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Harlan R. Sager

If it is not the destination but the journey; then why can you not get a ticket to travel, unless you have the name of a place, to where you are going?

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela October 5th 2016

4 October 2016, Tuesday, Ride back to Santiago. 2 1/2 hours by taxi instead of 4 days walking. This last blog is sent the day before Thanksgiving! A good time to express our thankfulness for a safe journey and our blessing to you all. Rain - we awake to rain and again think how fortunate we were to have had such good weather! Our breakfast turns out to be very nice with some of the best tortes and pastries we have had. Our spreadsheet clearly showed no luggage transfer. We initially thought it did and had bought bus tickets, then, we decided lugging bags on a bus was not our idea of a fun day. So at 0700 Harlan was up, walked down to the bus stop in the rain to try and sell our 15 ... read more
Goats outside our hotel dining room in Fisterre
On the road back to Santiago
Hotel Pazo de Altamira

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Fisterra October 3rd 2016

3 October 2016, Cee to Fisterre, Monday, Day 4. Hotel Larry to Hotel Rustico Prado da Vine. 16.88 miles We awake to a beautiful day. Pepe. the proprietor at Hotel Larry, serves up a very satisfying omelette to fuel us on our way. We meet his daughter who is now manning the reception desk. We figure it is her husband that checked us in the previous night. We are told there is a grandchild and he is being taken care of by Daddy. We find our way back to the water's edge, passing through a large park with interesting nautical sculpture. And who should appear but the two Lindas striding off to our side. One of the duo has done this portion of the Camino before in the spring of this year. The guide sheets we ... read more
The bay at Cee as we started on our way
Looking back on the bay as we climb out of town
Looking at the bay from above Corcubion

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Fisterra October 2nd 2016

2 October 2016, Sunday, Olveiroa to Cee, day 3 on the way to Cape Finisterre, called Fisterre in Galicia. 12.6 miles Today was only a 19 kilometer day. The very prolific waymarks say from 35.000 kilometers to 16.000 kilometers. We start from Hotel Pension AS Pias in a light fog. Breakfast was toast and jam until I asked for ham and cheese which were quickly provided but not offered. The coffee and fresh orange juice were about the best we have had since Lisbon. Simon, whom we met two nights earlier, was finishing his breakfast and on his way to Finisterre, a 35 kilometer day for him. His flight leaves Madrid for Melbourne on the 4th so he will bus back to Santiago, take night train to Madrid and catch his flight home. The schedule of ... read more
A row of wind turbines line the crest of the hill
The ferns foretell fall as spider web shows the dew
A lone pilgrim on a bridge silhouetted in the fog.

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Fisterra October 1st 2016

1 October 2016, Saturday, day 2 from Santiago de Compostela to Cape Finisterre, Negreira to Olveiroa. 22.7 miles. It was a foggy morning as Jo and I set out for this very long day of walking. Leaving Negreira, we passed a statue of a woman and oxen in the center of town and followed the main road to the walls and city gate, then over a stone bridge. Another statue near the city wall had interesting figures on two sides of a wall. I would like to know the artist's message of the man with hobo bag on stick walking away with a blanket at his feet and a young boy tugging at his pant leg through the window in the wall. The other side of the wall shows the back of the boy and a ... read more
Woman with oxen statue in Negreira
View to city wall and gate leaving Negreira
One side of this most unusual statue

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Cape Finisterre September 30th 2016

30 September 2016, Friday, Day 1 of our walk to Cape Finisterre. Santiago Road to Negreira. 14.55 miles Hotel Millan. Fitbit:. 13.64 miles, stairs 155 The Jacobean pilgrimage enjoyed widespread fame throughout medieval Europe. Land and sea alike were furrowed with routes full of spirituality leading to Santiago de Compostela. Seafaring ways used by pilgrims from Scandinavia, Flanders, England, Scotland and Ireland made their way to Ribadeo, Viveiro, Ferrol and A Coruna. After landing they made the 100 plus kilometer journey from the coast to Santiago on foot. One of the more noteworthy pilgrimages occurred in 1147 when a group of crusaders on their way to the Holy Land, took part in the conquest of Lisbon and aided the first king of Portugal in his struggle against the Moors. Before any bellicose encounter the crusaders would ... read more
The side of the Parador through the Corralon Gate
Facts about the Corralon Gate and parador hospital
These footprint way marks to Muxia and Fisterre on the streets of Santiago.

