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North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Cape Breton » Louisbourg August 30th 2016

Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, 30 August 2016 Our hotel the Louisbourg Fortress Inn also had a nice restaurant so after a tipple of malbec in our hotel room we had dinner over more great conversation. The next morning after packing up, we headed for the highlight of this historic town of Louisbourg. The Fortress of Louisbourg located about a half hour's drive away, is a reconstruction of the 18th century fortified French town whose presence plagued the British colonies of New England. From 2005 they have rebuilt the Fortress City from scratch. Many archaeological digs have occurred over the decades and 1000s of pieces of information uncovered, facilitating the reconstruction of some of the life of the people of the 18th century fortified city. We were bussed to the fortress from the large Visitor’s Centre. After walking ... read more
Louisebourg Fortress on Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia (18)
Louisebourg Fortress on Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia (8)
Louisebourg Fortress on Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia (32)

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Sydney August 30th 2016

Sydney to Truro, to Maitland Nova Scotia, 30 August 2016 After leaving Louisbourg, we drove to Sydney after having lunch in the town of Louisbourg not far from where we stayed the previous night. Sydney is the largest community in Cape Breton, and heart of the Industrial Cape Breton region. Sydney is the main port and largest community on Cape Breton Island, in Nova Scotia. It also serves as the hub of the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (population approx. 100,000), which includes nearby communities such as North Sydney and Glace Bay. The Sydney area has a rich coal mining and industrial history, the remnants of which can be found throughout the region. We stopped mainly to see the world's largest fiddle is located on the waterfront by the Joan Harriss Cruise Ship Pavilion. Along the waterfront ... read more
From Sydney to Truro (38)
Lagest fiddle in the world at Sydney Nova Scotia (1)
Lagest fiddle in the world at Sydney Nova Scotia (2)

Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia, 29 August 2016 From Port Hood we headed for the famous Cabot Trail including around Cape Breton Highlands National Park. One problem, it was raining and we had planned to go for hikes in the highlands. One advantage was that it wasn’t too cold but the wind at photographic stops was strong. I was the keen photographer so battled with the wind but oh it was worth it! The scenery was stunning. On the way we stopped at Grand Etang to visit a very interesting Mask Museum, the Centre de la Mi-careme. Mi-Careme is an ancient tradition developed in France to relieve people of the sacrifices of Lent. Since that time, the event has been lost in several places and modified in others. The Arcadian region of Northern Cape Breton has successfully ... read more
Cabot Trail and Cape Breton Highlands (12)
Cabot Trail and Cape Breton Highlands (10)
Bogs and marshes on Cabot Trail

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Pictou August 28th 2016

Ceilidh Trail - Nova Scotia 28 August We cannot believe we only have a bit more than a week to go before winging our way home after nearly 8 weeks. From time to time, Tom, Sheryl and I reflect on our experiences, what we have seen and the fantastic people we have spoken to. We have also eaten and sipped our way around Canada, sampling their local produce and wine and beer. Nova Scotia was no exception. We left Prince Edward Island across the 14km Confederation bridge, an engineering feet the Canadians are proud of. We wanted to hug the coast along the Arcadia Coastal Drive towards Pictou, rather than on the freeway, but we mixed it up on our way to Cape Breton Island, the eastern part of NS. We stopped at a couple of ... read more
Red Shoe Pub in Mabou (5)
Cape Breton and Ceilidh Trail (56)
Inverness Beach (4)

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia August 19th 2016

Having recently completed a 1300 + kilometer bicycle voyage from Montreal, Quebec to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, I was feeling satisfied but pretty tired and sore. Bev had made her way from Montreal in her black Chevy Sonic hatchback to meet up with me at the end-point of my cycling trip. Together, we had an ambitious plan to explore more of the Maritime Canadian provinces. It’s been quite the privilege to have had the opportunity to explore a good part of the world, but lately I had been having this nagging feeling in the back of my mind about discovering more of my own country. It seems that lots of people want to head off into parts unknown, far away from wherever they call home, and sometimes don't give their own countries enough credit. In my case, ... read more
At Dildo!

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia August 9th 2016

In Nova Scotia we stayed at Scotia Pine Campground that was outside of the town of Truro. We spent some down time here as there was a fire burning to the south so we did not venture that direction or go into Halifax. I think we were just tired from all the going in New Brunswick. I had originally wanted to find a park closer to the north but all of them were full. We went into Truro for dinner at Murphy’s Fish and Chips which was advertised as having the best fish and chips in Canada and I would agree. It was delicious and they also had an outstanding coconut crème pie that I had to try. The restaurant was decorated with all sorts of fishing décor which added to the experience. We drove north ... read more
Parade Pipers
Cabot Trail

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Western Shore July 25th 2016

In the past month Melodeon has been to the 'boat spa' to have her under-parts spiffed up (ground, scraped, pressure washed, osphoed, epoxied and painted) by a dedicated team of volunteers. At the same time all systems except sails have been reviewed and renewed. After a four year hiatus on the hard we are thrilled to say she's in great shape. Apparently R&R in the company of proper lobster boats agreed with her. She went into storage in 2012 just as hurricane Sandy was tearing up the eastern seaboard. She did well in the commercial Shelburne, Nova Scotia boatyard, on high ground inland. One morning this past week she was trailered over to the launching ramp at high tide and plopped into the sea. Predictably the second she floated free of the submerged trailer the south ... read more
How to get back out there?
"Rich men's play toys." LOL
The Art of Coatings

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » Halifax July 24th 2016

I needed a rest from always being on the move for 7 days, and today was just what the doctor ordered. If you happened to read my post from yesterday, you'll remember the movie theater evacuation due to a power outage. They gave me 2 movie vouchers, and since I don't know how widespread this particular movie chain is, I decided to spend my afternoon at the cinema. What a welcomed relief. Since the theater didn't open until 11, I decided to take a morning and relax. Halifax doesn't have a lot of "touristy" things to do, anyway, so I didn't feel bad about that. I had also planned on having a little down time here - I just expected that it would be tomorrow morning. But when the opportunity came, my body and mind told ... read more
Finally got to see it!
Got to see this one, too
Two "free" movie tickets

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » New Glasgow July 22nd 2016

Geo: 45.5918, -62.6434The plan for today was to visit the eastern part of Cape Breton, so off we went at 8:15 AM and 66 degrees. We put Sydney, which is located on the northeast side of the island, into the GPS and at some point she said we would be on Route 4, which was exactly the route we wanted to follow because it hugs the coastline. But after we crossed the bridge onto the island, she pulled a switch on us and sent us up inland highway 2. Because the road signs leave something to be desired, we didn't realize it until it was too late to turn back. So goes the best laid plans…they never seem to happen the way you want them to. So we modified our plan and decided that we would ... read more
St Ann
St Ann
Ferry at St Ann from atop the hill

North America » Canada » Nova Scotia » New Glasgow July 21st 2016

Geo: 45.5918, -62.6434We had a bit of a late start this morning. Since we are staying at this hotel for three nights, I thought we would slow down the pace a bit. So I let Steve sleep when he was dozing, but he also let me sleep while I was dozing. So we got up late. LOL We left the hotel at 8:35 AM and 64 degrees and we headed east toward Cape Breton. We had definite plans for a route today, but the GPS was lost most of the time and we could not seem to read the maps correctly. Consequently, we changed plans twice. However, you really can't make the wrong decision. There is water everywhere with wonderful views.There is road work, BIG TIME, going on everywhere, but I will say, for the most ... read more
St Georges Bay
St Georges Bay from Christy's Look Off
Steve learning all about St. Georges Bay

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