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October 27th 2016
Published: October 27th 2016
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It was a late start this morning. We had toast and coffee for breakfast and left the Albergue at 8.20. The torch was only needed early for about 5 minutes. The views and light were beautiful as we climbed high into the mountains. The paths were generally very good but I still managed to pick up stones in my boots 4 times. Ken thinks it's because I walk fast. I think I'm just unlucky in that regard.

I made good pace and had a terrific, but pretty uneventful, short day. At one stage I was followed by a few small birds that looked like finches and it reminded me of that Disney movie that had a real actor but small animated birds fluttering around his head. Can't remember the title.

It was eucalypts and wind power all day today with a mini Cruz de Ferro along the way. It was a place to put a stone and I suppose it keeps the path stone free in the nearby area. There was an 85 year old Canadian man walking today and he ran down every hill. He told me he had to go down hills fast. I made sure I
Hórreo BasesHórreo BasesHórreo Bases

It looks like they are supported by mushrooms.
was well ahead of him, as he shuffled along like Cliffy Young, (Google him), and I didn't want to be delayed gluing him back together after he fell; true Camino spirit! Actually, it was a long, loose gravel descent into Cee and I'm not sure how he would fair.

Well, I'll go and find John in the town somewhere, or maybe just go for a walk. I'll be back.

Well, I am back and this is my kind of place. It reminds me of Lorne, Victoria, in the early 1970's.

I strolled around the boardwalk and realised it was a dead end so I sat on the rock wall for a while just taking in the sea, lovely colourful buildings reflected off the water, and listened to the sound of the children laughing and screaming in the school playground across the harbour, interrupted by the gentle lapping of the waves in the breakwater below. Forget your relaxation tapes, here's one for free. Note to self: Must get down to the Coast more often when I get home; very calming.

I then climbed over the rock wall,( this is where Sue would be thinking, Here we go!),
Hórreos and ReligionHórreos and ReligionHórreos and Religion

The big industries in Olveiroa
and lay down on a huge flat rock near the water's edge. I almost fell asleep it was so calming.. After about 40 minutes of listening to the waves, birds, and the occasional 'putt-putt' motor bringing a fisherman safely home, I thought I'd better try and find some food. The supermarket was a success but the bank rejected my attempt at a phone recharge. I may try online.

I have no idea about the dinner situation but there is a place nearby that does a pilgrim meal. Here we go again. Adios til next time.

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The Valley Below.The Valley Below.
The Valley Below.

You are never short of an amazing vista.
First Look At The CoastFirst Look At The Coast
First Look At The Coast

I just got my second wind.
Gentle, well kept paths Gentle, well kept paths
Gentle, well kept paths

Winding through the hilltops

Seeing Cee by the SeaSeeing Cee by the Sea
Seeing Cee by the Sea

Still a way to go yet.
Our Albergue Our Albergue
Our Albergue

The white building at the bottom, middle, with the sign on it.
Relaxin' !Relaxin' !
Relaxin' !

Found a new feature on the camera called Willie- Cam; just point and shoot. Nice pic.
Ah, the Serenity.Ah, the Serenity.
Ah, the Serenity.

A bit of boat maintenance . Got to love it.

28th October 2016
Relaxin' !

Sandals and socks
Rocking the sandals and socks look :-)

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