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Europe » Spain » Galicia » Cape Finisterre October 30th 2018

A day trip to La Coruña. Tim’s knee problems have forced a change in plans, and walking to Muxia is simply not practical, and probably not possible. No matter, we will head to Santiago tomorrow, stay a night, and use the extra day to take in La Coruña on a day trip. It’s a large city with a rich history and culture , so there is plenty to do and see. Today started with rain as we walked around the harbour with Tina from Sydney, so we called in to a bar for breakfast before the first hill of the day. The rain and storms never really eventuated but rain gear was always handy for the little downpours that disappeared as quickly as they arrived. Fifteen kilometres was all we had to walk but we didn’t ... read more
Looking Back To Cee
Corcubión Far Below Us
Rain Threatened All Day

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Cape Finisterre May 21st 2018

Der Wasserfall von Euro war mein erstes Ziel und dann bin ich die ganzen gut ausgebauten Straßen im Gebirge dahinter entlang geschlichen. Diese Straßen waren zwar weder in der Karte noch im Navi, aber sie fienten zum Erreichen diverser Stauseen und Wasserkraftwerke. Dann fand ich einen Wegweiser nach Fisterra und mir fiel mein Programm wieder ein. Auch auf dem Weg nach Fisterre und dem außerhalb liegenden Leuchtturm sind viele Wanderer-Pilger, die nicht nur nach Santiago gehen sondern auch noch ans Ende der Welt. Landschaftlich ist das sicher ein Höhepunkt. Paul hat mich wieder mal im Stich gelassen. Es fehlen 200 km an 10.000 km. Danach wollte ich am Meer entlang nach A Caruna. Aber das ging einfach nicht. Das Navi zeigte mir Straßen an, wo es Pfade waren oder Wanderwege. Manchmal ist Schwester Hanna wirklich dämlich. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Cape Finisterre May 20th 2018

Wieder ein sehr kurzer Tag. Ich bin an der Atlantikküste entlang gefahren. Die erste Halbinsel war fad und ich habe schon überlegt, ob ich gleich nach Osten in die Berge soll. Aber dann gab ich der zweiten Halbinsel doch eine Chance, und die hat sie redlich verdient. Wunderschöne Blumen, Küste und Berge. Irgendwann fand ich ein Schild zu einem Guest House. Es ging lang bergauf. Und oben ist ein Haupthaus mit 8 Zimmern. Außerdem kleine Häuser in der Nähe. Zuerst war ich allein, dann sind noch 2 deutsche Paare gekommen. Sie reden Englisch mit mir und ich sag eh nicht viel. ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Cape Finisterre October 28th 2016

Started walking before dawn, alone. The steep walk out of Cee was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise, the lights of Cee over the harbour, and peaceful meditative walking. I had a coffee and cake for breakfast before leaving town so light was improving and I only needed the torch to negotiate a dark, narrow, challenging rocky path on the edge of town. Otherwise it was all well illuminated. Not much to say today; great tracks, lovely surprises around every corner, and a great end to the day. I had chiperones and potatoes for lunch on the seaside with Ken, John and Lauren and planned to meet to walk to the Cape for sunset. Somewhere wires were crossed and Ken and l walked out independently but the others weren't sighted. Unfortunately, neither was the sunset. It was ... read more
Hórreo and The Moon
Wind Power , It's Everywhere

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Cape Finisterre October 27th 2016

It was a late start this morning. We had toast and coffee for breakfast and left the Albergue at 8.20. The torch was only needed early for about 5 minutes. The views and light were beautiful as we climbed high into the mountains. The paths were generally very good but I still managed to pick up stones in my boots 4 times. Ken thinks it's because I walk fast. I think I'm just unlucky in that regard. I made good pace and had a terrific, but pretty uneventful, short day. At one stage I was followed by a few small birds that looked like finches and it reminded me of that Disney movie that had a real actor but small animated birds fluttering around his head. Can't remember the title. It was eucalypts and wind power ... read more
Hórreo Bases
Hórreos and Religion
Lovely Moon Light Sunrise

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Cape Finisterre October 25th 2016

We are heading to Finisterre where our Camino really ends; about 860kms of fun, sun, pain, rain, mountains, valleys, more medieval stuff than you could ever imagine, and just about the friendliest people you'll meet on this planet. Today began in the soft lighting of the Plaza and backstreets of Santiago, but quickly dimmed as we entered dense forests with full overhead cover. It was like walking in a large tunnel with no end. Strangely, about 30 minutes into the dark appeared a small 2 man tent pitched by the path; now that's dedication for you. I just clicked my way by and wondered what that little 'parcel' contained. A little further on I encountered a narrow stone bridge. It was really only about 400mm wide so you couldn't use the poles to steady yourself so ... read more
The Brits Love It
The Smallest Old Bridge I've Seen
Up We Go....

