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Weiter geht’s auf Orkney! Der erste Stop des Tages war das legendäre Skara Brae, ein neolithisches Dorf, das noch älter ist als die Pyramiden von Gizeh. Absolut unglaublich! Jedes Haus war praktisch gleich aufgebaut und enthielt neben einer Feuerstelle auch einen Schrank und Betten aus Stein. Ich frage mich, wie groß die Menschen damals waren, denn die Häuser waren sehr klein. Neben den Originalen haben sie noch ein Haus in etwas größer nachgebaut, in das man reingehen konnte. Leider war es wieder sehr voll. Das hätte ich von Orkney nie erwartet, so weit weg von allem es liegt. Skaill House, das Zuhause des Lairds, der damals die ersten Hinweise auf Skara Brae gefunden hatte, konnten wir auch noch besuchen. Weiter ging es zum Broch of Gurness, einer Eisenzeitsiedlung. Da... read more
Skara Brae
Skara Brae
Broch of Gurness

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam July 18th 2019

Today we start a stint away from hot weather and beaches as we make our way to Amsterdam. Corfu airport is totally chaotic. As we drop off our trusty little hire car, a long line of busses pulls up outside the arrivals area, and what feels to us like thousands of people are now packing themselves into the small terminal and spilling out onto the footpath outside. We join a queue, but soon find that we should only be in it if we want to go to Bristol. I’m sure that Bristol’s a very nice place, but it’s not on our agenda for today. A Russian sounding lady with a very loud voice is barking orders at everyone, trying to get them into the right check-in queues. If the queue for their flight isn’t open yet ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Ålesund July 18th 2019

Getting close to the Arctic Circle in the summer can only mean one thing (for me) - getting up at 3.15am for the sunrise! Hooray! I peered out of the porthole above my pillow and could see a sliver of pink between the mid blue of the sea and sky. It had been a bit dim last night, but not properly dark. Glyn wasn’t so keen at leaving a warm bed to stand on a windy deck, but as always, I knew better. We climbed up the many stairs of the silent ship, passing occasional staff cleaning pictures and other important jobs that can’t wait for a decent hour to be done. Like the majority of the ship, the front of Deck 10 was empty except for the sun loungers we’d dragged across yesterday. We were ... read more

Europe » Norway » Western Norway » Avaldsnes July 18th 2019

Cruise day 4 A golden tour from Andalsnes and two annoying Maitre Ds July 18th 2019 Today was a pokey-stick-day. I have no idea where Claire gets her pokey sticks from but she manages to find one everywhere we go. Today she began poking me with her latest at 3:15am. Yes, that’s am. 3:15 in the morning. But I got up and we headed up on deck for what turned out to be quite a decent sunrise so I’m glad I persuaded Claire to join me. We were cruising down a fjord and so there were some decent photos to be had in the peace and quiet. Surprisingly not many other people joined us....only three in fact....maybe Claire has all the pokey sticks.... After a couple more hours sleep we got up properly and ate a ... read more

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Eindhoven July 17th 2019

We must still be somewhat jet lagged. I slept until 10am today. Today we went to market, on 18 Septemberplein, named after the day Eindhoven was liberated by the Canadians. By all accounts, this mid-week market is a small one. Usually the Saturday markets are larger. Yet we found many interesting things, like several cheese stands, fish stands, vegetable & fruit stands, and many textile stands. Also a McDonalds of course, who charge only €0.30 for a pee. Sellers scream out their wares to attract the attention of the many passersby. Not having had lunch and Marion needing her regular meals, we tried some of the Kibbeling, everyone’s favourite here by the looks of it. Kibbeling is chunks of cod tongues deep fried to perfection, with a side of tartar sauce. No fries, no veggies, just ... read more
Home of PSV
Store on 18 Septemberplein
Cheese, cheese and more cheese.

