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Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich May 28th 2022

It was a steady build up to this long-awaited trip to Europe. Punctuated of course by some last minute hassles. These included: The new dishwasher delivered with unheralded timing at Golden Beach; A rush for Greg to get a new job mounted on the web for his team at UoM; Some key deadlines for Catherine to meet on behalf of our company;; Some last minute planning by the two body-corporates we deal with; One of Greg's mentee companies in "hurry up and wait mode"; Reminding ourselves how to travel light but also cover all bases through Catherine's printed trip itinerary plus plus. Still by the morning of the 26th of May we were ready to head off to the airport. Picked up an Uber and headed off early arvo. Check in to Singapore Airlines was a ... read more
Relax Garten
Erdeke supermarket

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 27th 2022

I decided to take a lazy morning and have brunch in a cafe, then walk in palace gardens. It is lovely walking along cobbled streets or sidewalks, watching people go about their day amongst finely decorated buildings. There is something comforting about the size and stature of these buildings, they seem eternal, as if nothing could knock them down. I strolled around picking out the cafe with lots of people, in shade, serving lots of proteins as well as sweets and caffiene. Along the street I saw the chocolate maker shop and popped in. I bought six round chocolates (am eating them now....OMG, so good) of various flavours; chili, hazelnut, salty, layered nugat. Window shopping is a delight. Finally I sat in a cafe and ordered a cappuchino and omlette. There is no rush to take ... read more
cobble stones
See the dog on the man's lap?
cafe across from church

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 27th 2022

This afternoon I went to Belevedere and paid to see their collection. Worth every penny, so much more enjoyable art then in earlier museums, I thought. Today is a hot sunny day and the streets and museums were crowded with tourists. It felt like a weekend, and I am glad I am leaving Vienna for a few days. I am even more glad that I spent the afternoon looking at such lovely paintings. I will post my favourites, with info tiles for some of them. After touring Belevedere, I went in search of St. Stephen cathedral in the centre of the city. I got lost two days ago trying to find it. For any travelers, take the wide pedestrian street in between the Bristol Hotel and the Opera house, it goes directly to the cathedral, passing ... read more
Everybody wanted a photo of Napolean
line up for tickets
back of the building

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese May 27th 2022

Entlang der Straße, Ausnahme Autobahn, gibt es in meist kurzen Abständen Bildstöcke, das sind in Griechenland kleine Kirchen. Man kann sie im Beton Geschäft kaufen oder im Gartencenter. Es gibt einige Varianten in Bezug auf Größe und lyell, aber im Prinzip ist es halt eine griechische Kirche. Größenmässig geeignet für Puppenhochzeiten. Daneben gibt es Kapellen, in die man reingehen kann. Und in den Dörfern ist meist eine neue, große Kirche und ein paar kleine Kapellen. Die Bildstöcke sind an manchen Stellen der Erinnerung an ein Unfallopfer gewidmet. Ein Foto zeigt dann einen lachenden jungen Mann oder es steht ein kleines Motorrad im Inneren. Andere enthalten nur ein Heiligenbild. Die kleinen Bildstöcke sind wohl für kurze Gespräche mit Gott, wenn man nur schnell eine Frage hat. In schwierigeren Angelegenheiten kann man in eine Kapelle gehen. Wenn die ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cumbria » Kirkby Stephen May 27th 2022

After a sheltered night in the barn, we woke feeling grateful of the protection it was still providing, as, not only was the wind still going for it, the rain had returned. We’d also got the two chairs and table from the filed last night, so enjoyed some breakfast watching the weather safely from inside, before smugly packing away our dry tent. We didn’t stay dry for long though, stepping out straight into the rain&wind and walking across long wet grass and bog; Insta wet. Of course the weather didn’t stop us, normal and sane people, from diverting a little to head back to the trail via a ‘large’ ancient stone circle, (because we’ve never seen one before coming from Devon and Dartmoor) or from taking pictures of cows just because they were in a house ... read more
Photo does not show the rain
Said hello to the teletubies
Wall shelter for snack stop

