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Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 4th 2015

Its Sunday and a free day for the group so a few of us decided to take the opportunity to visit the Gamla Ullevi football stadium home to IFK Gothenburg along with 3 other teams - GAIS, Orgryte IS and the Sweden womens national football team. Looking into the tickets it was interesting to discover they have a standing area and a dedicated singing area where you are expected to make noise and encourage the team at all times - something I know they have discussed in the English Premier League. There were not many tickets left when we arrived and had the choice of the standing area or a seated area for more general support, we decided on the seats and were really pleased we did more on that later on. The stadium itself holds ... read more

Europe October 4th 2015

What a glorious site....... nope it wasn't the sun.....but it was a market and was cheered ourselves up with what we thought was ordering lots of tapas and lovely bottle of rioja......masseeve languistines.....8.........bowl of mussels. Anchovies and olives......roasted vegetables......bread and cheese........ I made the mistake of going to loo and letting maria order......... lol. I gave her a stern telling off of course........especially once we got the bill...... fabulous atmosphere and lovely market but it meant we missed the opera and flamenco show which was a shame because we were both looking forward to it but didn't like the idea of get lost again in the metro service that night. So agreed to cagch a show elsewhere (won't have opera with it though so bit of shame) but had been such a long day.......the ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto October 4th 2015

I set off for another life abroad on September 20, 2015. This time, my end destination was Ourense, Spain to be an English teaching assistant. But the cheapest plane tickets took me first to Porto, in Northern Portugal. No, I’d never heard of it either, even though it’s the second-largest city in Portugal and the namesake of Port wine. Once I booked my tickets, I was pretty chaotically continuing to work my multiple jobs and prepare for Spain, so I wasn’t exactly ‘excited’, just more focused on details. But when I started researching for my 1.5 days in Porto, I truly started to get motivated. And, it was way better than my high expectations! (Although the pictures are sub-par and not really representative of the sum total!) My flights were with an economy Portuguese airline, SATA, ... read more
Near Bolhao
Capela Das Almas
True Colors of Capela Das Almas

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 4th 2015

October 4,2015 Wet to our bones! Even the ant in the picture doesn't like it. Welcome to Galicia which is known to give rain more often. I do have to give thanks that we have only had 3 days of rain, 2 difficult. Today's travel was from Portomarin to Palas de Rei. The path was good in that it was not as challenging as a lot of them having a sand/gravel base. Unfortunately it was raining for most of the 4 hours on the trail. Early on it was only misting with lots of fog but it didn't take long to soak us. Some of the trail was sheltered with trees but more of the trail was open allowing the wind and rain to get to our bones. It is now 9pm and our shoes are ... read more

Europe » Netherlands October 4th 2015

Holland! We arrived yesterday after about a two hour drive North from Brussels. Ilse and AB’s place is beautiful with a view of the ocean and Pier, dunes and city. Scheveningen used to be a fishing village and it is absolutely beautiful. Jackie and I walked the pier and boardwalk (which they call the boulevard). There was restaurant after restaurant with open deck areas and tables with propane fires, couches and beds, that’s right, beds. They serve you as you relax looking at the ocean or you can go chill on the beds on the beach and get served there. I fell in love with the whole culture of this place. There was modern art along the boulevard as we walked, bicycles everywhere, ocean with an amazing beach, new and old buildings. Perfect. We stopped and ... read more
The Kurhaus
morning mist

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome October 4th 2015

By Bella On Sunday we did lots of things . In the morning we had breakfast and then we met mum at the Spanish steps. We went to the Trevi fountain. It was being being repaired. We then had lunch at a cool place near the pantheon. and we saw the Pinocchio toy shop. We had lots of photos in the Pinocchio model with the long nose! We then walked back to the apartment along the river it was really stinky. We went on a merry go round and got 3 goes on it and we also went on a jumping castle. We then had our last dinner in Rome. I had margarita and Zoe had pasta.that she didn't like it. We then bought toys that fly in the night on the ways home before that ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík October 4th 2015

I’ve really been getting into the solo-travel hostel life. It's nice to just park your backside in the hostel cafe and chat to whoever about their travels, it often ends up with the whole cafe involved. It didn’t take long for me to realise that Iceland is just too expensive for my budget and anything other than eating, sleeping and walking is pretty much out the window. I spent all day Monday walking along the waterfront and back through the city. The mountains on the other side of the bay are stunning and quite a few Icelanders have said to me that once the mountains turn white, summer is over. Well, in the time I’ve been here they've certainly become white. I stopped off for lunch at a cheap but tasty Vietnamese place and found a ... read more
IR Skokk running club
Laugardalur Swimming Pool
Hallgrímskirkja Church

Europe October 4th 2015

Left barcelona with bags piled high and eventually bought our ticket to madrid by buying 4 stop renfe pass......queuing to get on train and saw an obviously incompetent man with a man a suitcase and a buggy with 2 year old child trying to get on train..... angelic head takes over and i hold his son ti help him out ....... i safely get him on board but fall between the steps and the platform myself......maria assures me there was a collective gasp around the whole station and if she hadnt stuck her hand on my bum i would have fallen between the train and the station platform late afternoon. Paid €16 for 2 lovely big gin and tonics in busy student square.....very lively. Very expensive lol. Apartment tiny but central and cute. Checking out ... read more

Europe » France » Centre » Saint-Satur October 4th 2015

After our night on the ranch we picked up our morning supply of croissants and baguettes before hitting the road for Saint Satur a tiny sleepy village sandwiched between the Loire and a canal. On our way we passed the test track for Michelin Tyres at Clermont Ferrand. Over the hedge we could see a ribbon of tarmac covered with water and a van tearing round at breakneck speed. Now that looked like fun. I think Suzy would have enjoyed that careering round a speed track. We arrived at our campspot a Flower camp in the tiny sleepy Loire town of Saint Satur. It was sleepy o'clock time and the camp staff were just shutting the doors of reception. Park up anywhere and come back at 3pm to pay. They let us in and we drove ... read more
The canal by day
The canal

Europe » Greece October 4th 2015

We finally have a morning where we can take our time rising and shining. I was perhaps not keeping up with Sharon who seemed to be in a hurry to get to mass. She urged me, “It’s Sunday, we need to go and get a seat!” I gave her that “Please, there are going to be plenty of seats this early in the morning!” look with my eyes. “Well I’m going now, I’ll save you a seat if I can,” and off she went. I followed about five minutes later and arrived about five minutes before the hour and lo, there were, count them, five people in the room. I whispered to Sharon, “Thanks for saving me a seat!” More people eventually did arrive, and there were perhaps two dozen worshippers in all. Father Schaut talked ... read more

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