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Europe » Portugal » Central February 17th 2015

hi here in the dinning room at Nazare Hostel..... guppy is not behaving so using the computer here instead. Yes it is Tuesday and a holiday here in Nazare ... due to the carnival.. i think last night woke at 4am to check out the cricket score to find out that New Zealand had beaten Scotland and the drums were still beating out side.... so town was still humming at that stage.... checked the readings for Mass this morning at breakfast time.... so I had some idea what the priest was saying.. will try and do it more often as it sure does help... so up the hill for Mass at 9am and about 15 of us present..... the gospel was read and the sermon given and the prayers of the faithful read then shortly afterwards ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland February 17th 2015

Just a few years ago, a 'city break' meant a lovely hotel, leisurely shopping, bit of culture, fancy restaurant or three, a lot of drinking, late nights, long lie-ins... How times have changed! Daddy had a work thing on the Friday night in Glasgow, so we decided to make a holiday of it and all tag along too. We found a central-ish budget hotel (family rooms aren't cheap you know), but not so central that I felt comfortable taking the kids out in the evening on my own, so while Daddy went out to play, sorry, work, we stayed put, ordered in pizza and had a grand time watching reruns of 'You've Been Framed' until bedtime at 9pm. Bedtime for me too, as being in the one room you can't really stay up while they're trying ... read more
Look no hands! Or legs!
Caution: Men at work
G the builder

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Shropshire » Albrighton February 17th 2015

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29 v 11 We recently received a parcel in the post from special friends in Hastings. They had arranged for UK based Pam Nickson to send us a copy of her new book, her first book, 'Words Behind the Picture'. Pam is a committed Christian and the book details her life including her struggles and how God has not only directed but inspired her art and the writing of this book. It's a great read with fantastic pictures of Pam's art work. If you are interested in finding out more about Pam, her book or her art have a look at Pam's ... read more
The last of our snow
The last of our snow
The last of our snow

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice February 16th 2015

During the carnival season I am feeling constant nostalgic about our trip that we took a few years ago in Venice, one of the most romantic city on earth. We went during the carnival, that attracted thousands of people from different countries - who enjoyed the life together in this magical city. At this time people celebrate the life itself and happiness - it was fantastic to see childen and adults, parents and grandparents together smiling at each other- in spite of the fact that all streets and squares were so crowded. The atmosphere were magical, I felt like we returned to the past when I saw the fancy costumes that people had. It was really incredible to see masked people - it didn't matter who you are - you could hide your face behind your ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa February 16th 2015

I arrived safely this morn after a non eventful and non productive (sleep wise) flight over the Atlantic. Lisbon is classic European with narrow cobblestone streets lined with 4 story buildings and churches abutted to each other. It's been 7 years since last being in Europe although I feel a calm sense of belonging. Missing are the skyscrapers, heavy traffic, box stores, and rush to be somewhere. Not to mention the cold (it was 15° today - sorry had to rub it in). Gained are the numerous pedestrian streets, large plazas with fountains and statues where people meet or just hang out, as well as numerous sidewalk cafes where people sip coffee or vinho and watch leisurely as life passes by. Now I realize many of you have witnessed this way of life and it tough ... read more

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Alhaurin el Grande February 16th 2015

We arrived in Spain on Friday 16thJanuary to wonderfully warm, sunny weather – that lasted until the Sunday when it rained all day and the temperature dropped down to 10c through the days and 4c at night! Cold!!! The rain also brought snow to a lot of Spain and when the good weather returned on the following Wednesday we were treated to beautiful clear views of the valley, ringed with the snow topped mountains! Lots of good walks planned and Chris did a 17km walk up to Pico Alcaparain @ (1293 metres (approx. 4,000’). Plenty of scary, vertigo moments on the walk apparently, so glad I didn’t do it!! There was also a walk (in the misty rain!!) at the Montes de Malaga so unfortunately there weren’t many views but a fantastic meal afterwards at the ... read more
The Boardwalk at La Cala
Malaga Carnival
San Pedro with La Concha in background! Chris' next challenge!

Europe » Portugal » Central February 16th 2015

Hi Monday evening 7.20PM and here in the dinning room at Nazare hostel. Just finished tea so am feeling full but comfortable. Pasta tomatos sardines green pepper and a salad mix . Next mutiny do the dishes. A bit cool and no heating here in the dinning room but there is heating in the bedrooms. Good to hear this morning that Ireland beat the West Indies in the cricket world cup so hope New Zealand do well against Scotland tonight.... also tonight Preston North End take on Manchester United in a f.a. cup clash so will be keeping an eye on that score. Having breakfast got through to Mum. She been done to see Yvonne Rowland who is not well at present... Mary her daughter picked Mum up and John her son brought Mum home.... and ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisboa February 16th 2015

In my haste to deal with the dirty laundry I had accumulated while in Africa I rushed put on a washer load when I arrived here in Lisboa. Much to my chagrin my pants still held my passport in the pocket. My passport is now much cleaner, soggier and fainter as a result. A limp mess currently which I am trying to amend with paper towels and pressure. What are my odds of returning with that document (sheepishly) in hand when I hit Canadian customs? Time will tell. G... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England February 15th 2015

We meandered 42 km to Ely by bike along national cycle route 11. Our trusty guide Constanze kept us off all main roads - most of the cycling was on quiet paths along the canals or through the fens. It was very easy going (we took 3 hours) on a completely flat route - very doable for anyone with a bike! The cathedral was very impressive, but it seemed like something was missing... apparently Oliver Cromwell removed all of the statues and faces that normally stand in enclaves in buildings like this, because it didn't suit the new Church of England. The choir was rehearsing when we were inside the Cathedral, which added to the atmosphere. Afterwards we enjoyed a pint in the pub and took the train home!... read more
Constanze's favourite donkeys
Cycling through the fens

Europe » Germany February 15th 2015

Net over de grens in Duitsland is het Biotop Wildpark Anholter Schweiz. Op 15 februari gaan we daar eens een kijkje nemen, het is ruim 1 1/2 uur rijden (via de A12 langs Arnhem en dan via Zevenaar de grens over. Hierna is het nog maar een klein stukje naar het dorp Isselburg, waar het park is gevestigd. "Biotoopwildpark Anholter Schweiz" "We moeten ons zeker eens tegenkomen........!!!" Etalage van de natuur Tijdens het tijdperk van de "Engelse Tuin" bouwde in 1893 Vorst Leopold zu Salm-Salm als herinnering aan zijn huwelijksreis een kopie van het Vierwoudsteden Meer, compleet met een Zwitsers chalet en een rotslandschap. De stenen en het hout werden vanuit Zwitserland met boten en met door paarden getrokken wagens hierheen gebracht. Naar aanleiding van het 100 jarig bestaan werd de onder monumentenzorg staande Engelse Tuin ... read more

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