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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield March 29th 2020

Day 9 of lockdown. I think it is Day 9 but then again it could be any day. The days are drifting by. The household jobs are being done and ticked off one by one. Scones were made. The music listened to was Queen . The wonderful Freddie Mercury entertained me whilst I cooked . The daily walk takes place . Being a Sunday it is quiet. A few cars passed by as I walked . An ambulance roared past me. I wondered where he was going. All this walking may be good for the weight but it plays havoc on the ankles . The weather too was cold . It even began to snow. So much for British Summer Time . An extra hour in bed or an extra hour sitting on the couch. A ... read more
Beautiful aubretia climbing over the garden wall

Europe » Portugal » Madeira March 28th 2020

Taliany buntosili az do polnoci vcera, striedavo som zaspaval, vstaval. Rano prekvapila sprava od kate z cebu. Tak mini pokecik o aktualnej situacii a ci sme vsetky safety. Rychle ranajky a odchytenie busu.c 22 co ide kusok od ubytka. Cakal som na nho cca 15min. Medzi tym isli okolo mna dve dodavky hliadkujucich policajtov. Vodicovy v buse ukazujem penazenku, on mi ukazuje nech si idem sadnut. Tak zas sa vezem zdarma. Zacina prudke stupanie uzkymi ulickami. Aby to sofer busu nemal jednoduche tak po krajnici su rozne poodstavovane auta. Jedna zatacka skoro 360c, nebolo sanca to vybrat na jednu supu, tak cuvanie a na druhy pokus sa zadarilo. Fakt genius musel vymysliet tuto trasu pre bus. Vystupujem na konecnej babosas t-22. Cestu poznam uz z minula. Klesanie okolo lanovky po fajn vydlazdenej cesticke, neskor stupanie po ... read more

Europe » Finland » Central Finland » Äänekoski March 27th 2020

There are more than 37,000 coffee shops in the United States, about 40 percent of which are owned by Starbucks, according to Allegra's World Coffee Portal. Americans spend tens of billions of dollars on coffee every year — and yet, they're actually modest coffee drinkers in terms of per-capita consumption. In fact, they're not even among the International Coffee Organization's top 20 coffee-consuming countries. No. 1 on the list? Finland, which blows away the competition by consuming 12kg of coffee per capita every year. According to the U.K.'s Independent newspaper, this is due in part to the fact that coffee breaks at work are protected by law. Coffee is also a big part of the social scene; it's custom to offer coffee whenever you have a guest. Don't expect to find a Starbucks on every corner, ... read more
Benefits of coffee
Peets, my favorite

Europe » Switzerland March 27th 2020

Europe » Portugal » Madeira March 27th 2020

Na ranajky sa vraciam ku corn flakesu s mliekom. Na bruchu citit mensia svalovica po vcerajsom cca 10min cviceni. Doobeda opat portugalcina a okolo obeda smer supermarket pingo doce. Tam hned par zmien. Dnu sa vchadza vychodom a vychadza vchodom. Ludia na vstup medzi tovar uz mozu cakat aj v predajni. Na zemi su lepiacou paskou spravene znacky, kade maju ludia postupovat. Prave tam opravovali atm. Kupujem hotove jedlo v restike, kusky masa a dva kusky kurata. Jedna stara kurva sa predbehla. Nik neprotestoval, len jeden cudzinec na to upozornil. Mne to bolo fuk, baba je aj tak uz jednou a hadam aj dvoma nohmi v hrobe. Nakupoval som podla zoznamu, tak ziadne zbesile behanie pomedzi regali. Je zaujimave, ze vzdy platim skoro rovnaku sumu t.j. okolo 35€. Vonku pred obchodom mimo dlheho radu, samy dochodci ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield March 27th 2020

Gabby the motorhome is more home than away. She is parked up chomping at the bit waiting to get away. We are about 30 days away from our cancelled Scandanavian oddysey. So the countdown has changed now to months rather than weeks as we hope to get away early September. I doubt it will be the far north this year . Looks like Autumn in the Ploppy Knees as Sion calls that area of Greece known as the Pelopenese . Motorhomers in their droves are putting their vehicles on SORN - off road until the lockdown ends . They then get a refund on their excise duty . We have not done it and probably will not do it . The government is probably going to need that revenue after this crisis is over. The days ... read more
An interesting tombstone

Europe » Portugal » Madeira March 26th 2020

Dnes som rozmyslal, ze pojdem do obchodu ale odkladam to na zajtra. Booknute ubytko na dalsi tyzden, davam to cez wizzair tak 5perc by mi mali pripisat na let.ucet. Doobeda som na youtube kukal neaku tu portugalcinu. Oci ma z mobilu dost bolia, takze na dlhodobe citanie knihy to veru neni. Bavia ma diskutujuci na fore cl, kde uz neprispievam, bo sa tam do mna zacali navazat ako si to len predstavujem cestovat v takychto tazkych casoch. Fakt niektory si myslia, ze zjedli vsetku mudrost sveta. Pokus o chat na msg edreamsu (talk to agent) ale robot ma vzdy odpinkal. Skype kredit mi konci, tak musim spravit sekundovy hovor niekam nech sa mi to opat predlzi o pol roka. Na obed spravene spageti ale maly hrniec, tak som ich musel dat napolovicu. Tie zaliate bolognes omackou ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield March 26th 2020

It is Tuesday - isnt it ? Or is it Wednesday? I find not going to work for two days a week has sent me into that area of not knowing what day of the week it is. When did we start social distancing ? Was it last week or the week before ? When did lockdown happen? Well it certainly takes some working out. I walked along the main road one way on Sunday. I walked the reverse trip on Monday so it must be Tuesday . No the postbox down the road says the collection is on Wednesday. I wonder when the collections will stop every day. We probably will see alternate days post deliveries within a week . Can you remember the post in the 50's and early 60's? Thinking about alternate days ... read more
Yes the sky was that blue
Lesser Celandines - a sure sign on Spring

Keep Smiling! Mike Fossey aka ‘Keep Smiling’ - The end of the trail It saddens me to bring news of my young brother’s departure from this life following a very brief illness. Mike has been with Travelblog for more years than I care to remember, telling tales of his travel adventures and sharing colourful blogs from his beloved India, where he made so many dear friends he always considered family. Mike was nine years younger than me, born in our small house in Wembley shortly before the end of WW11. It was only in later years that we became close friends as maturity and family events brought our paths together. A grammar school boy, he went on to become Managing Director of a major Travel company in London. It was there that his great passion for ... read more
With a rather special friend
Chatting with mourners in the desert
Sharing photos with children

Europe » Portugal » Madeira March 25th 2020

Na ranajky konecne nieco teple do zaludka, vajicka a k tomu toasty. Po jedle hladanie neakych zliav na booking, bohuzial neuspesne. Spraveny zoznam co treba nakupit. Do obchodu pojdem bud zajtra alebo piatok. Jedlo este mam. Nuz co tu budem robit aby som sa nescvokol ked bude zle pocasie. Od zajtra zacnem s portugalcinou (doobeda) a na vecer sa skusim pripojit ku korejcom, som zvedavy ci ma prijmu. Po korejsky si pamatam uz len dve slova, dakujem a si pekna (to im hovorit nebudem). Na obed spravena sackova polievka, hranolky a vysmazane kruzky z morskych plodov. Poobede citanie knihy. Zla sprava, ryanair nebude lietat ani v maji. To je uplne nahovno. Teoreticky sa daju na april kupit letenky do porta/lisabonu cez tap resp transavia ale ktovie ci sa to zas nebude rusit. Uvidim v pondelok aka ... read more

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