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Europe » Spain June 2nd 2015

The walk to Rabanal was challenging due to the heat but buffered by the good company. We are beginning to ascend into higher ground again. Rabanal is quaint and beautiful. The courtyard in the albergue was perfect for a cold cervesa when we arrived. ... read more

Europe » Iceland » East June 2nd 2015

Sunday We arrive in Djupivogur at 8 and have to take tenders into the dock. There we get on our bus for our Glacier Lagoon tour. The drive there was about 2 hours but on the way we saw reindeer. They are not native to Iceland but were brought here about 200 years ago and have made it their home. Once we arrived to the glacier lagoon, we could see the icebergs on the beach and walk down to them and then we took a ducky boat tour of the lagoon. We could get up close to the icebergs. In the distance we could see the glaciers. It was very cold here and the wind was blowing but Shelly wanted to make it look warm so she unzipped her coat for most of the pictures. I ... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Sankt Goar June 2nd 2015

Today was our day to train-it to Koblenz and Boppard for some sightseeing. After another good breakfast, we walked up to the train station in Sankt Goar and caught the train to Koblenz, after a slight delay due to a mixup reading the schedule. Arriving in Koblenz, we walked the 2 kilometers to the main attraction in Koblenz, Deutches Eck. Deutches Eck, also known as German Corner, sits at the confluence of the Mossel and Rhine Rivers. It is a combination of the German States and a pair of walls constructed after the original statue of Kaiser (Emperor) Wilhelm was damaged by an American artillery shell in WWII. In 1993, a copy of the original Kaiser was added. Another attraction in Koblenz is the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress on the opposite bank. We thought about taking the cable ... read more
Kurfürstliches Schloss
Koblenz Cable Car to fortress

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Rhondda Cynon Taff » Hirwaun June 2nd 2015

Who ever said retail therapy always perks you up is a bloody genius. I've really enjoyed my shopping trip today even though I purchased quite a few unconventional things.... universal bath plug, a pegless washing line, an alarm clock and a hydration system. How the traveller lives hey!! Still not quite at the acceptance stage yet, that this is happening but pleased I have picked up some essential items. I did manage to get a fab lightweight fleece and a foldaway 25 ltr back pack aswell so all in all I am nearly ready to go!... read more

Europe » Spain June 2nd 2015

Today we discovered more of Barcalona starting with the cable car lift up to Mt Montjuic Offering an aerial views of every corner of Barcelona was a good way to see the town limits. We climbed all over the fort on top and discovered the site for the built for the Olympics. Next we headed down into the town for a walk up Le Rambla st. We found the fresh market at Le Rambla and once again we blown away by the food on offer and the quality. It is worthy of a seperate post for photos. Having an easier day today,we head back for a swim in the heated rooftop pool and relax for a couple of hours. Out for tea saw us try another tradition of Tappas,also good but Michelle is going another Paella ... read more
Cruise ship with sails
One marina at Barcelona
Super yacht in dry dock with brand  new one in plastic behind it

Europe » France » Brittany » Carnac June 2nd 2015

Monday 1 June 2015 A wonderful welcome to the first day of Summer - the sun is shining. Auray was only a one night stand and was close enough to the coastal town of Carnac. Before heading off on our expedition we popped into Mr Leclerc for lunch provisions. Pastries, bread rolls, cheeses, tomatoes and bananas went into the bag. A very nice elderly French lady helped with the weighing. We think she was getting rather anxious that we were holding up progress. She was so nice about it. Then a lady, in a very Midlands English accent apologized in French for bumping into us. After a lengthy chat we all agreed it was nice to talk some English for a change, we wished each other bon voyage and went our separate ways. Our "bonjours" must ... read more
St Nazaire

Europe » Iceland June 2nd 2015

I was hoping to save that title for when I run out of dog puns but I already ran out of dog puns. Doggonit! (hehehe) ANYWAYSSSSSS I'm here at Husafell camp site located at the bottom of the glacier where there is a shower, food, and internet. I'm currently camped up in the laundry room, which is the only place where I can get all three of those things (I brought food with me). It's been an exciting week. My dog bite wound is healing up nicely (I'll be just fine mom), and I just got my second shower since coming to Iceland. My boss Klara brought me a cake for my birthday that was like yogurt on top of breadcrumbs cake. Must be some Icelandic thing. Then I played cards with all my coworkers who ... read more

Europe » Finland June 2nd 2015

FINLANDE 2 – Rovaniemi – FINLANDIA 2 – Rovaniemi Nous reprenons la route après ces jolies promenades qui nous suivent partout grâce à Pollux !!! Rovaniemi sera notre prochaine étape. C'est la capitale de la Laponie finlandaise et accessoirement la ville du finlandais mondialement connu, le Père Noël... Construite à quelques kilomètres au sud du cercle polaire arctique, la ville est au confluent des rivières Ounasjoki et Kemijoki. Jadis, l'Onasjoki charriait des milliers de troncs d'arbres qui, via un réseau fluvial complexe, rejoignaient, sous l’œil attentif des tukkijatka (flotteurs de bois), les centres de l'industrie du bois sur les rives du golfe de Botnie. (tout ce transport se fait maintenant par chemin de fer, comme je vous l'ai raconté un autre jour...). Nous visitons aussi ici le magnifique musée Arktikum, site culturel et architectural incontour... read more
église de Rovaniemi et son toit en tuiles de bois
village du Père Noel
expo temporaire à l'Arktikum

Europe » France » Centre » Muides-sur-Loire June 2nd 2015

Tuesday 2 June 2015 In 2011 while making a whistle stop tour of the Loire Valley we made an instant decision: we shall return. Today we returned. While leaving Nantes we came to the conclusion that the city fathers of Auckland should pay this city a visit. Once they have been here they will see what happens when the growth of the city out strips the roading system. Roundabouts! Poor Polly didn't know what to say next. One roundabout joined another and sometimes another. Once out of the city we headed for Angers. We have mixed feelings about Angers. Four years ago we stayed in a gloomy hotel for one night. This left a dark impression of Angers on us, perhaps unfairly so. Today we wanted to right some wrongs. Polly took us right into the ... read more
The Loire

Europe » Italy » Umbria » Orvieto June 1st 2015

Yoav and Orr, our Israeli friends who lived in Rome for 2 years, said we had to visit Orvieto. I took their advice, but only left a day for sightseeing and it was not nearly enough. We started by driving to Bolsena Lake. It is a huge lake formed from volcanic activity. The town of Bolsena seems to have minimal tourist activity. The market was really a market more for locals than tourists. In one area there were stalls selling used clothing. The people at these stalls were all North African immigrants. It really struck me that 600 years ago the sellers would have been Jews. I couldn’t resist some booties for TBD and replaced the sort-of leather belt I had with me that is falling apart. The woman who made it, adjusted it for me ... read more

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