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The bus departed from Municipal Square at 9 o’clock and went to the Old Town Square and picked up more tourists. The guide was a multi-lingual speaker – he is a native Czech/Slovak speaker – and gave English/Spanish commentary throughout the day. While the bus was driving through the city centre and along the riverside, the guide pointed at several historic attractions – Charles Bridge, National Theatre, Dancing House and Vysehrad, where Prague’s history had begun. He told us that it would take 3 and half hours to the destination, Cesky Krumlov, including the stop at the Drive Through (where all the passengers were allowed to have a break and go to the restroom). On the way to the destination, he talked about Czech Republic’s general history, economy, industry and politics in English and Spanish. It ... read more
Cesky Krumlov Village
My parents at the viewpoint
Restored Renaissance Exterior with mythological figures

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Brixham July 18th 2017

Tag 300 –Traffic light biscuits Vormittags backte ich mit Daisy Ampel-Käse-Kekse. Wir hatten mal über Regenbogenkuchen geredet und die Idee gehabt, Regenbogenkekse zu backen. Emily hatte gefragt, ob man den Teig statt mit Lebensmittelfarbe auch noch irgendwie anders färben konnte, und da hatte ich gleich an Rote Beete gedacht. Dann sollten es aber lieber salzige Kekse werden, und als ich kein gutes Rezept fand, dachte ich an die Käse-Füße. Ich fand im Internet ein Rezept dafür; man konnte es ja einfach ein bisschen abwandeln. Daisy und ich machten den Teig und legten die Kugel in den Kühlschrank. Während der Teig kühlte, bereitete ich die Farben vor. Für das Rot goss ich einfach den Saft der eingeschweißten Roten Beete ab. Für das Grün kochte ich ein paar kleingeschnittene Spinatblätter mit einem kleinen bisschen Wasser. Am einfachsten und ... read more

Europe » Slovakia » Kosice Region July 18th 2017

Ok! Finally caught up and, fingers crossed, wifi is still good. Day 12 - Off to Slovakia Right, so, Canadian geography perspective here. The actual distances aren't nearly as bad as my example, but just to picture the back n' forth I'm doing because I fail lol. I was in "Quebec City" (Eger) and going to "northern Newfoundland" (Presov, Slovakia). I was supposed to be able to take a train Quebec City to New Brunswick up to Newfoundland... but no, don't let me book it online, and no don't arrive until 11pm when check-in closes at 7pm for my hotel... that's cool. Instead I took the train from "Quebec" to "Ottawa" only to get on a bus from "Ottawa" to "Newfoundland" (only 5 hours in reality though, so not HORRIBLE, but still). So, I'm at peace ... read more
Presov Cathedral
The Horse Keepers

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Oxford July 18th 2017

I am definitely suffering from a Game of Thrones hangover. We stayed up after check in last night to watch the new episode, which was awesome! But it meant that I didn't get to bed until much later and only got about four hours of sleep because I had to open today. I can definitely remember a time when I was able to go to bed at 3AM every night and wake up at 6AM and do this job with no problem, but that time has definitely passed. I am dragging. Somehow I managed to make it in to the office on time this morning, though how remains a mystery because it was painful waking up. Today I have the morning shift with Adam and Gaby, and Maddie is on flex. We also have the Major ... read more

Europe » Finland » North Karelia July 18th 2017

Helsinki is one fabulous city! Our hostel is downtown in the middle of the action. Public transportation is beyond belief with trains, trams, and ferries scooting throughout the city. After a late night flight into the city, we spent the next day exploring locally. Our evening finished with the exploration of a famous free-access amusement park right in the middle of Helsinki, where all profits go directly to the Finnish Children's Fund. What a way to raise money for our kids! We were fascinated by the 1950 famous coaster, as, since its inception, made each classic ride with a helper standing at the rear of each train. No kidding. This guy STANDS and applies the brakes on the coaster coaster over every hill and drop! The following day, we ferried over to Suomenlinna, an inhabited sea ... read more

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Lidkoping July 18th 2017

After a dodgy night's sleep to say the least and a breakfast made up of a mishmash of hotel fare and my own additions (there was no soya milk despite my request), I dragged myself off to the train to Kinnekulle. At the crowded Pressbyrå newsagents, I bought a travelcard for my adventures. The train was pristine and the helpful onboard staff helped me work out the card validation system. I got off at the tiny station at Råbäck, and after ambling by mistake into a private garden and being ticked off by the owner (in my defence, there was no sign about private property and she did live in the former station building), I found my way onto one of the many hiking trails. My destination was the lookout tower at the top of the ... read more

Europe » Iceland July 18th 2017

The water from the tap is boiling hot and sulphurous but makes your skin feel soft and smooth. The people are polite and charming but their landscape is harsh and unforgiving. Volcanoes spew molten lava through frozen glaciers but are talked about with affection like a favourite pet rather than a destructive, uncontrollable force of nature. ‘Iceland - land of contrasts’...seems an inadequate description. On more than one occasion we got quizzical looks when answering the ubiquitous traveller’s question of where we come from…”don’t you have a lot of the same things there?”...”“isn’t Iceland a little New Zealand?”…yes, there are a lot of similarities, but it’s so, so different. We expected it to be cold (the clue is in the name) and had stocked up on Katmandu thermals, but I found myself constantly thinking ‘this would ... read more

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rab July 18th 2017

From Zadar it was a lovely journey along one island, across on two ferries then onto Rab Island, great coastline, very popular we discovered when we tried to find somewhere to stop and have a picnic. The old town of Rab is another pleasant one with a remarkable number of churches, narrow streets and great views of the sea. We did a walk from town out onto the peninsular, through a holm oak nature reserve and along the coast to pretty inlets, beautiful blue, blue sea. For some reason a popular thing to do is sunbathe on the public footpath along the sea-front by town, the sea does look nice there but not an appealing place to spend the day. The town is very quiet during the day and buzzing with suntanned people in the evenings. ... read more
So many churches

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík July 17th 2017

Our quick but beautiful layover in Iceland. We rented a car and travelled to Reykjavik where we found the most delicious croissant and espresso to be found anywhere at Braud and co. So delicious! We then drove through lava fields and moss covered craggy rocks and steaming geysers to find the lost lagoon. Hot springs in a farm field with cool rain. Please go here if you ever get a chance. So beautiful. Beautiful country and people. 48+ hours awake is tough, tough, tough, but so worth it.... read more

Europe » Germany » Rhineland-Palatinate » Bacharach July 17th 2017

After I got to my hostel in Cologne around midnight, I realised that I was the only one in the dorm room. There was no luggage, clothes, or any sign that anyone else had come in. The hostel was like a large house with three floors, and I think the owner lived on the top floor. I’d asked the owner that morning if there were other people arriving and he said he was fully booked. The reception closed at 8pm though, so if people weren’t here by now then they wouldn’t be coming. Well that was enough to freak me out! I was instantly convinced that this was some sort of scam to rob/murder single travellers. I had a key to the room, so before I locked the door for the night, I literally searched every ... read more

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