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Europe » Sweden » Halland August 18th 2019

The next morning it did not rain, at all! So i went to Vilnius taking back roads as suggest by Mssrs Garmin, sometimes they do manage and I had a nice ride to Vilnius and a decent hotel. Vilnius is nice, I prefer it to Riga and Tallin, as it’s a bit off the beaten track for the cruise ships that plagues the Baltic. You have to sit in bus for a few hours to get there. Anyway I looked at the sky when I left the hotel and thought about a rain jacket, but no, the sky looked nice. Well 5 minutes later it laughed me in the face and let go of some rain, it did stop quite rapidly and the sun came back to stay, I just wandered around and enjoyed the splendour ... read more

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Irkutsk August 18th 2019

Lake Baikal - Water, water everywhere and most of it to drink! Day 21 to 23 of 80 Irkutsk is a fairly compact city. Thursday and Friday we were able to walk from sight to sight without stretching ourselves too much at all. After our self orientation on Thursday we had booked, for Friday, a free walking tour. We use these quite a lot, and most are very good, but we do get the occasional bummer. Friday's was not one of the best. Our tour guide, Maria, a primary school teacher of special needs children, was doing this - her first season - during the summer break. Her English was OK. .. whilst it was on script. I know, we can't speak Russian, but nor are we getting paid for our Russian language skills. Add to ... read more
130th District repurposed house
A wooden houses problem - fire.
Monument to Firefighters

Europe » Belgium » Antwerp Province » Antwerp August 18th 2019

We feel great today - August 8th - Mimma (saved us again) was able to get us an extension on our car for another 7 days. To top it off we were able to drive to the Lille, France train station (car pick up and drop off site) on our way to Antwerp, Belgium and sign up the paperwork. We have a smooth ride (total about 230 km) into Antwerp today - M indicates that we are 600 m / 1 minute away from our hotel - we are looking forward to a 5 day stay in the city centre at a nice Hilton hotel. We will celebrate our 44th tonight and Danielle’s birthday on the 10th ( not allowed to tell you how old) in this beautiful city - we high five - smoothest travel ... read more
Fort Breendonk
Fort Breendonk entrance
Dan, Emma, Me and Danielle

Europe » Netherlands » North Brabant August 18th 2019

We said good bye to our family and this time really for it is definitely the last time we be visiting. We left for Neunkirchen on a nice sunny day and happily toured over country roads to our new destination. The country roads did not last long for you are all the time pushed back to the autobahn and in the end you give in and drive there. It was about midday when we got into a large traffic jam. This was costing us a lot of time so we reset our GPR and landed along the Rhine, that was very nice pity the weather had changed as well and it was raining that did not gave us the nice views you can have. On arriving in Boppard we noticed it was not as busy as ... read more

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo August 18th 2019

Unlike yesterday, today was a gorgeous sunny day in Oslo. I was out walking a good portion of the day and I enjoyed the weather. My first stop was to City Hall. I had tried to see the interior on my first day, but it was closed for some function. Today the main hall was open and I was there early so it wasn’t too crowded with tourists. The largest mural is from the 1930s and its central portion depicts typical Norwegian workers - fisherman, farmer, miner. I also liked the ceramic medallions in the entry hallway, especially the one depicting (I guess) Mother Norway looking after the people. Next I walked to the Historical Museum to see the Viking exhibit. I had read up on Vikings before the trip (that’s one reason I was so ... read more

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 18th 2019

Convert ! Convert ! Convert ! These words of Brigham Young, the founder of the Mormons, to the missionaries as they ventured out into the world to spread the Word of God, are as relevant today as ever. As I mentioned yesterday, conversion is an important tool in the travellers survival guide. Everywhere we travel, if the currency is foreign to you, learn the approximate conversion . The Australian dollar rates a little better than tissue paper at the moment and, at about a 60 cents in the dollar exchange, anything costing €6 is $10 at the till. And that’s without accounting for any price difference. My only ever encounter with a pair of Mormons - there’s safety in numbers - was in 1978. I was a fresh faced 23 year old in need of a ... read more
Musée des Arts et Métiers
A plane developed on the design of a bat.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Glossop August 18th 2019

Day 1 of the Pennine Way beats quite a few walkers, we may have met one of them. It’s a difficult and long day. Any day with a section named Jacob’s Ladder is going to be tough. If it was called Jacob’s Incline even that would give walkers some hope without being misled. I’m waiting for sections with names like Rob’s Gentle Meander or Julie’s Easy Decreases in Elevation. I’m waiting but not expecting. It blew incessantly today and we were lucky it only rained briefly as it could have been bitter. We both walked in shorts (not the same pair) and for a while in t-shirts but the wind got the better of us. I didn’t stop blowing until we managed to get off the high plains. The plain is named Bleaklow and you don’t ... read more
Wait for me.
Uphill (even gently) I lead.
It’s so we don’t get lost.

Europe » Austria August 18th 2019

Hoy ha sido día fácil. Levantarse sin madrugar, y en marcha a las 9. Primero se baja una garganta hasta Bischofhofen, y ya de ahí abajo se ve la siguiente etapa, la garganta del río Salzach. Es un estrecho desfiladero entre las montañas donde el río ha cortado un canal. Aquí escondido hay un minipaso, el paso de Lueg. Solo tiene 500m, así que mas bien es una rampa. Este sitio de todas maneras es especial y lleva acumulando restos humanos desde hace 12.000 años. Sea por la caza o por la guerra... Después ya salgo a Golling y recorro bajo calor sofocante los 30km a Salzburgo. He aprovechado que un colega mio va a pillar el tren de las 6 a Munich para comprar billete de grupo. Para hacer tiempo he pasado por la cervecería ... read more

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin August 18th 2019

Flying into Dublin proved to be full of the luck of the Irish... duh...I knew that my husband’s first name ”Kerry” would surely give us some leverage. Our first hurtle came when our booked flight was delayed and it looked like we were not going to arrive in Atlanta in time to catch our connecting flight. Enter Okeimo (a kind African Delta Airlines attendant), he was able to quickly get us onto a different flight at the gate, already boarding ... whew! AND... he found Kerry’s checked bag and rerouted it too! Once in Atlanta, our scheduled departure was about two hours off because the plane didn’t have anyone to clean it... so we waited, and met a nice couple - John and Margaret O’Connor who were returning from visiting family in LA - John, an ... read more
Newmarket Square
our Airbnb
Yummy Lebanese cafe

Europe » Ireland » County Cork » Blarney August 18th 2019

August 18, 2019 – Cobh (Cork), Ireland – Weather: 64°F/18°C, clear sunny morning, mix of sun and cloud for the rest of the day, sprinkling of rain in am, wind 19.5 mph, humidity 59° As we entered the harbour of Cobh, pronounced Cov, and one of Ireland’s largest natural harbours the sky was clear and a full moon shone over our heads. Cobh serves as the port for Cork and the surrounding area. Cork, the second largest city in the Republic of Ireland, lies slightly inland on the banks of the River Lee and takes its name from corcaigh, the Gaelic word for marshy. From its origins in the 7thcentury through to the 19thcentury Cork has flourished as a merchant center. Cobh, as the port provided Cork with a gateway to the world’s markets. It also ... read more
2_Blarney Castle
4_It says it all!

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