Europe » Switzerland » South-West July 17th 2019

Alright, another pretty sunny day for me which means I retreated into a canyon for part of it lol. Sun is great, but it's also nice to not always be in blazing sun up in the mountains. I started things off at Murren this morning for a brilliant view of the Lauterbrunnen valley and a sideview of the 3 biggies (Eiger, Monch, Jungfrau). It becomes quite the journey - train Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen, giant cable car up to Grutschalp, then another different little train up to Murren. You can continue all the way up to Schilthorn, but it's a different pass you need and as beautiful as everything is, you can only see so many mountains day after day. Anyway, the cable car is fun - it's huge and it swings when it goes over the ... read more
These cow statues are everywhere

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant » Eindhoven July 17th 2019

We had our breakfast in the backyard this morning, having a nice chat with Richte our host. He’s an independent green energy consultant, specializing in solar. He’s very knowledgeable and has some pretty rational ideas about the topic as well as politics. Then we headed off to the PSV fan day to take a tour of the stadium and museum. Lots of people and they’re quite fanatic about their team. PSV have won 22 national championships, a European Cup and a UEFA Cup. The stadium features electronic and lighting features supported by Philips, still its major sponsor. We ended the day with dinner at my sister Annemie’s place.... read more
Players’ seating area
Home team’s dressing room.
Activities take place all around the stadium.

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Pontevedra July 17th 2019

Bonjour à tous, Encore une journée très agréable. Le beau temps, une température de 28°, juste une brise marine en guise de ventilateur. Parfait. C'est bon de faire le plein en Espagne, par rapport au Portugal, moins 0,30e par litre, soit 1,25e. sur 60 litres c'est un billet de 20. En plus j'ai bien plus de facilité à communiquer, avec l'espagnol, même si les portugais m'ont surpris par leur bi-linguiste, mais principalement en anglais. Il y a bien que les français, dont je fais parti, de ce que je constate en Europe, qui reste mono-langue, ou presque. Malgré les réformes que nous vendent, tous les ministres qui défilent, on reste des incultes. Mes voyages nord américain me sauvent pas mal la mise. Retrouvé l'Espagne, c'est aussi retrouver, les "autovia" voies rapides-autoroutes gratuites. Donc beaucoup moins de ... read more
grenier à grain
baie de Vigo
Pintor Laxero Vigo

Die Landschaft auf Orkney Mainland ist so anders als die Landschaft auf Skye. Skye hat Gebirge und dramatische Klippen, Orkney ist sehr sanft und hügelig. Sehr viel Landwirtschaft. Die ganzen Feldfrüchte bewegen sich wellenförmig im Wind, sodass ein grünes Meer von blauem Meer eingerahmt wird. Heute Morgen haben wir Stromness zu Fuß erkundet, bevor wir nach Maeshow gefahren sind. Wir hatten sehr viel Glück bei unserem Besuch. Der Hügel ist nur mit einem Tourguide zugänglich und da ein MSC Schiff vor Anker liegt, waren alle Touren des Tages ausgebucht. Die nette Dame an der Kasse hat aber festgestellt, dass ein Bus nur 14 statt 17 Personen bringt und hat uns in diese Tour hereingeschoben. Der 5000 Jahre alte neolithische Hügel war spektakulär. Die Menschen konnten damals schon perfekt regendicht bauen. Wahrscheinlich haben sie... read more

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands » Corfu July 17th 2019

Every morning when we go down to breakfast at the hotel a man with a clipboard asks us for our room number, so that he can tick us off his list. He then prowls the large and often very crowded restaurant, carefully scanning all the tables, presumably in the hunt for any interlopers who might have managed to sneak in here undetected. I can’t help but think that despite the valiant efforts of clipboard man it wouldn’t be all that hard to get a free breakfast here if you just happened to be wandering past and were feeling a bit peckish. You’d need to be careful not to quote a non existent room number, and it would probably also help if you got here early to increase your chances of arriving before your chosen room’s real ... read more
The Donkey Track from Paleokastritsa to Lakones
Relaxing after the long hike to Lakones
Our hotel from the Donkey Track

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