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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Ceredigion » Poppit Sands August 7th 2023

Monday 7 August 2023. Day 20 on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path from Ceibwr Beach to Poppit Sands and St Dogmaels. This is our final day completing the 180 miles (300 kilometers) walk from Amroth. Alltrails app. 3 hours 45 minutes walking. 7.58 miles. 1211 feet elevation gain. Garmin forerunner 25. 4 hours. 7.7 miles. 1253 feet elevation gain. Home James is the name of the taxi company that has been our shuttle at the end. They picked us up yesterday at Ceibwr Beach and returned us there this morning. The two vans were different each time and very new and roomie. A lady was the driver yesterday afternoon and an older man today. Home James was in front of the Gwbert Hotel ready to transport us before 9 am. Today the trail reaches the highest point ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Ceredigion » Cardigan August 6th 2023

Sunday 6 August 2023. Day 19 on Pembrokeshire Coastal Path - Newport in Pembrokeshire to Ceibwr beach. Alltrails app. 4 hours 24 minutes walking. 8.05 miles. 1275 feet elevation gain. Garmin forerunner 25. 4 hours 26 minutes walking. 8.1 miles. 1348 feet elevation gain. Saturday was a planned rest day and it rained. Rested my knees. At 0910 we left our Golden Lion Hotel to walk about 0.3 miles to the start of today's walk. We joined the coastal path at the bridge where the stream meets the bay. The tide was out and several types of birds were enjoying the mud flats. We could see that the previous high tide had deposited sea debris on the path. Before reaching the start we passed the neolithic burial site estimated to be 5000 years old. Archeology shows ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » Fishguard August 4th 2023

Friday 4 August 2023, day 18 of Pembrokeshire Coastal Path walk from Fishguard to Newport Beach Wales. Alltrails app. 4 hours 55 minutes walking. 9.69 miles. 1263 elevation gain. Garmin forerunner 25. 4 hours 58 minutes walking. 9.52 miles. 1213 feet elevation gain To avoid 2.5 miles from our BNB to the trail start at Fishguard Fort, Tony our taxi driver volunteered to take us. This was not scheduled and he said it would be gratis. We were grateful. The days and distances are beginning to tell on us. A day off tomorrow with be a nice rest. We are across the beach from Goodwich. The Ferry Dock is in Goodwich but called Fishguard Ferry Dock. Toni thought this should be rectified. I tried to get some photos of the feel of walking along the cliff ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » Fishguard August 3rd 2023

Thursday 3 August 2023 day 17 on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path from Pwll Deri YHA to our BNB in Goodwich, Ferryboat Inn. Alltrails app. 5 hour and 18 minutes. 9.57 miles. 1109 feet elevation gain. Garmin forerunner 25. 5 hours and 15 minutes walking. 9.51 miles. 995 feet elevation gain. Tony's Taxi picked us up at 0930 and had us at the Pwll Deri YHA ready to start the walk at 0950. The steep downhill continues almost to the water then promptly turned and went back up to the cliff tops again. Gary records 50% more elevation gain than I do. He added it up and his total to this point is very close to the advertised elevation gain. For the total 180 miles this is over 32,000 feet. We met two couples who stayed at ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » Fishguard August 2nd 2023

Wednesday 2 August 2024, day 16 on Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. Trefin to Pwll Deri. Alltrails app. Did not start correctly so data is incomplete. 2.5 miles to Abercastle 290 feet elevation gain. 6.8 miles and 1040 feet elevation gain to Pwll Deri YHA. What recorded was 4 hours 4 minutes 7.35 miles 873 feet elevation gain. The Garmin seems right on today Garmin Forerunner 25. 4 hours and 55 minutes walking. 9.78 miles and 1628 feet elevation gain. After 0830 breakfast at the Ferryboat Inn BNB, Tony picked us up for our drop off at Trefin. I went through the same routine of starting the all trails app and my Garmin. But about 1.45 miles and 45 minutes into the walk I discovered it was not recording our track, elevation or distance. I got it started ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » Fishguard August 1st 2023

Tuesday 1 August 2023, day 15 on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path - from White sands Beach to Trefin Alltrails app. 6 hours 1 minute walking. 11.85 miles. 1588 feet elevation gain. Garmin forerunner 25. 6 hours 1 minute walking. 11.9 miles. 1559 feet elevation gain. We had our last breakfast at Twr-y-Feline Hotel and paid our bill for dinner and massage. Deb took a photo of our departure just as Frank of Frank's Taxi arrived. The day was sunny bright and moderate winds. It was about 0910 when we started along the path. Today was a longer distance and had more climbing than any prior days walk. To add to the difficulty the signage was not good. And, this problem was further compounded by several direction indicators for the trail being broken off or the entire ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » St Davids July 31st 2023

Monday 31 July 2023. Day 14 on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path from Twr-y-Feline hotel to White sands beach. Alltrails app. 3 hours 54 minutes. 8.98 miles. 673 feet elevation gain. Garmin forerunner 25. 3 hours 52 minutes. 8.91 miles 452 feet elevation gain Today we walked from our hotel a mile back to St Non's chapel to join the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. The weather was threatening rain but did not start until we were on the path. We walked to the very hidden harbor of Porth Clais. The path followed some nice scenery along the water, across rocky outcroppings and plant covered mounds. Two lifeboat rescue boat ramps were across a bay and in the rain. In the mist they appear below a more distant peak. The tallest were have seen I believe. After less than ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » St Davids July 30th 2023

Sunday, 30 July 2023 and a day of rest in St Davids. St David is the patron saint of Wales. Wikipedia has some information on this fifth or sixth century religious leader of Wales. The link below relates to his mother The story of his birth is above but his mother, St Non, was thought to have been raped and gave birth in a severe thunderstorm. Her hands gripped a rock so intensely that it cracked while she was giving birth. Some of the thoughts about St David are here. Yesterday we visited the Cathedral so most of the photos are from this viewing. I enjoyed this poem posted in the cathedral "The Accidental Pilgrim I don't know why you've arrived, whether just because we're there, or out of faith's determination, like the myriads ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » Narberth July 29th 2023

Saturday 29 July 2023. Day 13 on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. Solva to St Davids. Alltrails app. 2 hours 45 minutes walking. 5.54 miles. 692 feet elevation gain. Garmin forerunner 25. 3 hours 4 minutes. 6.05 miles. 754 feet elevation gain Our hosts at Roch Castle gave us a wonderful breakfast send off. Frank's Taxi formerly St David's taxi picked us up and shuttled us back to Solva for our start of today's walk. The tide was out and the boats resting on their keels, rudder guards and stabilizers on the harbour bottom. Our walk to St Davids was a short one to the beach at Caerfai. So we walked another mile and a half to St Non's chapel and retreat before heading in to St Davids from the path. Gary was ahead and walked an ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Pembrokeshire » St Davids July 28th 2023

Friday 28 July 2023, day 12 of walking. Pembrokeshire Coastal Path from Nolten Haven to Solva. Alltrails app. 4 hours even walking. 7.58 miles. 1276 feet elevation gain. Garmin forerunner 25. 4 hours and 1 minute walking. 7.58 miles. 1138 elevation gain. A granola, fruit, yoghurt breakfast with smoked salmon and scrambled eggs was my breakfast today. I will miss this when we leave here tomorrow. Jones Coastal Taxi was out front before 9 am and had us to Nolten Haven and on the path by 0910. Of course we can only climb up from the beach and it was about 300 feet in the first quarter mile. Gary's Garmin gave us over 1600 feet elevation gain today. From Nolten Haven to Newgale beach where we stopped for coffee and facilities was 3 miles. As we ... read more

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