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Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo July 6th 2019

Naš rad obuhvata izradu seminarskih, diplomskih, maturskih, magistarskih radova na srpskom, hrvatskom, francuskom, španskom ili engleskom jeziku iz svih oblasti ekonomije, menadmenta i biznisa i svih drugih oblasti… Za razliku od drugih koje samo interesuje novac kupca, nas cilj je da prvi utisak o nasem radu bude pozitivan, da se postigne redovno i kvalitetno poslovanje sa nama, takodje diskrecija je zagarantovana. Jos od samog pocetka uspeli smo da stvorimo auran i kvalitetan tim strucnjaka iz oblasti: ekonomija, menadment, bankarstvo, finansije, ljudski resursi, psihologija, marketing, informacione tehnologije, istorija, sociologija, pravo, itd. što je rezultiralo mnogobrojnim zadovoljnim klijentima.Postavili smo odredene standarde u ukupnom poslovanju i dostigli lidersku poziciju u našoj branši. Cilj nam je da istu dugorocno zadrimo, te da svoje poslovanje proširimo i n... read more

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona » Barcelona August 31st 2015

Under construction while we take in all of spain!! ... read more

Europe » France » Brittany » Crozon August 30th 2015

28thAnother grim morning but a pleasant afternoon so took the bikes out past the local beach, up a steep hill & we found a little path off the coastal path that led down to a very treacherous point by the sea. There were stunning caves which echoed the boom of the waves hitting the back walls – I dare say that they'll become arches over time. A couple of fishermen were on another point half a mile away, a kayak was moving slowly moving through the swell – that was life that afternoon by the sea. We had a bite to eat & carried on round the roads back to the beach, watched life go by then headed back for tea. A German van had turned up & despite having the whole site to choose from, ... read more

Europe » Portugal » Lisbon & Tagus Valley » Óbidos August 30th 2015

Every country has at least one historic town that is considered to be its crowning glory. In Canada that town is arguably Quebec City: in Portugal it’s unquestionably Óbidos, which has been declared a national monument. Originally a Moorish stronghold, it was captured by King Afonso Enriques in 1148. Thereafter a castle was built, and both the castle and the surrounding town were enlarged, encompassed by imposing walls, endowed in 1575 with an impressive aqueduct, and improved over the centuries, until today Óbidosis a truly picture-perfect and unforgettable historic site. It is sometimes called the “wedding present town”, because Queen Isabel was so enchanted by it that King Dinis gave it to her on their wedding day in 1282 – buildings, inhabitants and all. From then on it was the traditional wedding gift to a new ... read more
the surrounding countryside, where grapes are grown and light farming is conducted
view from our inn, just outside the walls, presented as an airbrush painting
approaching the Porta da Vila town gate (digital watercolour)

Europe » France » Île-de-France August 30th 2015

The four of us have been in Paris for just over a day and all I can say is "wow". There is so much history in this city, every where you look there's another historic building or square named after some famous person in History. And of course, there's the Eiffel tower. We've spent time at the national military museum and Nepolean's tomb, the Musee D'Orsey, the Rodin Museum and the Pantheon (Paris Version) where we toured the underground cripts. We have 3 day passes for the open air buses and have taken 2 of the 4 routes. These have guided tour earplugs so you can follow along as you experience the city streets. Yesterday we walked under the Eiffel tower and today we found ourselves walking along the river Seine. Tonight we'll take the subway ... read more
French Military Museum
French Revolution Square Obilesk
Opera house

Europe » Macedonia » Skopje August 30th 2015

Today we went on a long walk... We left the hotel fairly early to set off for the bottom of the gondola at Mt Vodno, just outside Skopje. Having seen taxis everywhere yesterday, we thought it'd be easy to find one this morning, but it was a little harder than we thought. We found one in the end, but arrived to find that the gondola didn't open until 10am, and it was only just after 9. Not to be defeated, we decided to walk up to the summit instead. It turned out that this wasn't the greatest idea ever, as it was already quite warm and the path was relentlessly uphill... But we made it! At the top is a massive gold cross, with a swanky looking restaurant complex below it. Unfortunately, aside from a little ... read more
Vodno cross
View back to Vodno from part way along the path to Matka
Waiting for the boat

Europe » France August 30th 2015

Those of you who more or less know our itinerary expect is to start the Camino today. No we are still in St. Jean Pied de Port awaiting information about our bags. Thursday, August 20 The day goes by without sight of any bags; but we manage to enjoy the ambiance of this picturesque village. We do a little shopping. We have discovered we like double socks so we locate several pair. Christine, our lovely source of all information, directs us to a 'pilgrim shop' across the street. Harlan finds a pair of cargo shorts to replace his good trousers. The salesgirl, who runs the shop, has a boyfriend who runs the same kind of shop on the Main Street of St. Jean. This street, Rue de la Citadelle is part of the actual Camino and ... read more
Fabric store window display
Karen at the Pilgrim Office getting Passport
Harlan with one of several Basque statues

Europe » Spain » Catalonia » Barcelona August 30th 2015

Wow, we really know our way around, we just follow our noses and are happy wherever we wind up. Today we slept in before going to the Picasso Museum in the El Born district, an easy walk from our hotel. Barcelona is a fantastic city for walking, the people watching is amazing and most sights are close. The Picasso Museum has works donated mostly by Picasso himself and shows his evolution from a student to a seasoned artist. We got the audioguide that was well worth it, essential information and background we would have missed. Some of his teenage works are surprising because of what came later. His father was an art teacher who recognized his talent and encouraged him from an early age. His portraits of his father are very sensitive and Picasso's self-portraits show ... read more

Europe » France » Burgundy » Chalon-sur-Saone August 29th 2015

After 7 days off the air, we have a connection. Just waiting for taxi to station for ride to Paris. Will write more when more time... read more

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Corinth August 29th 2015

Yesterday, I purchased an icon entitled Mary, the Storyteller, at the workshop of a Greek Orthodox priest and iconographer. The image depicts Mary tenderly sharing stories with her young son, our Lord Jesus. The theology that can be deduced is that Jesus, a masterful storyteller learned his craft of weaving parables, at least in part, from sitting and listening to his mother and our mother Mary. Today, in Corinth, we witnessed Paul’s letter to the Corinthians come alive as he, too, masterfully wove the fabric of the lives of the local Corinthians into the story of the Risen Christ. This tapestry begins long before Paul with the pre-historic threads of Eden as well as Noah's rainbow of color and continues to gather threads of various colors in ancient Canaan, Egypt, Jerusalem, Babylon and the various lands ... read more
Erastus stone (Corinth)
Synagogue Stone (Corinth)
Terra cotta body parts (Corinth)

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