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Going to Sicily?

Site reccommendation
12 years ago, August 24th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #142325  
Hello, everyone! 😊

I'm just popping in here to recommend a great site (http://www.flyingtosicily.com/) for anyone interested in traveling to Sicily and has no idea how to go about starting their planning. This really isn't meant to sound too much like a shameless advertisement (I promise ;DDD), but I had a great experience with not only the site, but with the webmaster, who was helpful and really knowledgeable. This place is fairly new and as such, I found out that business isn't booming yet, so, seeing as I know the site deserves it, I'd like to do a good deed and uh, spread the word and hopefully bring in a few more prospective clients. 😉 The site's pretty much the ultimate online planner, helping you with customized accommodation, transport to, from and in Sicily, restaurants, day trips, attraction visits, etc.

Okay, that's all. Thank you for listening! Reply to this

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