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Europe » Spain May 22nd 2015

The trek from Burgos to Hornillos was good. It was a fairly level trail today; chilly but reasonably comfortable. I actually needed to break out the down vest and gloves. I caught some storks in the nest on the way out of Burgos. Green vegetation as far as you can see and interesting remants of construction that asks to tell it's story. I have now entered the meseta. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 22nd 2015

No...we didn't bump into Phil Collins, though he is a West Londoner like us. Su Sussudio! The weather was better than I can ever remember from London and it was perfect for the day we'd planned. We were advised to get to the London Eye early to try to beat the perennial queues. We dissappear down the escalator in Paddington and pop up at Westminster. The first thing we see as we emerge into the sunlight is Big Ben and Parliament. "Look kids! Big Ben and Parliament" (Clark Griswold, 1985). No Jacket Required was released in 1985 as well. What a year! It's an ominous and grand peice of architecture and worth spending more time appreciating and exploring but we have an eye to catch and other tourists to get in front of. We eventually hit ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 22nd 2015

A morning run in each city has become a ritual I hope to continue around the world. I actually detest running and would rather be on two wheels, but when you have such interesting and beautiful running tracks it's not too bad. We did a big one this morning - 3.5kms! We may have had a few stops. The obligatory selfies gave me a breather and a fellow tourist asked me to take a photo of her that turned into 4 bloody photos in four sexy poses. Talk about pushing the friendship. We ran around the Serpentine and stopped at the Serpentine Lido where local saddists were doing laps in what has to be pretty chilly water. All this physical activity so early got the blood pumping and bodily functions in motion. Let's just say it ... read more

Europe » Germany May 22nd 2015

Today I have been driving along the gorgeous Rhine valley. The stretch of the river between Bingen and Koblenz is reckoned to be the most scenic because of the steep banks and many castles. There are also quaint little towns like Bacharach with its hillside vineyards (see picture). I passed the famous outcropping known as the Lorelei (see picture). I think there was an opera written about the legend of the river maiden who sings a siren song that tempts unwary sailors onto the rocks. I stopped in Saint Goar to explore the once-mighty Rheinfels Castle. It is a ruin now (see picture), but the views from there are still magnificent (see pictures). It is a treat to sit by the Rhine and watch the boat traffic go up and downstream. Set against a backdrop of ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam May 22nd 2015

One thing I didn't know before we came to Amsterdam was how much bikes are used here. They are everywhere being ridden by people of all ages. Compared to those in the US, the bike lanes here are very wide. Most are wide enough to drive a car on. It is a no-no to stroll down the bike lane and it is very important to be alert before trying to cross one. Fortunately, the locals are more than happy to provide instructions if you aren't paying attention. Today we did some more exploring along the many canals in Amsterdam. Also, while our visit to the Belgium Resistance Museum was still fresh in our minds we decided to visit the Dutch Resistance Museum. This one was very well done. They focused on people who were colaborators, those ... read more
View of a canal near our hotel
Wooden locks
Child seat basket on a bike

Europe » Austria » Salzburg May 22nd 2015

Friday 22ndMay. I am conscious that I am now in the last week of my vacation, and the low clouds every day, and rain most of the time here in Salzburg, are frustrating. I am not seeing the mountain-scape. My plan for the day was to take the train from Obertraun as far as Bad Ischl, the railway station there has luggage lockers, then to leave my suitcase there and take the bus to St Wolfgang to ride the Schafbergbahn rack railway to the top of the mountain. On arriving in Bad Ischl, I discovered all the luggage lockers were out of service, and the weather was deteriorating. I phoned the Schafbergbahn and they told me that it was very cold, windy, snowing and raining at the top and they had cancelled some of their trains, ... read more
School at Strobl

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London May 22nd 2015

I have walked five hundred miles and I could walk five hundred more. But if I just jog a couple of miles, I wake up and my legs are sore! And my head's not the best either. Big night on the town with Phillo last night and he did not disappoint. Some of his colleagues suggested a restaraunt in Bermondsey (near London Bridge) and we made our way back to South London for a night out. The restaraunt was Village East - very cool with great food. Jules had squid, I had quail and Phillo ordered Salmon and all were devine. We also had arancini balls and lamb for starters. After a celebratory cocktail and a bottle of red, Phillo had a plan to go up the Shard. 17 years ago I would have been reluctant ... read more

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Herleshausen May 22nd 2015

Tuesday morning we drove through the beautiful German countryside towards Herleshausen, the town in Germany where Curtis' mom still has family, and with whom we would be staying for the next 9 days. We followed the map, taking a number of different roads, winding our way towards Herleshausen. Upon entering the town, Curtis attempted to rely on his memory of where his aunt and uncle lived. Well after 20 minutes of driving around in circles we found the Tourist Information booth, however it was closed. We continued to drive around again. After fruitless attempts, we finally stopped to ask a gentleman on the street. It turned out that he was the local pastor and instead of trying to give us verbal directions he hopped in the car and we drove him to his house. Once there ... read more
Brandenburg Ruins
Oma Marie's House

Europe » Sweden May 22nd 2015

Texte en francais après l'espagnol.... Es tiempo de dejar a Copenhague en Dinamarca para pasar una nueva frontera. Sera para mi la numero 63 ! En la pagina del blog pueden ver un mapa del mundo. Los paisez en azul son los donde vivi y los coloradoson los por donde pasé o visité... Tomamos el camino para Malmo tomando el puente-tunnel del Oresund por mas o menos veinte kilometros. Una vez pasado este puente la arquitectura cambia del todo comparado a Dinamarca. Aqui estamos realmente en el siglo 21... Calatrava (el architecto del puente de la mujer en Puerto Madero) paso por aqui tambien. Hizo la Turning Torso, torre de 190 m de alto con 54 pisos y con 147 departamentos. Lund : linda ciudad que se encuentra al corazon de la historia de Escandinavia nos ... read more
à croquer !
à l'horizon du pont de l'Oresund
arrivée aux pierres levées

Europe » France » Picardy May 21st 2015

Sunday 17 May 2015 Today was for driving from our accommodation near Beauvais to Rouen. This Is a relatively short distance so we took the advice of our knowledgeable host and decided to stop and explore the village of Gerberoy en route. Gerberoy completes a triangle formed with Amiens and Beauvais. Our trusty GPS friend kept us on the back roads as we left gently sloping fields of green crops growing right up to the road edge and headed into wooded hills. The fresh spring green all around us on this sunny day made the drive a real pleasure. We passed through many villages and soon were approaching Gerberoy. Before we entered the little town we found a handy car parking area under shady trees, already occupied by a number of vehicles. With some expert reversing ... read more

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