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Europe » Spain » Balearic Islands » Majorca August 22nd 2019

It was very crowded when we drove out to Cap de Formentor a couple of days ago, so much so that we couldn’t go to the main lookout because we couldn’t find anywhere to park. I have a theory that Spaniards don’t like mornings and that it might therefore be quieter there at 7am, so I set off to test it out. I ignore the obvious flaw in my theory which is that most of the people who are likely to be there won’t be Spanish, they’ll be German or British, and I don’t know anything about how they might feel about mornings. Despite this I think that my theory might be correct. There are lots of cyclists struggling up the steep road, but not too many cars or buses. The views over the sheer granite ... read more
View from Mirador Es Coromer
Port de Pollenca from Albertcutx Watchtower
View from Albertcutx Watchtower

Europe » United Kingdom » England August 22nd 2019

22 August, 2019, Thursday. Day 6 for blog day 3 for coast to coast. Today we will again walk a section of the C2C trail that is new to me. Of the 21 miles covered by the end of the walk today, I have only walked 5 miles of it before. It rained steadily and heavily all night. Breakfast menu was broad, so I chose eggs Benedict. Jim Bowman wanted to know if this was so named for the revolutionary war traitor. Learning again how to wear the rain pants and gaitors was a half hour event getting ready. We set out in steady rain. Soggy guide books and all. Even the snails had taken to the high ground to escape the wet. Our route out of Cleator showed going over Dent mountain and through Black ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » St Bees August 21st 2019

20 August 2019, Tuesday This day started out with the good full English breakfast at Vallum Lodge. With my bags ready to go I walked to the Sill where I caught the AD 122 bus to Haltwhistle train station. At Haltwhistle, I saw Don and Sue, from Auckland, who had taken a taxi back from Gilland. They spent the night, then came to the station to catch the train to Newcastle. Fortunately, he could show me how to work the kiosk in order to buy my train ticket from Haltwhistle to St Bees. The train took me to Carlisle where I transferred to the train to St Bees. I arrived in St Bees, approximately 1:30 and was able to walk the short distance to the Stonehouse where we were are lodging for the evening. About an ... read more

Europe » Latvia » Riga Region » Riga August 21st 2019

Today was a half travel day starting with a four hours bus journey across the Latvian border to Riga, the capital, and a two night stay at the Hotel Tia. Latvia is a tiny country in size & population while Riga is an amalgam of eastern and northern European influences from 800 years of turbulent occupation, the latest being the Soviets, which ended in 1991. After check-in we wandered around the Old Town with its grand cobblestoned boulevards lined with Art Nouveau facades among a skyline of Gothic spires. The main sights included the Riga Doma Cathedral, St Peter's Basilica, House of Blackheads, the Swedish Gate, Riga Castle, The Great Guild & Small Guild and the Cat House. A very full day with a group dinner at a folk music restaurant in wine cellar basement. Next ... read more
Riga Cathedral
The Small Guild facade
The Swedish Gate

Europe » Austria » Lower Austria » Haugschlag August 21st 2019

After nine days of fairly full-on travelling, sightseeing and blog writing I am spending three days of relaxation with my close friends Reni and Gerhard in their holiday home in the small village of Haugschlag, in the Waldviertel area of Lower Austria. Waldviertel simply means the Forest Quarter or area, and you can immediately see why. Reni and Gerhard bought a property there over 20 years ago and over the years have lovingly created this extended, comfortable and welcoming property. I love coming here - and I generally manage to get here at New Year and in August. Most people reading this blog already know the story of our friendship. Reni and I were exchange partners aged 14. At the time I really hoped to ‘get’ a partner from the Tirol region, as I had read ... read more
Back together
Walking in the Waldviertel
Late summer sunshine in the Waldviertel

Europe » Denmark August 21st 2019

Yesterday evening, after I wrote my blog, I went out to Tivoli Gardens. It is an entertainment park similar to Disney, but much older (founded in 1843). There are live performances, rides for kids and for adults, games (eg Whack-A-Mole), and many restaurants. I had pizza and a glass of red wine at an Italian place that looks out over the little lake. The lake has a pirate ship that you can go on (I think it’s a restaurant). The entire place was quite busy with locals and tourists and people of all ages. It turns magical after dark when the lights come on. There are fireworks just before 11pm, but I didn’t stay around to see those. Still, it’s an enjoyable place to stroll and spend an evening. Today I spent my time inside museums. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » West Yorkshire » Haworth August 21st 2019

A couple of house keeping issues. We are in or near Stanbury and Ponden but they don’t rally register on many maps let alone travel websites. And I don’t have a proof reader and Julie has pointed out a few errors post publication. Sorry. Anything that does make sense just make up yourself. And great job Ella. Two people on the planet know that the ‘glorious twelfth’ is the official opening of the grouse season. Ella continues a rich tradition of taking out quiz questions and has continued where she left off. I think I dismissed her comment without sort of knowing so if it doesn’t post sorry. I’ve been chastened by Julie so I’ll never do it again. On that note. We walked past a hidden direction marker this morning and overshot the path a ... read more
Ready, well almost.
Pretty little place.
And that’s the Main Street.

Europe » Germany August 21st 2019

Early rise to a fabulous morning. Plenty of coffee and smokes before re-packing and leaving. We decided to get some miles under our belt as we only did 50 or so yesterday. So we headed off towards Kassel, a few hundred miles away in central Germany. As miles was the name of the game and the Sat nav still wasn't playing ball, we hit the Autobahn's and did some mile munching. Stopping off for fuel after 100 miles we found a lovely little bakery where we had lunch before hitting the autobahn again. Found a campsite that looked promising and had a good schnitzel meal with some cheap bier. Was thinking of stopping two nights but there was no atmosphere, very sombre place. 10pm and everything is shut and they've turned the lights out on us. ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Dijon August 21st 2019

We had a genuine sleep in today. We had packed the night before, had a taxi booked for 10am, so there was time to kill. Breakfast was coffee and croissants at the Friends Cafe nearby, and we were on our way to Gare de Lyon . The trip through mid morning Parisian traffic is a nightmare and the 16€50 for the taxi was worth the cost. There are roadworks and detours everywhere and I wasn’t interested in trying to negotiate the public transport system . Gare de Lyon is a regal stone building perched above the Marais District and one of the best restaurants in Paris is at the station. I had read about it in a Melbourne newspaper and wanted to see it when we were leaving for Dijon. It is like a trip back ... read more
Gare de Lyon Railway Station
The Station
French bees love French Pastries

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin August 21st 2019

Our third day in Ireland found us among the city dwellers in Dublin. We were able to taxi and walk near the city center and discover a lot Dublin has to offer. Our Airbnb near Newmarket Square provided us with convenient options: a trendy hotel nearby for quick access to taxis; near the on and off bus, close to a distillery and the solitude of not being on the main drag. We began our day at Trinity College to see the Book of Kells... but much to Kerry’s dismay, on our way to the exhibit I found a young artist‘s studio 😍 Jamie handcrafts felt animals and I had to buy a bird! FYI you too can by a bird from Jamie at just a thought... Okay, back to the story... The Book of Kells ... read more
Irish Blessing.
Jamie, artisan at work.
Felt bird and ale.

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