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Cape Finisterre September 30th 2016

30 September 2016, Friday, Day 1 of our walk to Cape Finisterre. Santiago Road to Negreira. 14.55 miles Hotel Millan. Fitbit:. 13.64 miles, stairs 155 The Jacobean pilgrimage enjoyed widespread fame throughout medieval Europe. Land and sea alike were furrowed with routes full of spirituality leading to Santiago de Compostela. Seafaring ways used by pilgrims from Scandinavia, Flanders, England, Scotland and Ireland made their way to Ribadeo, Viveiro, Ferrol and A Coruna. After landing they made the 100 plus kilometer journey from the coast to Santiago on foot. One of the more noteworthy pilgrimages occurred in 1147 when a group of crusaders on their way to the Holy Land, took part in the conquest of Lisbon and aided the first king of Portugal in his struggle against the Moors. Before any bellicose encounter the crusaders would ... read more
The side of the Parador through the Corralon Gate
Facts about the Corralon Gate and parador hospital
These footprint way marks to Muxia and Fisterre on the streets of Santiago.

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Cape Finisterre July 3rd 2016

Santiago de Campostella . . . Irgendwann stehen wir mitten auf dem Platz, einfach drin – etwas unglaubwürdig und verloren schauen wir uns um, - Das ist es doch, oder? Sind wir angekommen? Echt jetzt? Und Jetzt? Wir tun es den andren nach und flacken uns erstmal auf den Boden – mittig vom Platz und scannen erstmal alles um uns herum ab. . . warum hat man uns nicht gesagt, dass diese schöne Kathedrale gerade restauriert wird. Ein Turm ist leider komplett verkleidet . . . Das Treiben auf diesem Platz ist sehr lebendig, es laufen unaufhörlich Pilger ein. Die Freude streitet sich innerlich mit der Traurigkeit. Das Ankommen ist wunderschön, doch das Verlassen des Weges schmerzt doch auch ein wenig. Wir erleben eine maßlos überfüllte Messe mit dem Weihrauchfaß "Botafumeiro" . . ., schauen uns ... read more
noch 4,7 km . . .
Santiago de Compostela City - Einmarsch
sind wir schon da . .

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Cape Finisterre October 7th 2012

Hola everyone, Its been ages since my last blog or so it feels. So much has happened and today is the final day of walking this incredible road. What will it be like to stop? Today is to Muxia tomorrow I bus back to Santiago and Tuesday fly to Alicante south of Barcelona. The walk to Finnisterre was 3 days since last Tuesday and included a night under the stars with my RAB survival zone bivvy protecting me from a huge dew fall. I slept a fulll 8 hours that night which was one of the best sleeps Ive had in Spain. Cape Faro lighthouse was spectacular and the cafe so good in ´the rain and high wind. Wrote emails and a postcard until my friends got there. Last night it was 3 Aussies for dinner ... read more

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Cape Finisterre July 14th 2011

Well, this is it. The end of the line. After six weeks of walking I've run out of land. I'm writing this from Cape Finisterre, which until Columbus(?) was the end of the known world, the edge of something that no one at that time, and probably today as well, could really grasp at convincingly. Grandiose words I know. I can already hear the 'pretentious siren' sounding around town. Any moment now a crew of Spanish rednecks are going to crash through the windows of this net-cafe and beat me into a gibbering, ignorant wreck. But until that happens, you're going to have to put up with needlessly extravagant descriptions of otherwise unnoteworthy feelings or places. Having said that, all self-indulgence aside, this place really has something special about it. Yesterday, upon arriving, I walked to ... read more
Cape Finisterre
The End of the World

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