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Europe » Belgium » Antwerp Province November 22nd 2020

Best EU Higlihghts I enjoyed before the Pandemic are! 1.Enjoyed air connection through Dublin, Ireland which I'm excited to go back to Ireland the following year 2. Got a Riga, Latvia Passport Stamp when I arrive to Latvia! 3. Got a passport stamp on my boarding pass in Russia Transit! 4. Enjoyed seeing just the mountains of Switzerland and Germany! I was only in the Switzerland-Germany Border to just see the mountains of the airport but that was something! 5. I enjoyed seeing UK London Bell! 6. Santorini, Greece Beaches! 7. Portugal Fresh Air as I got out of the airport and saw so many people! 8. Italy's Favorite Colosseum! 9. Brussels, Belgium Chocolate! 10.Blue Lagoon in Iceland! 11.Enjoyed seeing France's Countryside! 12. Enjoyed seeing Barcelona's Art in Spain!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom November 22nd 2020

I enjoyed seeing UK a lot. I visited there three times in 2016,2017 and 2018! Amazing views even on transit! This was my first trip to Europe in years which was amazing! It took me 21 yrs to get to Europe before this blasty ugly pandemic! I was very fortunate I got to go to England. I somehow found money on the street to buy my ticket to London, United Kingdom for the first time. I was somewhat snatching dollars to get to England! Oh boy, it may not be the favorite place to visit but it was surely a lovely but not so great destination/place to visit! I love Europe for the first time in 2016 and 2017! England was the first country I got out of the transatlantic! This was the biggest first transatlantic ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Tegernsee November 22nd 2020

Nachdem ich eine Woche Home Office in München verbracht habe, bin ich am gestrigen Sonntag zu einem Ausflug in die Region Tegernsee aufgebrochen. Das Wetter war dazu super geeignet. In Tegernsee selber habe ich am Schlossplatz sogar einen für bis zu eine Stunde kostenlosen Parkplatz gefunden. Dann habe ich das ehemalige Kloster und heutige Wittelsbacher Schloss bewundert und war auch in der Kirche. Dann bin ich etwas am Ufer herum gelaufen. Dort gab es viele Ausflügler. Am Ende habe ich in einem Souvenirgeschäft eine Tergernseer Brotzeit bestehend aus Gams-Wurz, Hirsch-Salami, Bergkäse, Bauernbrot und zwei Flaschen alkoholfreies Bier für zuhause gekauft. Ich denke, daran werde ich drei Abende essen. Von Tegernsee wollte ich über Wildbad-Kreuth nach Garmisch-Partenkirchen durch die Berge, aber die Mautstraße zwischen Vorderriss und Wallgau war anscheinend wegen Vereisung nicht mit... read more
Spaziergang am Tegernsee.
Fahrt durch die Berge.
Meine Tegernseer Brotzeit.

Europe » Spain » Region of Murcia November 18th 2020

NOVEMBER 4, 2019 After our first night aboard ship we woke well rested and eager for the day ahead. We enjoyed an excellent breakfast with a view of the water as the ship moved swiftly toward our first destination. By 10:00 am the ship had docked at Pier Alfonso XII Cruise Terminal in the natural harbor of Cartagena. This important harbor was established as a major naval center by the Carthaginians in 227 BC. Cartagena was a booming place during the Roman period. Today the harbor is still a busy port and important naval base, capital of the Spanish Navy’s Maritime Department of the Mediterranean since the Spanish Bourbons in the 18th century, but from our vantage point all we could see were hundreds of masts of pleasure boats anchored cheek and jowl. With more than ... read more
Dome ceiling inside Santuario de La Fuensanta
Santuario de La Fuensanta
Cathedral de Santa Maria in Murcia

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield November 17th 2020

When I woke up in late March and heard about lockdown and Covid I never for one minute imagined that I would be here in November still writing about the same old thing . It it felt like groundhog day months ago I have little idea how to describe this the 1st day of a new month . I feel like Janus the god that January is named after looking backward to the start of all of this and looking forward to it ending . Sadly looking back feels a pointless exercise . 2020 has been a washout . Cancelled holidays . Home working . Motorhome sales going through the roof and no places to stay . Looking forward - Bonfire Night is on the horizon. That night or few days before and after the night ... read more
Who needs fireworks with colour like this ?

