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Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Zizkov April 29th 2015

I can't believe my time in Prague is over so quickly! There really is so much to do, and so much that I didn't do. Of course, that doesn't mean that I slept the whole time, though. The last 36 hours have been VERY full. Just sit back and let me tell you a story... First off, I didn't write a blog post yesterday, though it was certainly a full day, because most of the day I spent finishing my final paper for TCU this semester. I submitted it around 1:30PM, which may not seem like most of the day, but it is when you're writing a paper and get up at 5 AM. The rain had died down enough by 3 PM for me to venture out of my hotel room. I was hungry, so ... read more
Marionette Theater presents Mozart's "Don Giovanni"
Old Town from the Old Town Hall Tower
Old Town Square from above

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome April 29th 2015

Tuesday 28 April Last full day in London on Friday and Heather and Zachary headed off to go to the Princess Diana Memorial Playground. Heather was also keen to take Zachary to the Natural History Museum but Zachary surprisingly wasn’t keen – he is usually very keen to see dinosaurs. However he is tired and his cold hasn’t helped so that was all good. It didn’t start too well when he face-planted and split open his lip. He has also put a bit of a hole in one hand and it has become a bit infected. But he got over it and was there for ages. Meanwhile I headed back to Trafalgar Square and then walked down Whitehall, hoping to be able to go for a stroll down Downing St. However, pedestrian access is limited and ... read more

Europe » Malta » Malta » Sliema April 28th 2015

This morning the tour group rode to the south side of the island of Malta to see the World Famous Blue Grotto. I'm not sure how many Blue Grottoes there are in the world, but this is one of them. We didn't get to do the boat ride into the grotto or through the natural arch because the seas were too rough today, but we had a nice view from the cliff (see picture). Next we visited Mosta, which boasts a church with the third largest unsupported dome in the world (see picture). From there we went to view the catacombs in Rabat (see picture). These catacombs are not nearly as extensive as the ones I have seen in Rome, but on the other hand, I was allowed to take pictures. Uncle Jim and I shared ... read more

Europe » Spain April 28th 2015

Dzis odwiedzielismy teneryfskiego lekarza. Był juz omanski i marokanski, a dzis niemiecka pani doktor w hiszpańskiej klinice. Rzęziła Trzylatka, a dzis zaczął w nocy rzęzić Łełko, wiec rozpytalam w aptece i zadzwoniłam do lokalnego Medicoveru. Próby porozumienia z ubezpieczycielem okazaly sie zupelna porazka, bo jak mi w koncu po godiznie podali namiar na lekarza, to okazalo sie, ze to internista a nie pediatra. Wszytko elegancko, wizyta za 2 godziny. Wzięłam sto euro do kieszeni, z myślą, ze powinno na lekarza dla dwójki starczyć. Jakie było moje zdziwienie, gdy okazało sie, ze to nawet za jedno za mało. Mam nadzieje, ze pieniądze z ubezpieczenia uda sie jednak odzyskać, bo ukojenie matczynych nerwów kosztowało w sumie 280 Euro. Wizyta dla dwójki nie trwała 10 minut. Żadne z dzieci nie musiało sie nawet rozebrać. Nebulizacja? "W Hiszpanii nie znają, ... read more

Europe » Germany April 28th 2015

28.04. - 10.05.2015 Baltikum 730 km, Mü - Egestorf, 9,5 Std (zwei Pausen), Wetter: 5°, starker Regen, Wind - max. 15°, Sonne, Wind - 5°, Schauer, starker Seitenwind Die Nacht vor der Abfahrt war sehr langweilig, weil ich vergessen hatte, wie Einschlafen geht. Als der Wecker um 6.00 läutete war ich daher noch wach und konnte zügig mit den letzten Vorbereitungen beginnen. Die letzte halbe Stunde vor dem Weckerläuten war es schon hell und ich lauschte den Vögeln. Zwitschern Vögel auch bei Regen? Höre ich Autos durch Pfützen plätschern? - Mit anderen Worten: Wie ist das Wetter? Ein Blick aus dem Fenster sagte alles: Sauwetter. Und auch noch saukalt. Also musste ich schnell umdisponieren - hatte es doch am Tag davor noch 25° gehabt. Zusätzlich zu den normalen Socken holte ich noch die wasserdichten Socken heraus. ... read more

