Day 14 - Kejimkujik

Published: August 12th 2017
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Today we rented kayaks (one double and two singles) and went up the Mersey River in the morning, then on Keji Lake in the afternoon. Keji Lake is fairly large and has a lot of inlets and islands and thank goodness we had a map and there were markers as we managed to get lost anyway, but it could have been worse! We stopped at a beach and the kids played in the water while Rick was going to kayak around two islands, but he realized he wasn’t where he thought, so he returned. The row back to Jake’s Landing was tough. It was the first time we’ve kayaked together and it was a good experience. We kayaked 2 miles each way to the beach plus the river. The Lake water was also brown. Went to dinner at EJ’s.

Tomorrow we will start our drive home - first we drive to Digby to take the ferry to St. John NB.

Thanks for reading! We've had fun on our Northeast maritime/national park trip!


14th August 2017

enjoyed your blog
great seeing this part of the country with you!

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