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Free Travel and Mobile

What is it: Academic project of Saint-Petersburg State University (Russia) is gathering information on travelers. Who: Aleksandra Skorobotova, student, Russia What for: searching for answers to question about free travel and mobile from all over the world. Interested in the opinions of travelers from all the parts of the world, concerning same points.
11 years ago, October 9th 2011 No: 1 Msg: #144740  
Dear friends!
My name is Aleksandra. I am russian student, making master now.
I would like to ask you a favour.
Me and my fellow student are making a research of travellers and foreign language learners. It is an academic project that probably can turn into something really useful for these kinds of people.

So. There are two questionnaires.
1st - for travellers - people who are interested in travelling and do it sometimes. (http://goo.gl/UosXx)
2nd - for foreign language learners - people, who are learning foreign language(-s) or interested in it. (http://goo.gl/9h9OM)
Filling in takes about 5 minutes for 1st and 3 minutes for 2nd.

We have already gathered information from russian groups. Now we are gathering information from abroad. We are interested in all regions and countries! So, if it is not inconvenient for you, please fill and share links (http://goo.gl/UosXx and http://goo.gl/9h9OM) with your friends.

Thank you very much for attention and assistance!

contact: Aleksandra Skorobogatova (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002813719613)
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