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice April 28th 2015

Unfortunately it was still wet this morning, but seemed to be showing some sign of easing? After breakfast we settled our account with Donatello and headed off to the Galleria dell'Academia with our pre-purchased tickets for 9.00am entry. Although Donatello is expecting new guests today he doesn't have anyone allocated to our room so we are able to store our bags in the room until we leave early this afternoon. With the rain falling there were colourful umbrellas everywhere so we tried to capture some interesting rainy day shots with umbrellas the stand out feature. When we reached the Galleria dell'Academia there were queues everywhere. They didn't seem to be as well organised as the Uffizi Gallery, with people generally confused about which queue they should be in. Even with our pre-purchased ticket for 9.00am it ... read more
Gallerie dell'Accademia
Duomo side view
Duomo from the bell tower

Europe » Spain » Andalusia » Torrox April 28th 2015

Woolly says – having spent a few days pacing friend Dale took pity on me and agreed to act as chauffeur. What about Jo I hear you cry, well we all know she can drive (especially me around the bend) but I think Graham was a little sceptical about her driving his sports machine and having discussed her need to circumnavigate a roundabout at least four times before deciding which exit to attack not to mention her complete lack of directional skills we were in total agreement that Dale should drive. I’m not that bad, the real reason that my small travel companion fails to mention is that I’m not insured for the vehicle and while we sort that out we were very grateful that Dale seemed to enjoy his new found role. Woolly says – ... read more
A ceramic Story
A moment of quiet
Admiring the scenery

Europe » Italy » Emilia-Romagna » Parma April 28th 2015

A jigsaw puzzle that is Castell Arquato Can you imagine the perfect Italian hilltop town? Well you need to start with a jigsaw puzzle. The perfect picture of the Tuscan or Umbrian hillside town is on the box. A Rocca. A palazzo publicco and a pretty Romanesque church . All you need to do is find all the pieces and put them together to form the jigsaw picture . We drove into Castell Arquato and saw the hilltop medieval town from the distance. As always it bodes well . But you need to open the box and see the pieces within. Will they make up the perfect picture ? The first thing you need to do is find all the straight pieces and put them to one side . Castell Arquato has all the pieces from ... read more
The Rocca
The perfect town hall and square

Europe » Ireland » County Cork April 28th 2015

I got back to the car and headed toward Kinsale - the gourmet capital of Ireland. It is a quaint little fishing town which took ten to fifteen minutes to walk around. The hardest decision was choosing where to have lunch. After lunch I headed back through Cork towards Blarney so I could visit the Blarney Castle and Blarney Stone. The grounds are amazing and perfectly kept and the castle is equally impressive. There were around 100 steps to the top to the Blarney Stone. The actual kissing of the stone is awkward you have to lie on your back hold onto two metal bars behind your head and then hang your head back. I was lucky all the girls ahead of me chickened out so I didn't have to wait. I finished exploring the castle, ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin April 28th 2015

I arrived in Dublin around 4pm and headed to the city centre where I found my way to the hostel. After dumping my bags I headed out for an early dinner at the Indian restaurant just down the road and then went to bed. The next morning I headed out to walk around and explore and ended up having to duck into a shopping centre to buy an umbrella as there was heavy rain. After about two hours of walking around, my shoes leaking and the backs of my jeans soaked I decided I couldn't be bothered being a tourist anymore and headed into the shopping centre to waste the afternoon. I got a microwave meal from the supermarket while I was out so I didn't have to go out in the rain. The next morning ... read more

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