Europe » Greece May 27th 2022

Die Fähre von Patras ging 11.59, also hatte ich einen ruhigen Vormittag im Kokoni Beach Hotel. Ich lernte dort eine Missionarsfamilie kennen, die griechischen Ursprungs sind, in Uganda missionieren. 4 leibliche Kinder, zwei schwarze Mädchen aus Uganda adoptiert. Er Arzt. Sie war eine interessante Frau, aber für mein Gefühl war Gott zu viel im Gespräch. Es gab kein Thema, bei dem sie sich icht sicher war, dass Gott da... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Molinaseca May 27th 2022

We got up a little later than usual since we didn't have a long day, only 20 kilometers. We ate breakfast at the Bar Cuadros Cafe at 6:50, then made our way out of Astorga. Astorga is pretty good size, so it took us 20 minutes or so. We entered Valdevieja, and left it behind in no time. It is basically a suburb of Astorga. Next, we passed through Murias de Rechivaldo without even knowing it, and entered Santa Catalina de Somoza at about 8:45am. We stopped at a cafe/bar for a coffee break, then plodded on. About an hour later, we entered El Ganso, the last stop before our destination for the day, Rabanal del Camino. Here we stopped in the famous Cowboy Bar and then started the long haul of about 6.6 kilometers. It ... read more
Plaza Major with a giant chess set
A very unusual church on the way out of town
Finally leaving Astorga

Europe » Austria » Vienna May 26th 2022

Today I activated my EuroRail train pass, which means I can get on any train in any direction. (I am sure I will bump into some restrictions) It was a challenge getting to the best train station to activate the pass, and I will end this blog with the frustrating tale. Meanwhile, a festival was going on in Melk, about an hour from Vienna. Every cafe was filled with happy Austrians guzzling good beer in the sunshine. The town could have been the backdrop to Beauty and the Beast movie, and as I walked through the quaint streets I kept thinking Belle would be singing 'there must be more to this provincial life', with Gaston singing in the background. I went to the tourist centre to find the way up to the world famous Abby. Good ... read more
The WOW factor
Entering the village

Argeles-sur-Mer – Maandag 23 mei 2022 Computer zei : Aankomst 12:00u, hoogte 001m, 29°, 61,1 km, verbruik 8,9 l /100km, gemiddeld 47 km/u, reisduur 1:17 uur. Ultra korte rit van Vinça naar Argeles-sur-Mer, gezellige badplaats aan de Middellandse Zee voorbij Le Boulou in de buurt van Perpignan. Daarmee eindigt onze tocht 'Dwars door de Pyreneeën''. We hadden alle dagen schitterend weer. Zelfs veel te warm voor de tijd van het jaar. De weersvoorspellingen voor de volgende dagen wijzen op wat afkoeling. Kunnen we ons weer wat normaal voelen. Argeles-sur-Mer- Dinsdag 24 mei 2022 – REGEN heel de dag. – Boeken lezen. Argeles-sur-Mer- Woensdag 25 mei 2022 – koud en wind. Zo veel moest het nu ook nIet afkoelen ! Argeles-sur-Mer- Donderdag 26 mei 2022 – Zonnig, blauwe hemel en windkracht 6. Zo veel wind hadden we ... read more

Europe » Spain » Castile & León » Astorga May 26th 2022

As usual we packed up and out the door of the albergue at 6am. We knew from the night before that Bar La Torre was open at 6am, so we stopped for breakfast. A couple hours later we passed through Villavante. An hour or so later we spotted Hospital de Orbigo for the big water tower and another half an hour we reached the famous bridge. The bridge and town were made famous by the knight Don Suero who after having his affections for Lady Leonor refuted, said he would confront any knight attempting to cross the bridge.... or something like that. We stopped on the other side of the bridge at the Hotel/Bar El Paso Honroso for breakfast and a nice view of the bridge while we ate. About 30 minutes later we passed through ... read more
The unusual ... napkin holder
Breakfast at Bar La Torre
Manoli posing with a pilgrim statue in Villavante

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