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11th October 2019

Burncrest B&B
OMG.. Les Ellery was never a Nuclear Chemist! The man fitted TV aerials for a living, and the rest of the time was a some what mediocre builder. He has never travelled anywhere apart form Majorca (once). No no Les Ellery was a bully and abused his wife & children for years, (Margaret is his second wife). His 1st wife fled from abuse, he then took on another partner and beat her so badly she couldn't stand, wether this was before or after he tried to stick her head in a deep fat fryer I don't recall, as at this point I had ran from the house (Burncrest as its now known) to get help. Yes Im Les Ellery's daughter. My father is many things, certainly none of which you describe above. Go Figure the people you meet while travelling... Oh although he may not have travelled both of his children have, they are well adjusted, intelligent and kind they are also very happy despite him.
14th October 2019

Sorry to learn your story
And that you got only the good genes. I hope he has had treatment. So Sorry. Do you like Margaret and the dog?
26th September 2019

Must be where everyone knows your name. Would that every church was that way!
29th November 2016

To the END of the Earth .... Again
Hi Karen, Harlan, and Jo Walking to the "end of the earth" is getting to be a habit with you guys. Congratulations, once again. You are certainly an inspiration to all of us!
25th November 2016

It was a pleasure meeting you finally...
as a fellow perigrino and Travelblogger! Both are great places to connect with like minded people. I hope Karen's hip heals without complications. As with you I'm not sure I'll walk another Camino...this one was perfect. If I do it will be either the St Olaf's in Norway or the Via Francigina from Tuscany to Rome.
24th November 2016

St. James, first disciple to be martyred
Appreciate your defense of James,mentioned in Book of Acts in NT as the first to be martyred among the twelve -- hardly a Moorslayer! I was a History major, but mostly American. Blessings to the healing continuing for Karen.
22nd November 2016

Lands End
When we visited Maui we went past Lindberghs grave to what the natives there called Lands End. Must be more than a couple of those around the world. Happy you are both home and trust that Karen is recovering from her broken hip! Blessings always. David
27th October 2016

End of pilgrimage
Congratulations for your planning, determination and arrival. Pilgrimage blessings on you and all you remembered during the journey!
25th October 2016

Roman Roads
I liked the reflection on Roman Roads. When I travel I find myself going back in time like that, reflecting on all that has gone before me. All your blogs have been very well written and interesting; a great Journal of memories for you.
25th October 2016
Our Mona Lisa smiles

Loved your Mona Lisa Smiles
Have enjoyed your blogs all along the way. And liked that the two of you shared the writing of your experiences. Nice to see that the Capela do Santa Marta made you think of me (your friend Marta) and all the wonderful travels we've shared over the years. Karen, I enjoyed your reflections as you walked the ancient Roman Road -- step by step on the same ancient stones that the early pilgrims who made their way to Santiago de Compostela. I found it quite moving that you thought about how when they completed their pilgrimage -- there was no airplane to whisk them back home to friends and family. We're eager to see you home again. We loved your Mona Lisa smiles! It was amazing to follow you two and Jo as you made your way along the Camino for the second time. See you soon.
15th October 2016

Love pictures from Oia, Spain
This post seems so lovely and rewarding. You've trudged through many difficult places; Oia seems to make it all so worthwhile.
11th October 2016

Welcome to Spain
I continue your journey with you and am happy "we" made it safely to Spain! Thanks for your dedication to journaling and picture taking. You are doing an awesome job.
4th October 2016

Lifting Bridge
I assume that means a draw bridge. And you made it over before it had to draw. The colors of the fishermen sheds remind me of the colorful houses in Aruba. Glad you are doping so well on your Camino. We prayed again for you this past weekend at all four services! Vaya con Dios good friends.
8th October 2016

Lifting bridge
A lifting bridge the entire span goes up where a draw bridge opens from one or both sides and generally there is no overhead clearance to worry about.
1st October 2016

Loving your blog!
Greetings from Iowa !! Coimbra sounds like a great spot to spend a day! We are enjoying hearing about your journey! Buen Camino!!!
25th September 2016

Enjoying your Posts
Love all the amazing blue Portugese Azueljo tiles along your way. Karen, happy to see you are feeling better and have been able to do some of the walking. Especially glad to see you also finding alternative transportation at times to conserve your energy. The extra rest seems to be serving you well...and the bonus is ..... you're had extra time to explore the towns & museums along the way. That bonus extends to us - your friends and readers - we get to see and hear more about the Pilgrim route from all angles. Love all the 'pilgrim angels' and their stories. Tell Harlan we are getting a good sense of all the ups and downs and quality he and Jo walk every step of the way. I'm following Jo's blog too. Loved all the festive umbrellas......and the brightly colored steps. The wildly colored pole had special influences as I see you and Jo were just about to do a pole dance right then and there. Keep the blogs coming! We look forward to them even if we don't write back.
15th September 2016

Jo's Room
Since you bathed in Jo's room, did you change back? Ha
13th September 2016

29 August 2016
I'm so sorry that Karen is not feeling well on this pilgrimage. She is a brave traveler to be catching trains and ending up in the right spot! A shared delicious coconut pie must help soothe things a little!
13th September 2016

29 August 2016
I'm so sorry that Karen is not feeling well on this pilgrimage. She is a brave traveler to be catching trains and ending up in the right spot! A shared delicious coconut pie must help soothe things a little!
13th September 2016

Food in Portugal
The food pictures always make my mouth water -- looks delicious and so much too! Have you had any Mateus? I may have spelled it wrong but I know this wine comes from Portugal. Enjoy and glad Karen is feeling better -- I mean I prayed for you two and blessed you onto this journey so I'm somwhat responsible. Continued great travel mercies and Godspeed ahead!
13th September 2016

I like the roasted dinner. Bob Ferguson won our football pool this week I did O.K. it is a long road to win itall
12th September 2016

Harlan's Bony Fish
Harlan's fish looks exactly like the fish we were served near the Sea of Galilee called St. Peter Fish. It too was very bony but delicious! Blessings and I hope Karen is feeling much better. May cooler days be ahead and soon.
12th September 2016

Cooler days now
About 5 days ago temperatures dropped 18 degrees. Thank you and Karen is getting better.

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