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Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome October 1st 2015

on the Wednesday morning, mum, Caroline, Franziska and me (Zoe) went to the Vatican and saw pope Francis we went up close to him,and went in to a area were you would need tickets but we did not have any tickets so we just went in with the crowd we could of just stayed where we were but we wanted a better look at pope Francis. After that we went home to check on Bella. t was a quiet morning and I woke up when Zoe, Mum, Caroline and Franziska where at the Vatican seeing the Pope. I stayed with Dad. In the afternoon we found Kate and she told us about the Vatican and the church And the Sistine chapel. Bella's Haiku The Sistine Chapel nude boys. fingers touch. Picture of Adam and Eve... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Chemnitz October 1st 2015

While we are staying here in Chemnitz, we've enjoyed some days filled with family, friends and lots of food! Ines and I enjoyed a nice afternoon and dinner together in Dresden while Ralf had meetings. She loves her city is always such a wonderful host. We had a night with friends at the local brewery for some of my foodie favorites. Each time we visit it's a regular stop! Martina and Johannes had us to their home for a delicious lunch and some nice relaxed time to catch up. Johannes is not able to travel by airplane any longer so we are taking advantage of our visit here in Germany to spend as much time together as we can. Later that evening, Friedi, Anja, and Fabian hosted us for a barbeque at their bungalow. Fabian is ... read more
Dresden Harvest Market
Braumeister Schnitzel

Europe » Germany » Mecklenburg-Vorpommern » Usedom October 1st 2015

This visit to Germany, we decided to spend some time at the Baltic Sea as Ralf had traveled there in the past but this was the first time for me. We stayed in the Usedom area which I learned is actually an island, with a string of adorable little seaside villages, many of them connected by wooded trails for biking or walking and boardwalks along the sea in the villages scattered with little fish smokehouses and shops. The leaves had just started changing colors so this was a beautiful time to visit and I thoroughly enjoyed the crisp sea air in contrast to the unbearable heat and humidity in Florida all summer. My first glimpse of Baltic Sea life was Zinnowitz, where I quickly became familiar with a common sight of covered basket seats at the ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Lugo October 1st 2015

It is odd how all things feel back end this holiday. Perhaps it has something to do with going a week later. The weather is still holding out and it seems to feel better here in Spain in late September than it does in Britain in high summer. We woke early with the larks as we always do. Why can we not sleep in when we get chance to? We filled up Suzy with water and set off for reception to pay. According to the young girl yesterday we could pay at 8. However the place was dead. As they had our passport copies there was no way we were leaving without paying. Not that we would. I walked around the bar areas , into the toilet blocks and then knocked on the window. I could ... read more
one of the great gateways we didnt manage to get through .
The walls of Lugo as we drive round and round again
Just beyond Lugo heading for the Picos de Europa

Europe » Sweden » Västra Götaland » Gothenburg October 1st 2015

We had a busy day ahead and had planned to met Robin at a different location on the other side of the City, he had drawn a basic map for me so the pressure was on to navigate the group to our rendezvous point - even I was surprised how easy we found it but I am still troubled by the direction of traffic and keep looking the UK way first thinking the coast is clear just as a tram speeds passed over the other shoulder or the ringing of a bell on a bike has my scrambling for safety. This morning we met with Robert Sinclair, Senior Medical Advisor for Vastra Gotaland to discuss Healthcare in the area. I asked Robin if Robert was English as its the most English sounding name on the programme ... read more

Europe » Greece » South Aegean » Naxos October 1st 2015

.... Thursday we were not allowed off the ship until dinner. It was to be a home hosted meal which is a wonderful feature that Grand Circle offers. The gangplank was held down by sturdy seamen for all 37 of us. We took a large bus to several drop off points. We were given directions to walk up, and up, and up until we saw an open door. We walked through rain, wind, then heavier rain until we saw a lady waving us into her home. The wind was blowing with such force that it was difficult to stand up straight. I was delighted to see that two of our hosts had been part of the dance troupe from the previous evening. Three other women were in the large warm kitchen/ dining room area. Their welcoming ... read more

Europe » Spain » Asturias » Picos de Europa National Park October 1st 2015

So we are finally heading north and towards home. All that is between us and France are the Picos de Europa, a few spanish tolls, the Basque country and France. Do you want the good news? We have felt a sense of relief as we have checked our internet and we have been charged for each toll in Portugal . Despite not showing anything as we passed through and expecting fines we appear to be OK. Each day has an entry. The bad news - the tolls come to 130 euros . No wonder the Portuguese avoid the motorways. I doubt we will use them again they are just downright extortionate and you need a mortgage to pay them. Having said that with the exchange rate being what it is it should convert to about £100 ... read more
The distinctive style of the peaks of the Picos

Europe » France » Île-de-France October 1st 2015

The Eiffel tower was way better than I thought it would be. The structure was amazing and we walked up to the second platform where the view was incredible. We also stood on the glass floor and by we I mean Eric and I as Jackie was trying to not have a heart attack looking down. Then Eric made me lay on the glass floor for a photo op. He knows how I feel about germs and teases me because I don’t like touching the poles on the metro, and yet I had to comply with this one time request and opportunistic moment. After taking in the view and appreciating the engineering minds behind the Eiffel Tower, it was time for lunch at a café in Les Halles. It was wonderful there. Lots of culture, food ... read more
paris market
paris market2
ET blk and wht

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam October 1st 2015

Up at 6.00am in Hamburg for a 6.50am taxi call to the station. We had time to kill when we got there. More refugees grouped on the station Poor buggers hadn't washed in days and the smell was strong but they were not long from getting on a train to somewhere else where they were to be registered and looked after. Apart from them the usual domestic drunks and vagrants, still on the station from the night before, being moved on at that hour of the morning. Our train to Amsterdam had two changes, at Muenster and Osnabruck, but we had ample time between stops to make the next section. The stations are so well sign posted that it is almost impossible to lose yourself. Five hours until we arrived at Amsterdam Centraal. What a circus! ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland October 1st 2015

We stonden vanmorgen weer op (zo gaat dat nu eenmaal) en vertrokken weer richting Edinburgh (Natuurlijk nog wassen en eten, maar dat is vanzelfsprekend). Vandaag bezoeken we Holyrood Palace en Abbey, het Schotse buitenverblijf van Her Majesty The Queen. We leerden over haar kindertijd en over de vertrekken waar ze in Schotland verblijft. Heel interessant om te zien. Aan het paleis is er ook een ruïne van Holyrood Abbey, Dit vond ik nog het leukste om te zien. Helaas mochten we geen foto’s nemen binnen het paleis, dus dat laten we over aan jullie verbeelding. Of we vertellen het in geuren en kleuren als we terug thuis zijn! Middageten aten we in een mexicaans restaurantje. Wat ook eens leuk en lekker was. Chris kocht onderweg nog wat fudge in een echt authentiek fudgewinkeltje. En blij dat ... read more
Naast onze camper en de tenten stond een schapenwei
Holyrood Abbey
Holyrood Abbey

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