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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 17th 2017

Our quick but beautiful layover in Iceland. We rented a car and travelled to Reykjavik where we found the most delicious croissant and espresso to be found anywhere at Braud and co. So delicious! We then drove through lava fields and moss covered craggy rocks and steaming geysers to find the lost lagoon. Hot springs in a farm field with cool rain. Please go here if you ever get a chance. So beautiful. Beautiful country and people. 48+ hours awake is tough, tough, tough, but so worth it.... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Bacharach July 17th 2017

After I got to my hostel in Cologne around midnight, I realised that I was the only one in the dorm room. There was no luggage, clothes, or any sign that anyone else had come in. The hostel was like a large house with three floors, and I think the owner lived on the top floor. I’d asked the owner that morning if there were other people arriving and he said he was fully booked. The reception closed at 8pm though, so if people weren’t here by now then they wouldn’t be coming. Well that was enough to freak me out! I was instantly convinced that this was some sort of scam to rob/murder single travellers. I had a key to the room, so before I locked the door for the night, I literally searched every ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Croydon July 17th 2017

Dear All Greetings once more from Croydon, and once more on the eve of a bit of an epic summer journey ahead of me. School is out again for another year, and after another incredible and rewarding year of teaching, I am just about ready, bags packed, to set off on another summer trip to far-flung destinations, counting countries as I go. This time I head to West Africa. Rather daunting I must admit, given the bad press, news and disasters that regularly seem to emanate from the region, but it is indeed one region of the world which I have yet to set foot in, and have set to explore and learn more about. I have chosen what I see to be the safest region/countries of travel for the time being: Senegal, The Gambia and ... read more
My Kit
My Three Trusty Travel Companions

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » King's Lynn July 17th 2017

Well here we are - our last day in Norfolk. Our last visit to a stately home. We arrived in Sandringham and I did wonder why I had chosen to stay here. It should not be our cup of tea. Being Welsh we have a what some would term a warped view on our royal family. Wales has always been downtrodden by English Kings. Castles were built to overpower us. We would never like royalty with their privileged lifestyles paid for by taxpayers like us. They live in some kind of cloistered environment coming out now and again to survey the world they inhabit. Wales is not even on the British flag. So why on earth are we here. It is only going to make us dislike the rich life the Royals lead at the expense ... read more
Sandringham from the front lawn
The gardens

Europe » Portugal » Northern » Porto July 17th 2017

We are on the way again. Still in Spain but slowly making our way to Portugal. Our next stop was Leon. We had been here before and on the way to Portugal. We knew we staying in the old town and were warned about the post in the middle of the road. You had to ring the monastery and they would arrange it from there. But there was no need to. Saw how another one got through while the post was up so did the same and our GPS took us right to the door and that was the time we saw we were at the same place we stayed three years ago, a bit of a shock. We remembered we had a good stay there so were happy to stay there again. Last time we ... read more

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Chamonix-Mont-Blanc July 17th 2017

After a delightful stay in Argentiere we caught the bus back to Tre du Champ to commence the walk to Chamonix. Absolutely delightful scenery as Mt Blanc dominates the panarama. We Tom The variant to L'acqua Blanc an absolutely picture postcard spot perched high in the mountains. We shared it with half of France judging by the crowd. It was Sunday and the the Bastille Day weekend but we could not believe the number of people there. And believe me there's no easy way to get there. Then off to the Refuge La Flegere, still almost 1900 m up but served with a chair lift so easier to understand how people may get there. Here I checked the time for the last chairlift into Chamonix from our next destination. Time 4:10. Last chair 6:00 Time to ... read more
I only walked here, there are climbers all over the cliff face here.
There's one just hanging around!
Our route. Up the metal ladders (very plural!).

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Chamonix-Mont-Blanc July 17th 2017

Just as happy to take the chair lift up as we where to take it down last night. Up to 2500 m to Le Brevent. Again spectacular views over Mt Blanc and over the glacial mouths that emerge from the mountains nearby. The sky was abuzz with hang gliders and kites that soared around us most of the day. They hover, soar, dip, glide but look so serene and peaceful. Really quite amazing. All downhill today (from 2500 m that should not be a big surprise!) which can be tough on knees and as some sections require ladders and steel rope and lots have stones, stones, stones underfoot care is certainly demanded even when you think you've nearly finished. Last Refuge (Bellechat) and unbelievably no icy poles (not so unbelievable really), last significant landmark (Le Christ ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Northern Hungary » Lillafüred July 17th 2017

(I just got into Presov Slovakia today, but I'll group today with tomorrow since I'm backlogged here. Praise, I finally have working wifi.) Day 10 - Miskolc and Lillafured Well today was a fun language day. English is hit or miss in Budapest so I knew the smaller towns would be worse in that regard. Sure enough Miskolc continues that trend. For the life of me I could not figure out where to buy a tram ticket lol - I tried asking like 5 people and it went nowhere so I'm like ok... this is dumb. I pulled out a tram ticket from Budapest and went to the train ticket hall thinking that the international trains office would have someone who could speak English. Or not. 5min of charades later she went onto the concourse and ... read more
The Palota
Waterfalls behind Palota

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague July 17th 2017

Good evening from Munich! My sincerest apologies that my entries are a tad delayed, but finding down time has been difficult on this trip - I'm normally on the go from early til late, and just feel like collapsing in a heap in the hotel room at the end of each day. However, I have started this blog with the intention of actually keeping up with it, so enjoy the musings of a knackered Kiwi haha. I've always wanted to visit Prague after seeing a photo of the Charles Bridge. That bridge seemed to a younger me to be the equivalent of the magical bridge as seen in the Thor movies (if you haven't seen that film, it is basically a fancy space bridge that sparkles and is really colourful and pretty). I was also keen ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria July 17th 2017

Hello everyone, Today I am writing this entry on a very packed bus, and am trying really hard not to be a pain in the ass and take up loads of space writing on the tablet and keyboard in such close quarters. I am on a 6 hour bus ride to Vienna, and I am feeling every painful second of it – my body is used to walking and being in the great wide open, not in narrow spaces. Anyway, today’s entry is about both Munich and Bavaria, as yesterday was spent in the beautiful rural areas of Bavaria. We arrived in Munich a few days ago. I am finding it really difficult to remember one day from the next, calendar wise lately, so I am gonna maybe get things wrong, but I’ll try my best. ... read more

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