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 30th 2016

28 and 29 September 2016, A Day in Santiago. These two days we reserved for visiting the Cathedral and the museums of Santiago. We met Chuck and Li as they had just arrived this morning. First order of business was to obtain our compostela. We go to the Oficina do Peregrino which is in a new location from last year. Areas for pilgrims waiting for a number to flash on a screen overhead that will indicate for them to move into the office, have been established all around an inner garden. I can only imagine how the pilgrims appreciate the fresh air while they wait in the heat of summer. Most pilgrims head right for the office upon arrival and, for many, it has been awhile since the niceties of a bath and clean clothes have ... read more
Li and Chuck arrive in Santiago
Early morning view of Cathedral from the square
Inside Cathedral

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Santiago de Compostela September 28th 2016

27 September 2016, Tuesday, Padron to Santiago, day 28. Hotel Pazo de Altamira. 29 kilometers. Fitbit: 38,998 steps, 17.04 miles, 137 floors/stairs Our hotel, Pazo de Lestrove, is part of the network of Pousadas de Camino. This was a lovely stone structure with nice sitting rooms off of each bend in the hall way. This 16th century former mansion of the archbishops of Santiago is a restoration that is magnificently done. We left hotel about 0838 and walked back through town to the Igrexa de Santiago to join the Camino track. We have visited the church with the stone, allegedly where the disciples' of St James tied the boat bringing his body back to Iberia. We had also taken the walk up the steps to the statue and cross featured on the cover of Brierley's Camino ... read more
Santa Maria de Iria Flavia
chickens right next to Camino
Scandinavian trio

Europe » Spain » Galicia » La Coruña September 27th 2016

26 September 2016, Monday, Caldes de Reis to Padron, Day 27, 14.8 miles. Hotel Pazo de Lestrove, a member of Pousadas del Camino network of hotels. Ruminating on Roman Roads. Ah, Karen here. Remember I have said, a number of times, that this blog is to serve as a memory jog of certain feelings, events or memories of our Camino. So, bear with me as I do not want to forget these roads! I read the guide and see we have a section of a Roman road coming up and I am both delighted and filled with dread! I love these roads but how my feet dread them. And what is the appeal of a Roman road? One steps upon the first big stone and, for me, I enter another world. These roads were built before ... read more
Karen on the bridge with the reflection in morning light.
The nameplate would read, "metal frame, clear plastic bottle, kneeling sculpture."
Horreo and statue on wall

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Pontevedra September 25th 2016

25 September 2016, Sunday, day 25, Pontevedra to Caldes de Reis, 23 kilometers. Hotel O Cruceiro Center Fitbit: 65 stairs, 13.58 miles, 31,085 steps Today, last nights rain had stopped and the moist air created some fog and low clouds as we passed over the old bridge leaving Pontevedra. Brierley accurately describes today's walk."One third of this stage is along natural pathways through woodland along gentle river valleys which we share with the rail line. ..Approaching Caldas de Reis we hop on and off the N-550 but the stretches are short and level with good sight lines...there are few bars or cafes." It was mostly on secondary roads and wooded farm tracts with a few stretches along busy N-550. Many vineyards were along the route. We stopped at the very old church, Igrexa de Santa Maria ... read more
The wide view of the parador
Picturesque bridge as we leave Pontevedra
closer view of bridge and reflected arches

Europe » Spain » Galicia » Pontevedra September 24th 2016

24 September 2016, Saturday, Redondela to Pontevedra, day 25. 15.3 miles. Parador Nacional Our stay at Hostel Antolin was quite pleasant. Today we decide to interact, as much as possible with the locals! The morning was cool as we walked back along the bay, retracing the way we had come yesterday afternoon. We reached the Camino arrows going over the railroad tracks. We could see the railroad tunnel we had been close to at the hostel, now some distance away. We have a clear view of the bay as we leave and we are greeted by an elderly man leaning out of a second story window! He greets us and, in short order, we find out he is 84 years of age and from Goteburg, Sweden. He speaks both English and Spanish. Then our next greeter ... read more
Our Swedish greeter
This wall and plaque had an oriental feeling
Our canine greeter

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