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Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin April 24th 2015

The church bells woke us up early again clanging and banging away like a demented rooster. We did not have a shower on site so started to feel a little hot, sticky and bothered and had to resort to washing as best we could before we watched the morning train trundle into Susa station. We didn’t have to hurry we knew exactly what time it would go out and it gave us plenty of time to walk over, climb aboard and go upstairs on the double decker train. The journey took us just a little over an hour and a quarter. Fast train – I hate to think what the slow train would have been like. We stopped at every station, at every small town and village to pick up and set down the passengers. Torino ... read more
Everything you need for a good life after you reach eternity
Egyptian Museum Turin
never smile at a crocodile

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest April 24th 2015

Up early as we wanted to skip Bucharest traffic (which I completely understood now!) had breakfast (they had fresh red peppers slices at breakfast so I grabbed a handful for snacking on the coach later!) and asked Hendrik about the possibility of my clothes. He immediate said no, as clients often leave clothes behind to ‘throw away’ so its company policy to either throw them out or if the staff want they can keep. I was flabbergasted (while understanding at the same time) as I knew mine were neatly folded and tucked away; hopefully NOT looking like garbage or unwanted. But he said he would phone the ship; but little to no chance they still existed. I was crushed; not only at the monetary value lost, but again all my fav long sleeved shirts/dress tops and ... read more
Dracula, I mean, Brams Castle....

Europe » Netherlands » Zealand April 24th 2015

Day 10 April 24 - Veere, Zealand, Netherlands We arrived in Veere and after breakfast, we chose to skip the tour of the delta works and go inside one of the many dams they have protecting the land from the North Sea. Instead we walked into this small, sparsely inhabited town of only 500 that has been in existence since 1281. What a treat we were in for. We absolutely fell in love with this town. So clean and charming. There were docks on both sides of the town with beautiful yachts and sail boats. A huge church that was built centuries ago and not is an event center. We stopped at an outdoor cafe in the town center square and enjoyed hot chocolate with a large bowl of fresh whipped cream. We also ordered apple ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Leitrim April 24th 2015

Friday 24thApril. A cloudy day today. Once in a while a little sun would break through for a few minutes, but from one o’clock on it started to drizzle, with occasional rain showers. It gave a different look to the landscape, softer and more moody, with the mountaintops mostly shrouded by cloud. The Connemara scenery is very beautiful, endless lakes (loughs) and mountains. Very reminiscent of Scotland, but less lonely, with houses being more common. Some of the loughs are huge, but often the small loughs are the most scenic. Near the coast around Clifden it is very rocky, with vistas of grey limestone dominating the little houses that seem to pop out of the landscape, looking out of place. Also near Clifden I found the site of Guglielmo Marconi’s original radio broadcasting station, a gigantic ... read more
Lough Corrib
Lough Nafooey
Kylemore Abbey

Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome April 24th 2015

This morning our first stop was Scalinata di Trinità dei Monti, the Spanish Steps. There are 135 steps that climb the steep slope between the Piazza di Spagna at the base and Piazza Trinità dei Monti at the top. Once again we had the benefit of an early start and found the steps to be relatively deserted before 9.00am in the morning. I have to say that the steps were much bigger than I remembered them and at the moment they are adorned with potted azaleas and look fabulous. An (Italian?) woman asked me to take her photo and she said that she had never seen the steps with flowering plants on them before. We climbed to the top and then returned to the bottom of the steps before making our way up the Pincian Hill ... read more
Top of the Spanish Steps
View from Pincian Hill
View from Pincian Hill - St Peter's

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen April 24th 2015

So it finally arrived, and I am still alive and well. Yesterday was my last full day on my adventure and there are definitely some bitter sweet feelings. But I still have a full day ahead of exploring, so I don't dwell on the future too long. Thursday I decide to take a short train trip out of the capital, and visit a place on the northern tip of Denmark, called Helsingør, to escape the city atmosphere and see some more of rural Denmark. This trip has solidified the fact that I really really don't want to live in a big city, and that the outskirts of town are definitely where I belong. So I took the train, only about 45 minutes north (isn't it great how everything is so close over here?!) and got off ... read more
Kronborg AKA Elsinore
Kronborg Selfie
Kronborg again

Europe » Norway April 24th 2015

Slept in a little this morning so we could be refreshed for our last full day in Norway. We walked down to the Lillehammer city center for a little shopping, but didn't find much so it was a short trip. We decided to check out the 1994 Olympic park... which was kind of a let down (I guess it has been 20 years!) We drove over to the Olympic park and expected to find some signs/information/history - but didn't find anything! We aren't even sure we found the torch (we did take a picture of something in the Olympic park that we are guessing was it)! We then drove up to the top of the ski jump hill, which was pretty neat and provided a great view. After the Olympic park, we decided to check out ... read more
View from the top of the ski jump
Stave church
Ice skating arena from 94 Olympics

Europe » France April 24th 2015

Aan alle volgers, test. Vertrek naar de boot op 17 mei. Van dan af elke dag een berichtje als er wat nieuws te rapen valt. Tot dan Charly... read more

Europe » Estonia April 24th 2015

moscou le 24/04/15 jour 55 Bon j'écris un peu après coup donc c'est comme je me souvient: J'ai du vous laisser quelques part en Lituanie, perdu dans une station service a Marijampole! Le lendemain donc après une nuit pas très reposante me voila lancé pour Vilnius dans le 1er bus ! Les paysages lituaniens sont ravissants meme si j'ai passé l'essentiel du trajet a rattrapper ma nuit. Vilnius une capitale plutot calme, le centre historique tout pavé est vraiment classe et il y fait bon vivre! J'y passe la soirée tranquille chez une couchsurfeurs très sympa, Goda. Merci en lituanien c'est un mot que j'aime bien: Atchou Le lendemain je suis reparti sur la route pour ce qui sera une des plus longues journée qui soit: Levé de bonne heure, je traverse la ville en trolleybus, ... read more

Europe » Romania » Muntenia » Bucharest April 23rd 2015

Today was our leaving the ship day; we had a few minutes in bed to have coffee, then coffee. We had (too) quickly packed the night before so it was only a couple of last minute things to add, bags out by 7:45. We had breakfast then left at 09:00 and boarded our coach to go to the famous overly rich, over the top Palace of the Parliament that was built by Ceausescu (and trust me I had to google how to spell that - I was WAY off!). The building itself is 2nd largest in the world, only after the Pentagon, and apparently only by a few feet. It’s enormous and while we only toured about 5% of it - I was exhausted just looking at it. Completely and utterly over the top, Ceausescu built ... read more
View of Bucharest from Palace
Gold and Marble all the way, so over the top
You can rent these halls for weddings/receptions etc.

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