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona November 16th 2020

NOVEMBER 3, 2019 All good things must come to an end. It was finally time to say “goodbye Barcelona”. Goodbye to everything Gaudi, the Barri Gotic, Sobremeso (sit and relax, order some Pipas (sunflower seeds) with a nice glass of Rioja and watch the world go by). Farewell to my favorite Boquerones (White Anchovies cured in OVO & vinegar), and the amazing Crema Catalonia. Muchas Gracias! It was wonderful to walk in the footsteps of Fermin and Daniel (from The Shadow of the Wind) in the historic areas, including the wonderful Cathedral of the Sea, and to revisit this city, now transformed from its smokey and dirty caterpillar stage into the beautiful butterfly it is today, competing with Paris for Europe’s best city. Port Vell, with its harbor full of yachts and tourists, has become a ... read more
Dave climbing the stairs at the Palau de Musica
Porter's Lodge and entrance to Park Guell
Barri Gotic, Cathedral of the Sea

Europe » Greece » Ionian Islands November 15th 2020

After hoarding Avios points for years we finally cashed them in. The downside is that to get the best valuethe only airline you can use them on is British Airways and you have to fly from London. There are other ways to use them, but you don’t get as good a deal. Price wise perhaps this isn’t the route to a massive bargain, but it’s still free. For our outward flight we ‘paid’ extra and treated ourselves to the Thistle Hotel near Heathrow, drawn by the appeal of its restaurant overlooking the runway and a free driverless shuttle pod to the terminal; very sci-fi. Because of covid, the restaurant was closed and the shuttle pod wasn’t running. Ah well. We got to the terminal early the next day, as our Club Europe status gained us access ... read more
Corfu sea front
View from Hotel
Hotel sunset view

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow November 15th 2020

Did you know the Japanese provided safe passage through Japan for Jews escaping from Europe to escape extermination by the Nazis in the Second World War? Hitler sent emissaries to get Japan to cease and they refused. About 24,000 Jews were saved before a Japanese leadership change resulted in incarceration in Shanghai instead. In 1919 the Japanese while fighting alongside the White Russians against the Bolshevik communists, were introduced to an anti-Semitic Russian publication advocating that the Jews were planning economic World domination. The Japanese having their own desires for World domination saw potential and formulated a plan to have Jews from Europe settle in Manchuria and help Japan financially become an economic power. A plan so audacious they called it the Fugu the seafood delicacy...if not prepared carefully its poison could kill the consumer. ... read more
The Whites counted on anti-Semitism
Jewish family 1903
The 1905 Revolution

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Powys » Welshpool November 14th 2020

Ineke organised a Spooktacular trail round Meifod, postponed from Halloween because we were locked down then. Lots of people had pumpkins, witches and ghosts in their gardens and windows, and the children had to follow the trail to see everything. There were marshals en route, all in costume, to add scary bits and direct operations, and the pub provided hot drinks for everyone afterwards. It was a great evening, I doubt the photos do it justice. Thankyou everyone for all the trouble you took to make this such fun.... read more
headless ghost
smile please
floral arrangement

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona November 12th 2020

NOVEMBER, 2, 2019 Sadly, we came to our last full day in Barcelona. We were no longer living in the charming neighborhood of Barri Gotic and since there was nothing of interest to keep us where we were, we had breakfast at the hotel (of far less quality than anywhere else in Spain) and quickly left to begin our day. We walked down to the Metro stop to find the Red Route Tour Bus for the Hop On Hop Off City Tour run by the Barcelona Transport Company - TMB. Not an easy task. We were approached by a few other confused tourists looking for the same bus and since we had scoped it out the night before, we were able to help. We wanted to cover more ground in Barcelona before we left, and since ... read more
Charm found on Avenue Diagonal
Columbus points the way
Dave dwarfed by the Royal Gallery, Maritime Museum, Barcelona

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