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Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Antrim » Belfast October 7th 2015

Het is wel mooi geweest, dunkt me – en aan de teruglopende bezoekerscijfers te zien bent u dat met me eens, beste lezer. Een jaar lang heeft u mijn avonturen in deze vreemde stad kunnen volgen. Inmiddels zijn we de kalender rond, heb ik steeds minder te vertellen en heeft u wel andere dingen aan uw hoofd dan de zoveelste update uit Belfast. Zelfs de snedige commentaren van Hans Perfors blijven tegenwoordig achterwege, en dan weet je als blogger dat je de uiterste houdbaarheidsdatum gepasseerd bent. Nou vooruit, nog eentje dan… Om het af te leren. En omdat er toch altijd nog wel een paar dingen te vertellen zijn. In juli/augustus was het ons gelukt voor enkele weken aan het Ierse klimaat te ontsnappen door het snikhete Kroatië en het subtropische Nederland aan te doen. De ... read more
Mooi weer op de campus.
Het oude gerechtshof.
De tunnel van het gerecht naar het gevang.

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Polignano a Mare October 7th 2015

what I say except it's like walking around in a postcard! we left London a few days ago and arrived in Bari Italy which is a thirty minute train ride to what was our main destination! Bari is a port town located on the tip of the heel of Italy on the Adriatic Sea. Often called the breadbasket of Italy, or the jewel of Italy. Bari itself was okay, the old town was very pretty and our hotel was just beautiful! Leslie and walked around upon arriving in search of a drink and maybe a bite of food. It was quite busy with all the Italians enjoying a stroll and chatting on all the corners with friends. We found a small cafe/bar and managed to squeeze in and order drinks in our limited Italian. We spent ... read more
Beach walkway
Stunning view on the other end of town
Lovely old building

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 7th 2015

Its crazy to think we are now mid way through the final week and as the group suspected the time seems to be flying by but as every day has been so diverse we are absorbing so much information I think by the end of this week we may be at full capacity but the knowledge we have gained throughout the programme is amazing. As the responsible adult (there is a first time for everything) I was given the task of getting us to Lillhagsparken Sodra for our morning session and Robin had left me clear instructions on which bus to take and the correct stop to reach our venue - unfortunately I failed miserably and we ended up getting off a stop too early meaning we had a 10min walk to final meet Robin. I ... read more

Europe » Italy October 7th 2015

We had no trouble finding a place to eat in the Lido this morning. I tracked down the tiny cups of Swiss muesli by the coffee in the cross-section between starboard and port serving sides. I took three and poured them into a single bowl, berries and all. Sharon just got potatoes and toast because the French toast wasn’t cooked the last time she had tried them. Moving through the arrivals terminal we saw the luggage of many of our fellow travelers neatly arranged in color coded groups, ready for collection by departing passengers to clear customs and passport controls. Some of the people leaving the ship here in Venice and who had flights later in the day were joining us on our tour to Murano and Burano. We walked to the floating docking pier for ... read more
Glass Blower finishing up a horse
Chandeliers in Glass Blowing Factory
Lighthouse on Murano

Europe » France » Centre » Beaugency October 7th 2015

Our time on holiday is coming to an end sadly. The weather is still holding out but the mornings are feeling a slight more chillier. The evenings are getting darker by the day. Neither of us is looking forward to going home as all of a sudden we seem to be finding a good deal of things to do. Having said that we have already rung the Chunnel to rebook our return journey. We have paid a further £16 to move the booking from Wednesday next week to the same time but on the Tuesday. The choice is trying to find things to do and pay another nights fee on a campsite and we feel that the £16 is well worth spent. We had planned to stop on a camperstop we had identified in the Camperstop ... read more
Romanesque church
pretty stained glass

Europe » Spain October 7th 2015

Jerez - took 1.5 hours on train from Seville. Some lovely countryside. Great train journeys. Electric sockets. Lots of leg room. Film and earphones given to watch (in Spanish though) )lol. Fair refreshments. Arrived in Tryp Hotel. Lovely guy on reception gave us lots of local info......much more helpful people here.... he gave us a route of 9 Tabancos (aka bodegas). Found no 1. Tabankino on Calle Idiolas. Fantastic place highly recommend. Lots of info on sherries and tapas. Suggested a pale cream sherry with ice and sour orange....leave for 10 mins......absolutely delightful......the orange taste to the sweetness of the sherry was fantastic.....he then sold us some blue cheese made with goats milk as tapas and some dried and cured tuna.......then vermouth made with sherry and added a slice of orange.........totally delightful. Be led by Keeno ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Santorini October 6th 2015

Well we arrived here two days ago. Two hours on a fast ferry from Agaios Nickolasios What a wonderful place this is ... Especially how the towns are created high above the ocean... And the road up from the port well that is something else ... Yesterday we walked down to the old port ( still used by cruise liners ) walk , donkey , or cable car ... We walked had to be done got some great share with you !!! Tomorrow going on a Archaeological tour ... Really looking forward to that...... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Twickenham October 6th 2015

Ik was al maanden van plan om een laatste blog te schrijven ter afsluiting van mijn ‘Nele in Miami’-blog. Wegens verschillende omstandigheden die ik straks uit de doeken zal doen was het er tot nu toe nog niet van gekomen. Eindelijk kan ik nu even een ontspannende pauze nemen en mijn blog afsluiten zodat het tenminste een mooi afgerond geheel vormt. Even flashbacken naar juni! Mijn laatste weken in Miami waren enorm emotioneel. Ik moest van iedereen afscheid nemen: Cara, Russ en Amber; Psolomon; Amanda en Jack; alle klasgenoten en leerkrachten die ik heb leren kennen aan de University of Miami die ik waarschijnlijk nooit meer ga terugzien, … Ik ben heel slecht in afscheid nemen en het was een moeilijke periode voor mij. Uiteraard wist ik voor ik vertrok naar Miami dat ik mensen ging ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 6th 2015

We had a cancellation in the programme today and as I have such a caring employer they have provided me with all the tools I need to continue working from here I have taken the opportunity to catch up on things at home - a great example of remote working in full effect. So our apprentices have taken the time to provide their feedback on the programme so far: “The first week in Sweden has been fantastic, seen and done some amazing things! Couldn’t be any more grateful for this brilliant opportunity I have been given. Everything we have done has been so interesting I have many highlights through the trip but the science museum is my favourite activity we have done as a group, I have never see anything like it! I had a great ... read more

Europe October 6th 2015

I left Ulaanbaatar and flew to Amsterdam, with a short stop at Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport. The original plan was to stay in the Netherlands for three to four weeks and look for a summer-job in Italy or Spain, but due to family reasons I decided to stay longer. I stayed just outside Rotterdam and I have to admit that it felt like being at home because I lived for 6 years in the city. Rotterdam is the second largest city in the country with about 650 000 inhabitants. The city was bombed by the Germans during the Second World War, therefore it has a modern skyline nowadays.I met many friends and acquaintances during my stay in the country, several of them after more than 6 years and several of them appear in my prior blog-entries. I ... read more
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Rotterdam, Netherlands

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