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October 26th 2016
Published: October 26th 2016
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Today was tough. 34kms, predominantly on asphalt paths and roads, with many natural paths covered with just enough stones and rocks to be a pest. The forests cast a strong eucalyptus scent in the dark morning and you definitely notice sounds and motions more than in the light. As you passed through the forests you might hear a loud cracking noise and generally it's chestnuts falling in the silent forest. This morning something bigger than a cat ran across my path but I have no idea what it was; it was a blurr that crossed just ahead of my headlamp.

The heat generated by the roads goes straight through your boots to your feet, and it was hot today. I was constantly aware of my feet but while they were very hot, there were no hot spots so it's all good.

Most of the day was spent walking on asphalt surfaces, including along roads that have no verge; you literally had to walk on the road and stand on the edge, next to a ditch, when traffic approached. I particularly liked it when trucks passed, as they generated a cool breeze infused with diesel fumes; lovely.

Today I had toast and coffee for breakfast at our Albergue and started walking at 7.30. I stopped once for a coffee, and a free cake, thanks, and then just walked all day. I drank plenty of water and ate sultanas, biscuits and fruit as I went along. I arrived at Olveiroa at 3pm after 7 hours of walking and had my choice of beds in the rooms. Naturally, I chose the bottom bunk nearest the toilets.

At the moment I'm listening to John and an American teacher discussing the different education systems in our countries, so I'm beginning to feel tired. It's great people are passionate about their job, and I'd hope all teachers are, but I'm not a teacher. No one is interested after they've asked what I do so, from tomorrow I might find something that fascinates people and take on that persona; maybe a wizard! Tomorrow is a short day but I still want to be in Cee early. It's a coastal village and I'd like to soak my feet in the sea.

It's still only 5.30pm so I might go for a walk and see if there is any more to this village than this Albergue.

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The Cop Out !The Cop Out !
The Cop Out !

This sign is everywhere on this leg of the Camino.
Hòrreo Hòrreo

Just love the old ones.
Over The Road From The CrossOver The Road From The Cross
Over The Road From The Cross

There must be an interesting story here.

Just checking me out.

Lago Embalse de FerrenzaLago Embalse de Ferrenza
Lago Embalse de Ferrenza

Looks like Eildon during a drought. Ah, the serenity.

26th October 2016

It has been such a pleasure to read about your travels. Congratulations on your perseverance and determination. I particularly enjoy your descriptions of the smaller aspects of your journey. Thanks. Jeannette
26th October 2016

Still a week to go. 2 days to Finisterre and more to try and dissect Santiago. Can't wait to stay in the Monestario .

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