister Carol, husband Greg ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Tatamagouche August 1st 2017

Mary and Fred, You really went the distance! Thanks for putting up with our quirky ways and making us feel like family. It was not just the Maritime experience; that was something we could have had for ourselves at any hotel. It was all about keeping company with you guys, and we were wowed by that. I'll be honest: I was glad we spent only a couple of days in Halifax. Had I not come by air, I could have floated in on the tide, so strong are my memories of the downtown and the harbour. Even after living there for 22 years, I never did find out where that earthy smell comes from. Roasting spices, right? Otherwise, I knew the whole town by heart, the wispy clouds fraying the edges of the Historic Properties, the ... read more
Outdoor Living

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Digby August 1st 2017

Second day in Digby, was whale watching day. It took two ferries to cross over to Brier Island (which is west of Digby - along Digby neck). We almost missed the first ferry because Ann was chatting it up with the owner of the small cafe near the ferry boat. It costs $7 total for each ferry ride which is pretty reasonable. Each of the ferry rides were short (5-10 mins). We were worried we would miss the ferries which leave on the top of the hour so we left at 9a even though our whale watching tour didn't start until 1p. This gave us time to visit Balancing Rock (a 2 km trail that included A LOT of stairs). It only took us about an hour to do the whole trail including time to stop ... read more
Robb and Sophie at Balancing Rock
Dad at end of Balancing Rock trail
JoSo Ice Cream Break

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Digby July 31st 2017

Thank goodness Dad is an early bird. He woke us up at 4a so we were in the car by 5a. Thank goodness as we forgot about the one hour timezone difference in Atlantic Canada. We paid for 2p ferry crossing and cars are supposed to arrive by 1p. Dad’s early wakeup allowed us to not miss ferry because we missed timezone adjustment! Arrived in Saint John, NB at 1p AT. Refuelled car and joined on of 5 lanes of cars waiting to board the ferry. We weren’t sure which of the 5 lanes to join so we opted for the shortest one beside the lane at the very left reserved for large trucks. Well it seems they board the ferry from lane one … and we were in lane five! It took about 20 minutes ... read more
20170731_161312 Ferry RoAn
At Shoreline Restaurant
Jon and view from restaurant

Chéticamp, Nova Scotia, 5 juillet La célébrissime Cabot Trail se déguste, on s'y attarde, on s'ébaubit et on en redemande! Ces trois cents kilomètres d'une des routes les plus photographiées au monde offrent des paysages magnifiques... Je retrouvai le coin avec bonheur, y étant passé en vitesse il y a sept ans avant de m'embarquer vers Terre-Neuve (sans parler de la visite en famille au milieu des années 1970...). Ingonish (la plage de galets ronds et la Keltic Lodge), White Point (la vue sur la baie d'Aspy, oula!), Cabot's landing (ici, il y a controverse car on prétend aussi à Bonavista, Terre-Neuve, que c'est l'endroit où Giovanni Caboto a découvert le Nord de l'Amérique en 1497) et surtout Meat Cove, ce bout de route et bout du monde où j'ai campé sur la pointe (de là, ... read more

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Sydney July 2nd 2017

Sydney, Nova-Scotia, 2 juillet Une visite à Louisbourg est un formidable voyage dans le temps et approcher cette ville fortifiée dans les brumes du petit matin rend la chose encore plus singulière. L'histoire du lieu témoigne de la dure et sanglante relation entre Français et Britanniques en Amérique au dix-huitième siècle, car nous sommes ici au cœur des luttes territoriales qui marquèrent cette partie du pays. Revenons en arrière; depuis l'installation de Champlain à Québec en 1608, les Français contrôlent ce vaste territoire qu'est la Nouvelle-France et qui inclut les actuelles provinces canadiennes de l'Atlantique. En 1713, à la fin de la Guerre de succession d'Espagne, le traité d'Utrecht fait passer l'Acadie et Terre-Neuve aux mains des Britanniques, ne laissant aux Français que l'île Royale (aujourd'hui île du Cap-Breton) et l'île Saint-Jean (aujourd'hui î... read more

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